SightLine Video Processors

SightLine Applications provides onboard video processors for advanced camera systems and applications. By integrating key video functions at the camera, we provide the low latency, fully digital video that is critical to multiple applications.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Border Patrol / Law Enforcement / Search and Rescue
  • Fire / Environmental Survey
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Industrial Security
  • Agriculture & Resource Mapping
Adding Value to Integrators

Our flexible video processing hardware and software configurations enable camera system integrators to create a tailored solution applicable to a wide range of system integrations and end uses (Civil, Commercial, and Military):

  • integrators-img01

    Stabilized Gimbal
    Integrators utilize:

    1. Tracking
    2. Stabilization/Roll Correction
    3. Detection modes
    4. Multi-channel
    5. Encoding +KLV
  • integrators-img02

    Small Civil/Commercial
    UAS Integrators utilize:

    1. Stabilization/Roll Correction
    2. Tracking
    3. Detection modes
    4. Multi-channel
    5. Encoding
    6. Small SWaP
    7. Video Auto-landing
  • integrators-img03

    PTZ Fixed Mount
    Integrators utilize:

    1. Detection modes
    2. Tracking
    3. Multi-channel
    4. Encoding
    5. Stabilization/Roll Correction
    6. HD Video
  • integrators-img04
    Our entire suite of functions can be applied to other advanced camera systems in a variety of disciplines:
    Sports, Industrial, Medical, Manned Aircraft, Robotics
Real Benefits with Onboard Integration
  • Tight integration with camera systems. Low latency feedback is critical for gimbal pointing and Landing Guidance.
  • Combines functions that traditionally required multiple boards (complicating integration). Stabilizer/Tracker + OSD + Recorder + Encoder all in one board.
  • Enables FULL-DIGITAL video path which provides best video quality for processing and presentation to operator
  • Easy compatibility with IP radios, rovers, etc.
  • Processing functions are NOT interrupted by poor communications (onboard tracker still tracks!)
  • Reduced ground station complexity


SightLine Applications is the market leader in onboard video processing. Founded in 2007, we are a team of embedded systems developers focused on providing a continuously improved set of video processing functions. At SightLine, we believe experience matters and can proudly state that our processors have over a million flight hours. We recognize that camera system integration is difficult, implementing SightLine as the dedicated video processing system is a strategic decision that will benefit both the integrators and final product.

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