Get Onboard

Get Onboard – Starting Up Your Board

Here you will find links and information to assist in getting your SLA/SLE product up and running quickly. There are also contact email links for sales, product inquiries, order status, and general support. Let us know how we can help you.

First Time User Start-Up Process

Congradulations on getting your SightLine system! Follow these steps to get up and running fast.

  1. Click on the link below to review your board’s Setup-Guide – SLA/SLE-1500 and SLA/SLE-3000 have slightly different procedures.
  2. You will then need to download and install the Panel + test application – the latest version can be found on our Software Page.
  3. Connect the board components together following the appropriate Setup Guide.
  4. Know your IP addresses and review default addresses used by your respect board.
  5. After connecting with our Panel + test application, configure camera, encoding options, and streaming destinations.
  6. Save your parameters and restart your board to implement your specifed configuration.
  7. Sign up for the technical-user update notification email.

    This provides a very simple notice of when we update software (both major and minor posted updates) so you stay aware of important updates as we post them.
Product and License Information Links

SLA/SLE Board Startup and User Guides:
1500-OEM > SUG-SLA-1500-OEM.pdf
1500-ENC > SUG-SLA-1500-ENC.pdf
3000-OEM > SUG-SLA-3000-OEM.pdf
General User Guide > EAN-SLA-UserGuide.pdf

Upgrade Support Documentation:
1500 Upgrade Utility > EAN-SLA-1500-UpgradeUtility.pdf
3000 Upgrade Utility > EAN-SLA-3000-UpgradeUtility.pdf

License Upgrade Requests (click for new page!):
SLA/SLE Upgrade License Request Procedure >LicenseUpgrade-Overview.pdf

Product License > SightLineProductLicense.pdf

Export Summary > SightLine-Exports-Summary.pdf

Contact Support > Support & Help