News & Events

News & Events

Here you will find all the latest news about what is happening at SightLine. We continue to develop new products and ready to take new projects to meet your unique requirements. If you are attending any of these shows and would like to set up a meeting, please contact us to schedule time.  Below is more information on the event and where you can find us. We will have a booth set up and be ready show you all our products and discuss integration options available. Certainly meeting you and getting valuable hands-on experience with our boards is a great opportunity.

Xponential 2017

May 8-11, SightLine will be exhibiting at AUVSI Xpoential in Dallas, Texas. Be sure to stop by booth 2841 to see our new booth, new logo, same excellent video processors, and the same great team!

Please contact us to discuss how the latest changes can help make your system AMAZING!


SightLine Commercial UAV EXPO – 2016

Please visit us at BOOTH 528 at the Commerical UAV Expo in Las Vegas to address customer demand for a lower cost tracker without all of the bells and whistles, we are introducing multiple new tracker configurations as part of the upcoming 2.23 software release.

Please contact us to discuss how the latest changes can help make your system AMAZING!


SightLine Product Road Map: JUNE 2016

Our roadmap maintains a strong belief in the value of, and commitment to delivering excellent Onboard Video Processing. Please read more here and please feel free to call us anytime at 541-387-4287 or 541-716-5137.

Semi Submercible Detection

Xponential MAY 2016

Please visit us at BOOTH 1447 at the AUVSI Xponential exhibition May 3 through 5 in New Orleans.  If you would like to schedule a time with the SightLine team, please email Rachel Boshears or Mark Zanmiller. Of course, please feel free to call us anytime at 541-387-4287 or 541-716-5137.

2.22 Software Release

2.22.08 is the initial public release of this important version.  Please contact us to discuss how the following new features and improvements can help make your system AMAZING!

  • SLAnding Aid – New landing assist functionality automatically finds and tracks a unique landing pattern.  It returns telemetry with track offsets, range, and angle to a UAS flight control system to provide auto-landing control.  Integration with Piccolo and PixHawk are in flight test and other autopilot integrations are planned.
  • Acquisition and Intelligent Assist – Important new Tracker features to make acquiring and maintaining moving objects tracks much better.
  • RTSP Session Support – Supports session negotiation between server and client for establishing a video stream.
  • Logo Overlay and OSD – Ability to upload a logo file to display on the video output.  New additions to OSD fonts and SLA-3000 customer OSD development support added.
  • Camera Support – Added Tamron 10x camera support, DRS Superframe snapshots, Full pixel depth processing for FLIR TLinear cameras, 25/50fps HDSDI/HDMI, square pixel NTSC&PAL frame digital out, SLA-3000 CameraLink.
  • Lens Control – New focus and zoom controls for Hitachi, Tamron, and Sony cameras.  Focus metric for customer integrated autofocus implementations.
  • Performance Monitor – Additional BIT data and a visual plotting tool within PanelPlus to display frame rate, telemetry rate, temperature, and processor loads on both the ARM and DSP cores.  Provides immediate feedback when enabling/disabling multiple functions or configuration changes.
  • Panel Plus has been improved to provide a more intuitive path for implementing our command and control protocol.

Other updates are defined on the Release Notes Page.


Software Release 2.21: August 2015

Release 2.21 has finally arrived. We are raising the bar with this release by providing extended support for HD video processing applications, plus many updated features and improvements. These include, new PiP modes, PAL input support, TAU & DRS input, 16bit PNG file snapshots, addtional pixel depth for CLAHE, full frame temperature statistics, and more. Check out the Release Notes page or go to our Software page and download this significant update.

  • updated MTI with new modes and settings flexibility
  • 16 bit PNG snapshots for the 1500 & 3000
  • extended pixel depth CLAHE processing
  • full frame option for reporting temperature statistics for thermal cameras.
  • GPIO support of SL commands via sample ARM code
  • block camera zoom and focus controls within protocol for 1500 & 3000
  • focus metric telemetry output
  • new OSD functionality
  • initial implementation of MJPEG network camera input (eval/beta only) 1500
  • initial production release for SLA-3000.  Dual stream HD, dual telemetry output
  • SLA Panel PLUS is updated and becomes the baseline test support application starting at 2.21 (replaces SLA Panel).



SLA-3000 Shipping: August 2015

The SLA-3000 hardware and software is now available to all of our customers after an initial limited release.  The SLA-3000 is a dual HD video processor with ability to stream 1080p, tracking and MTI modes, multi-camera display including PiP and blending, PAL input support, snapshots, recording, support for multiple cameras.  Please contact us and we can provide a detailed performance status and discuss how to start the evaluation steps for your programs.

SLA-1500-SOM: August 2015

The SLA-1500-SOM is the smallest form factor option for incorporation of SightLine video processing functions. The LogicPD Torpedo 3730 System-on-Module is a tiny (15 x 27mm), low power, on-board video solution ideal for a wide range of applications. No cost SLA-1500-OEM reference design support is provided to help customers integrate the SOM into their products – optimizing tight integration within any system.  Please contact us and we can discuss the steps to SOM integration.


AUVSI – SlightLine Applications Exhibits: May 2015

We are gearing up for this year’s AUVSI Unmanned Systems show – May 5th-8th in Atlanta, GA.  Be sure to stop by (Booth 1105) and see the latest onboard video processing software and hardware solutions. Whether your payload is in the air, on the ground, or at sea, we have multiple products and a complete library of features to support your analog and digital video processing requirements. Come see the advantages our products offer many established platforms found within our unmanned systems community.

AUVSI 2015

New Software Release 2.20: December 2014

This is a milestone release with many significant features, improvements, and updates. New motion detection algorithms, IR temperature processing, and HD input and output options are all part of this release. Here’s a link to our download page:

  • Encoded 720p HD output on the SLA/SLE-1500.  A new feature bit is used to enable this functionality.
  • Added new MTI modes to better support low slant angle applications.  New modes include:  fixed/staring camera configuration;  mobile ground vehicles;  and perspective mobile.   These are in addition to our robust aerial MTI functionality.
  • Added min/max/average temperature telemetry output when using calibrated IR cameras.
  • KLV metadata enhancements include support for current MISB standards and insertion of raw KLV from serial stream.  Handling of KLV metadata is generated in accordance with MISB standards 0102.10, 0601.7, 0603.2, 0604.3, and 0903.3. This is also delivered as an elementary stream with the MPEG2 TS.
  • A beta release of  the SLA-3000 and supported functions, including tracking and scene steering with full 1080p streaming is now complete.   Please contact SightLine sales to discuss the steps to a beta evaluation/test.
  • The SLA-1500 now supports FTP server connectivity to simplify access to SD card contents.
  • New user color pallets are implemented to provide  flexible false color profiles for IR video and blended EO/IR displays.
  • Added a generic BT.656 camera interface which will enable easier paths to new camera interfaces.
  • Also for ground and low angle systems, we have added  a “near” distance control for starting object tracks.

New Software Release 2.19: 2014-Sept-2

Our latest version of video processing software is now available for download. Updates add improved performance, including:

  • New Camera Support:
    • Support for DRS Tamarisk 640 and 320 cameras, in 8 and 14 bit digital modes.
    • Support for FLIR Tau 640 and 320 cameras, in 8 and 14 bit digital modes.
    • Support for Sony FCB-EV7500 HD block support on SLA/SLE-1500.
  • The full pixel-depth digital IR inputs will support near-term advanced CLAHE, AGC, and temperature data enhancements
  • Support for Sierra Olympic Technologies  Vinden CZ  product – An exciting uncooled IR camera with integrated continuous zoom lens and autofocus.
  • Improvements to:
    • Track feedback (reduced drift) with sub-pixel scene motion via bi-linear update of the track model
    • PAL video setup in addition to auto detect.
    • Serial pass-through controls
    • 1500 Zoom and Rotate now 30 fps (eg. at 90 degrees)
    • Snapshot and video recording on SLE/SLA-1500
    • Added 1500 MTD for 720p input


Website Launch: 2014-Aug-15

Very big news for us is the launching of this new website!  We are excited to bring this new functional design that is easy to navigate and find information. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback on how we can continue to improve your web experience with us.


New International Sales Agents: 2014-Jun-16

We are very excited to announce our new international sales agent program. Please be sure to review our Partners & Agents page for more details.


Annual AUSA Meeting & Exposition: 2014-May-12

October 13-15, 2014 – Held every year in Washington, D.C., the AUSA Annual Meeting is the largest landpower exposition and professional development forum in North America. The Annual Meeting consists of informative presentations, panel discussions on pertinent military and national security subjects, workshops and important AUSA business meetings.


SLE-1500 Release: 2014-Feb-10

The new video processor variant provides H.264 encoding, stabilization and snapshot capability in a low SWAP implementation. Please go to SLE Video Encoding for more information.

SLE 1500

Singapore Airshow: 2014-Feb-09

Please visit us at the Singapore Airshow 2014.We are at booth W68e in the US Pavilion. February 11-14, 2014.

Singapore Airshow

AUVSI North America: 2013-Aug-12

SightLine will be in booth 3622 at AUVSI North America Aug 12-15, 2013. Please contact Mark Zanmiller to schedule a meeting.


Onboard Moving Target Indication System: 2013-Aug-01

The SLA-2000-MTI video processing system can automatically detect moving targets onboard unmanned or manned aerial vehicles from electro optical (EO) and infrared (IR) cameras.


Paris Air Show: 2013-Jun-17

SightLine will be exhibiting at the Paris Air Show, June 17-21, 2013. We are part of the US Pavilion, Business Oregon booth B-139, Hall 3. Please stop by to see our latest MTI and image enhancement products.

Paris Air Show

New Ultra Small Onboard Video Processing System: 2013-Jan-08

New SLA-1500-OEM board provides powerful image processing in an ultra small, low SWaP package.


AUVSI Unmmaned Systems Show: 2012-Aug-06

Please come and visit us at our new booth.  We will have many new products and video processing developments for your review.

2012 AUVSI