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SightLine Company Policy and Sales Documents

  • Exports Summary
  • Explanation of non-ITAR export controls and policies for SightLine products.
  • RMA Summary
  • Return Material Authorization policy and steps customers will follow when a return of equipment is indicated by our technical support team.
  • Volume Discounts
  • Explains how customers can get best possible pricing by using higher volume POs but with generous delivery schedules
  • Warranty
  • Warranty information for SightLine products

Setup Procedures, Upgrade Utilities, and Troubleshooting

  • EAN-Renaming Parameter Files
  • Occasionally some combination of settings can cause the system to not complete its boot cycle. This procedure guides customers through steps to recover operation by resetting the processor parameter file.
  • EAN-Using WinSCP
  • Guidance for using the WinSCP tool which is used for accessing the processors using a serial port.
  • EAN-Optimizing Performance
  • Describes how to use the performance graph features to measure processing
    and latency on the 1500-OEM and 3000-OEM boards.

1500 / ICDS / Drawings / 3D Models

1500-OEM Related Hardware Interface Control
Document (ICD)
Drawings 3D Model
OEM Processor ICD-1500-OEM 1500-OEM (Rev E) 1500-OEM (Rev C) OEM Board (Rev E) STEP OEM Board (Rev C) STEP
SOM Processor ICD-1500-SOM NA Must be requested from LogicPD
System Interface Board – Bench ICD-1500 Adapter Boards SLA-1500-AB SLA-1500-AB STEP
System Interface Board – Micro ICD-1500 Adapter Boards SLA-1500-mAB SLA-1500-mAB Board STEP
System Interface Board – Nano TBD SLA-1500-nAB SLA-1500-nAB Board STEP
Sony Cameras Interface Board ICD-1500 Adapter Boards SLA-1500-SONY SLA-1500-SONY (exploded) SLA-1500-SONY Board STEP
Hitachi Camera Interface Board TBD SLA-1500-HITACHI SLA-1500-HIT Board STEP
HDMI Camera Interface Board ICD-1500-HDMI SLA-1500-HDMI SLA-1500-HDMI Board STEP
Camera Link Camera Interface Board ICD-1500-CL SLA-1500-CL SLA-1500-CL STEP
FPC Ribbon Interface Board – OEM Side TBD TBD TBD
FLIR Boson – FPC Adaptor Board TBD TBD TBD
FFC ribbon Interface Board – OEM Side ICD-1500 Adapter Boards SLA-1500-FFC (Rev C) SLA-1500-FFC STEP
DRS Tamarisk – FFC Adaptor Board – Camera Side ICD-FFC Camera Interfaces SLA-FFC-DRS FFC-DRS uAB EXPLODED SLA-FFC-DRS STEP
FLIR Quark – FFC Adaptor Board – Camera Side ICD-FFC Camera Interfaces SLA-FFC-QRK FFC-QRK uAB EXPLODED SLA-FFC-QRK STEP
MicroHard Radio Interface Board ICD-1500-RAB SLA-1500-RAB SLA-1500-RAB STEP
Ethernet Switch Board ICD-1550-eAB ICD-1500-eAB SLA-1550-eAB SLA-1550-eAB STEP
Enclosure Options ICD-1500-ENC ICD-1500_PENC SLA-1500-ENC SLA-1500-ENC STEP

3000 / ICDS / Drawings / 3D Models

3000-OEM Related Hardware Interface Control
Document (ICD)
Drawings 3D Model
OEM Processor ICD-3000-OEM 3000-OEM3000-OEM Assembly 3000-OEM STEP
System interface board – Bench ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-IO SLA-3000-IO STEP
Dual analog camera input board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-AB SLA-3000-AB STEP
HDSDI camera Input board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-HDSDI-IN SLA-3000-HDSDI-IN STEP
Sony cameras interface board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-SONY SLA-3000-SONY STEP
Hitachi camera interface board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-HITACHI SLA-3000-HITACHI STEP
HDMI camera interface board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-HDMI 3000-HDMI STEP
Camera Link camera interface board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-CL SLA-3000-CL STEP
FPC ribbon interface board – OEM side TBD TBD TBD
FLIR Boson – FPC adaptor board TBD TBD TBD
FFC ribbon interface board – OEM side ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-FFC SLA-3000-FFC STEP
DRS Tamarisk – FFC adaptor board ICD-FFC Camera Interfaces SLA-FFC-DRS SLA-FFC-DRS STEP
FLIR Quark – FFC adaptor board ICD-FFC Camera Interfaces SLA-FFC-QRK SLA-FFC-QRK STEP
FLIR TAU2 – FFC adaptor board ICD-FFC Camera Interfaces SLA-FFC-TAU SLA-FFC-TAU STEP
HDSDI Output board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-HDSDI-OUT SLA-3000-HDSDI-OUT STEP
USB/GPIO board ICD-3000 Adapter Boards SLA-3000-USB SLA-3000-USB STEP
Base Plate and Heatsink TBD TBD Base Plate STEP

Camera Configuration and Digital Video Input Support

  • EAN-Camera Compatibility
  • Complete list of supported cameras for both the 1500 and the 3000. It also outlines required interface boards.
  • EAN-1500 Hitachi
  • Setup and configuration information for the Hitachi block cameras.
  • EAN-FLIR Cameras
  • Setup and configuration information for the FLIR Tau, Quark, and Boson LWIR cameras.
  • EAN-Imperx-Cameras
  • Setup and configuration information for the the Imperx B1921C camera
  • EAN-TVP7002
  • Provides information on configuring a 3000 system to acquire digital video from a TVP7002 interface.

Network Interfaces

  • EAN-Network Configuration
  • How to set a static IP address for the SLA-1500 and SLA-3000. It also covers how to set additional Telemetry network destinations.
  • EAN-Video Management Software
  • Reviews third party Video Management Software (VMS) packages that connect and receive video from SightLine products.
  • EAN-Ground Control Stations
  • How to configure SLA video processor boards for sending out a RTP-H264 video stream for the Mission Planner and QGround Control software.

Encoding and Decoder Compatibility

  • EAN-Encoding Overview
  • Outlines encoding/decoding of Motion Imagery streams, and our compliance. It includes links to the MISB site; available
    SDK’s and client-side software, plus options supported.
  • EAN-Gstreamer Decoder
  • Configuration settings to stream H.264 video data to a host system and how to configure GStreamer to decode and display the stream.
  • EAN-Using VLC
  • Network settings for streaming to the VLC media client.

Other System Interfaces. GPIO, Serial, Radio, GPS, Etc.

  • Will cover creating a customer application to run on the SLA-1500-OEM ARM processor that will read GPIO state and send commands to the VideoTrack1500 application also running on the ARM processor. Requires version 2.21 firmware (or higher).
  • EAN-Setup-1500-RAB
  • Describes how to configure the SightLine hardware for Microhard radio integration.
  • EAN-Using GPS
  • Guide on using the standalone binary example application for gathering and passing GPS data. Contact us if you are interested in obtaining or reviewing this sample source code.

Video Processing Functions. Detection, Tracking, Recording Enhancement, Etc.

  • EAN-False Color
  • Overview and settings for configuring false color on video.
  • EAN-Blending
  • Describes how to use blending features to combine elements from an Infrared (IR) camera and Visible (EO) camera.
  • EAN-File Recording
  • Configurations to record video or snap shots to either the onboard MicroSD card or to an external FTP drive.
  • Landing Aid Pattern
  • Download the Landing Aid pattern in various formats (.jpg) (.ai) (.pdf) (.psd)

Software Support Documentation

  • IDD- 2.24
  • IDD – SightLine Protocol Help PDF – latest Version
    (see Software Downloads page for previous versions)
  • Panel Plus User Guide
  • Provides descriptions of all the settings in the Panel Plus application. (Located in the Panel Plus application in the Help menu.)
  • EAN-Script Development Guide
  • How to use the Lua Scripting language to develop functions that can be run on the ARM processor of the 1500 or 3000.