License Files & Application Features

License Control Files & Application Features

Each SightLine board has a ‘License Control File’. This file controls what video processing functions are enabled on each unit. These files can be easily updated by customers via our supplied upgrade utility (using ‘get’ and ‘put’ license file actions) connecting over the existing Ethernet interface.

Within each license file there is a four digit Hex value. This four digit number is referred to by our sales and support processes as ‘Application Bits’ (or ‘Appbits’). Here is the link to the Appbit Utility. This download zip file contains a MSI installation file. Once you have the utility, you can then look up features with either the Features to Hex or Hex to Features options. This allows you to enter the corresponding hex code directly, or use the check boxes to see what hex code is required for selected features.

Example, you can enter a ‘0056’ hex code and the utility will display corresponding features that would be enabled (i.e.: 0056 equates to a SLA unit with Stab, Track, and Encoding).

Also, important to note that when first connecting to a unit, the Connect Tab in our Panel+ application displays which features are currently enabled on your board. Each of the available features have their own check box.

PANEL+ Screen – Connect Tab


NOTE: All SLA boards will have the ‘Stab and Track Telemetry’ enabled/checked and SLE boards will not. This is the distinctive feature difference between these two product families. For requesting new features, here is a link to the License Upgrade Overview. If you have any questions on license files, or would like to add a feature to your board, please contact our Sales Team. Additional information about application bits is covered in the SightLine Protocol IDD document, Version Number packet (0x40).