Landing Aid

Landing Aid

The Landing Aid supports landing operations by automatically finding and tracking an easy to place landing pattern. It provides pattern position, range, and angle to the vehicle autonomous landing logic.

Video Based Landing Assist

  • Scalable landing pattern supports landing operations over a wide variety of ranges and approach angles.

  • Independent of GPS, enables accurate landing in GPS-denied environments.

  • Range and angle estimate replaces expensive laser based ranging systems.
    Inherently eye safe.

  • Integration of telemetry data with Autopilots to provide autonomous guidance:
    • Piccolo and PixHawk Integration Complete
    • Other Autopilot integrations in work
    • Sample code available for customer use

  • Landing zone detection for alert messaging and autonomous wave-off.

  • Runs on the SLA-1500 and SLA-3000 video processors.

  • Powerful addition to the full set of SightLine video processing library functions.

SLAnding Aid

SLAnding Aid

SLAnding Zone Detection