Videos & Demos

SightLine Videos

The core of SightLine’s technology is presented in all of these video samples. There are many platforms represented here and applications. All of our key software library functions are here for your review. Plus you can visit our YouTube Page if this is more convenient.

Object Tracking

Robust hands-free tracking of scene and designated objects. Onboard tracker provides low latency solution needed for nimble pointing control systems.

Drone Tracking

Marine Tracking

Tracking Aircraft

SLAnding Aid

The SLAnding Aid feature supports landing operations by automatically finding and tracking an easy to place landing pattern. It provides pattern position, range, and angle to the vehicle's autonomous landing logic.

SLAnding Aid - Pelican Case Landing

SLAnding Piccolo and Pixhawk

SLAnding Aid Zone Detection

SLAnding Aid

Electronic Stabilization

The starting point for all image processing improvements. Removes video motion and jitter induced by a moving camera.

Electronic Stabilization

Track Through Obstacles

MTI Levels

Real time onboard MTI provides fast feedback which is essential for effective track initialization on moving objects and provides important situational awareness information.
  • Vehicle - SV
  • Staring - ST
  • Aerial - SA

MTI - Staring (ST)

MTI - SA (Aerial)

Video Enhancement

Contrast enhancement, false color, and digital zoom provides additional benefits to the video users.

Enhancement - Shadows

Enhancement Sharpening

Multi Camera Processing

Provides flexible display options for multi-camera systems including picture in picture, 2 up, blending of multi-band video, etc.

EO/IR Blending

Radiometric Temperature