We Are SightLine

The Leaders in Onboard Video Processing


Our Mission

To collaborate with customers and partners to create innovative, best-in-class video processing systems that provide real-world imaging solutions at the edge.

Our Vision

To be the proven leader in sensor processing technologies that enable mission success and autonomy.

Our Values

Autonomous. Agile. Awesome. Aligned.

Years in Business Providing Video Processing Solutions
Video Processors / Licenses Provided
Person Years in ISR Design Experience

SightLine Applications, LLC is an Oregon based company and a leader in providing onboard video processors and video processing software for integration in advanced camera systems. Founded in 2007, SightLine has a dedicated engineering team focused on innovating and improving video processing. We understand the importance of every technical support call and strive to be a key part of your development and integration teams.

Experience Matters

Over 1.5 million hours real-world experience

Over 350 integrating customers in 34 countries

More than 40,000 processors and licenses delivered

Customer-Centric Focus

Customer feedback drives development

Team of dedicated software engineers with years of edge processing experience

Network of international agents and representatives for local support

SightLine has delivered video processors to customers for over 15 years. Our team has significant ISR processing experience, focused only on providing video processing solutions. We have more than 200 man-years in ISR design experience and are a team dedicated to video processing solutions. Our boards are built by industry leading AS9100/ISO9001 certified contract manufacturers. Over 40,000 video processors and licenses have been made in airborne, tower mount, ground vehicles, robots, aerostats, etc. We are driven by customer success. Customer based feedback leads to improvements which benefits all customers. We use Agile Development Methodologies to easily and quickly adapt to change, resulting in better stakeholder engagement and higher quality products. All development feeds into a single software suite. SightLine has true engineering and integration support. We understand the importance of having dedicated technical support. We offer design support for customer interface board(s).

Let’s take the next step and work together!