Command / Control

Support for development of Linux applications on the ARM processors which are a part of the 1500-OEM and 3000-OEM hardware platforms.

Example Code

The download file contains the latest source code examples for the following:

  • Video Decoder – SLADecode
  • PNG Decoder
  • Command & Control
  • Panel Minus – A simplified version of our Panel Plus application

A PC with Visual Studio 2013 installed is required.

To test code, you will need a SightLine board with enabled functionality (such as a developer’s kit), and all necessary cables.

QT is also required to build a custom UI based on PanelMinus.

Previous Software Support Releases
Command and Control Example Code and Resources

    For the development of C/C++ command and control applications. This includes Panel Minus which is a stripped-down version of our Panel Plus application. Contains controls for connecting and switch commands for selecting cameras.