Command / Control

Support for development of Ground Control Stations (GCS) or similar to communicate with or display video from SightLine OEM platforms.

Example Code

The download file contains the latest source code examples for the following:

  • Video Decoder – SLADecode
  • PNG Decoder
  • Command & Control
  • Panel Minus – A simplified version of our Panel Plus application
  • SLAVideoGrid – Uses SLADecode to display video from six sources in a 2×3 grid.

To test code, you will need a SightLine board with enabled functionality (such as a developer’s kit), and all necessary cables.

QT is also required to build a custom UI based on PanelMinus.

Previous Software Support Releases
Command and Control Example Code and Resources

    For the development of C/C++ command and control applications. This includes Panel Minus which is a stripped-down version of our Panel Plus application. Contains controls for connecting and switch commands for selecting cameras.