Development Support

We understand that importance of dedicated technical support. We provide world-class support to all integrators (free of charge).

Development Support Kits

Our bench and camera interface kits provide useful collections of boards, cables, and mounting hardware to simplify the evaluation and integration steps for customers.

For new customers, we always recommend an EVAL kit. This fully enabled system kit:

  • Allows customers to experience the full capability of Sightline video processing at a discount to support evaluation and demonstrations
  • Includes a fully enabled software license video processor
  • Includes a bench setup, and necessary cables and hardware to get started.
  • Provides an important reference setup to aid in system troubleshooting and technical sup port from SightLine
  • Is at a significantly discounted price point

Camera Interface Kits provide easy camera connectivity by including all the necessary hardware and cables.
Once a customer is in a production environment we happily sell board-only options and provide manufacturing part numbers for cables, screws, and standoffs to support customer’s production transition.

Custom Interface Design Support

Once the Video Processor has been evaluated, it is common for customers to want to design system specific interface boards to optimize the integration. SightLine is willing to share our interface board schematics to simplify and reduce risk inherent in this product development step.