Example Code

Support for development of Linux applications on the ARM processors which are a part of the SightLine OEM platforms.

Example Code

This document describes how to setup a PC to be used to develop applications that can be run on the ARM processor of the 1500, 3000 or 4000. The sample program for ARM-side development:

  • Can be built on PC
  • Uses Microsoft Visual Studio for test and debug on PC (simulator)
  • Uses TI CodeComposer Studio 5.x for ARM-side development and deployment
  • ARM programs communicate with the VideoTrack application running on the SightLine hardware using the SightLine Command and Control protocol over IP sockets
  • Guidance for developing LUA Scripts that can be run on the ARM processor
  • Guidance for implementing custom lens command and control drivers
Virtual disk image installer for development of ARM applications on 1500 and 3000 hardware platforms only.

  • This is an extremely large download. An overnight download is recommended.
This download includes the following examples:

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