Get Onboard

Starting Up Your Video Processor

Congratulations on getting your SightLine system! Follow these steps to get up and running.

First Time User Start-Up Process

1. Download the Startup-Guide document. Download the Startup-Guide document. It provides the procedures to efficiently get your system configured and operating in your bench environment. The bench setup will provide the baseline environment to learn about our processors. The 1500, 3000 and 4000 OEMs have slightly different procedures.


2. Download and install the Panel Plus test application. Panel Plus is the PC test GUI software that is used in all of our test and support procedures and provides a go-to reference tool for video processor operations.

The latest Panel Plus software is available on the downloads page

3. Follow the procedure in the Startup-Guide.

4. Sign up for the technical-user update notification email. This provides a simple notice of when we update software (both major and minor posted updates) so you stay aware of important updates as they happen.

5. Contact our Support Team if you have questions. Sightline understands that getting a good start is critical to successful integration and use of the full capabilities that our video processors provide. Please reach out to our support team.

Support Phone: 503-616-3063

Support E-mail:

6. Please read the end use license agreement for the SightLine hardware and software.

You can also find our full range of product and support documentation and software downloads within the other pages in this Support section of our website.