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Introducing Our Most Powerful Video Processor, the 4100-OEM

By May 22, 2024May 28th, 2024No Comments

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the 4100-OEM video processor. This newest addition to the powerful 4XXX series stands as our most advanced offering, delivering Full HD performance and superior H.265 encoding capabilities in a compact design.

Tailored for integrators seeking an advanced system, the 4100-OEM offers an extensive array of functions for video processing applications. Remarkably compact with low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power), the 4100-OEM prioritizes efficiency while delivering uncompromised performance. This improved product addresses the growing demand for high-performance with customizable and scalable video processing solutions to meet specific requirements.

Key Features of the 4100-OEM include:

  • Multiple Digital Video Inputs: Supports HD input across multiple camera interfaces. Integrators are encouraged to refer to the SightLine Camera Compatibility Guide for detailed support information.
  • Multiple Video Outputs: Features include Ethernet streaming H.264 / H.265 and HDMI and HDSDI outputs.
  • Dual Channel Processing: Offers a 4K/30 processing option with all software functionality running.
  • Powerful Processing Core: Built on the robust Qualcomm processor, ensures top-of-the line processing capability.
  • Low SWAP: The unit measures just 50.5mm x 38.1mm x 16.5mm (2.0in x 1.5in x 0.65in) and consumes 5W, making it ideal for systems where space and power are at a premium.
  • Temperature Range: Operates at extreme low and high temperatures with a range of -40ºC through +85ºC.

To see all the features of the 4100-OEM, check out its product page. The 4100-SOM option enables customers to build custom system interface boards to optimize their system integration.

The 4100-OEM supports all our video processing software and delivers essential functionality for a wide range of IRS applications, such as defense, search and rescue, maritime. We offer tailorable, powerful solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Here’s the press release.

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