Mark Zanmiller receives 2019 Tech Leader of the Year!

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Director of Business Development, Mark Zanmiller, receives 2019 Tech Leader of the Year from the Gorge Technology Alliance.

Mark has held key roles at four different early-stage Gorge tech companies. His influence in the tech industry in general, and in the unmanned aircraft industry in particular, is broad and deep.  At his present role with SightLine Applications, Mark is a leader and a resource for his group, the entire company, and even customers. Bridging relationships and conversations across groups, Mark leads by example how to be a good team member. Mark works tirelessly with customers to ensure they are valued and treated as a top priority. He listens to feedback from the market and works collaboratively with the engineering team to find solutions, build priorities, and ensure products make it to market in a timely manner. Mark personifies the qualities the GTA is looking for in a Tech Leader.

“The GTA Technology Leader and STEM Education Leader of the Year awards were presented to the individual or organization who made the largest positive impact on the technology and STEM education community of the Columbia River Gorge. Nominations were accepted from across the Gorge and all finalists are celebrated at the annual Winter Party for their leadership and hard work.” – George Tech Alliance

Mark led the business development, technical sales, and marketing groups during his 1-year stint as Director of Sales and Marketing for Sagetech Corporation.  Presently, as Director of Business Development at SightLine Applications, Mark has been responsible for standing up a BD team, instrumental in defining and integrating a support engineering team, and led the company in domestic and international outreach via an expanding network of agents and partners.

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Mark is joined by Patrick Getchis, who received the 2019 STEM Education Leader of the Year award.

Congratulations Mark and Patrick!