New SightLine Software Release 2.25 Introduces Deep Learning Classification For C-UAS Systems

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Hood River, OR – 25 September 2018 – SightLine Applications announce their latest software release, 2.25, which improves existing functions and adds appealing new features to their onboard video analytics systems.

Drone detection with deep learning classification can identify detected objects as “Drone” or “Not Drone” and dramatically reduce false detections, promoting a seamless transition to track initiation. This ability to classify drones will be a crucial aid for counter-UAS customers.

As concerns grow around the potential security threats drones may pose to both civilian and military entities, a new market for counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging… In order to be useful, C-UAS detection systems must generate low levels of false negatives and false positives. This is difficult to achieve. C-UAS detection elements must be sensitive enough to detect all drones operating within the area of use, but systems that are too sensitive may create an overwhelming number of false positives, rendering the system unusable. (“Counter-Drone Systems” by Holland Michel, 2018,

Other new functionality in 2.25 includes: Dead Pixel Removal and Non-Uniformity Correction (DPR/NUC); Gas plume enhancement as the first step towards autonomous gas leak detection; IP video decoding; new OSD fonts; and more. DPR/NUC, similar to encoding and OSD, is often performed on a separate board. Enabling these functions on SightLine hardware reduces system complexity, power consumption, and cost.

This extends SightLine’s continual improvements to their existing market-leading capabilities. Improvements have been made to tracking, detection, KLV telemetry, recording, and precision landing.

Mark Zanmiller, Director of Business Development adds “Sightline Applications is proud to introduce this next software release. We will continue to work closely with our customers to provide world-class technical support and improve our powerful suite of onboard software functionality.” SightLine Applications provides a family of small embedded video processors to advanced camera system developers. Technical documentation and a full description of their software changes and additions can be found online.