Robust hands-free tracking of scene and designated objects. Onboard tracker provides low latency solution needed for nimble pointing control systems. Tried and tested, our trackers have over one million flight hours logged. They are highly configurable to meet mission requirements and include advanced configuration options.

  • Scene Tracking: Powerful, intuitive mode to keep the entire scene in the frame using scene translation
    telemetry. Works well as a base mode and fallback from object trackers.
  • Vehicle and Stationary Modes: Solid designated tracks on moving or static objects. Advanced image
    analysis and motion estimation isolate tracked object from background for robust tracking even when
    view of tracked object is temporarily blocked.
  • No Registration Mode: Used to track objects when there are no background features (for example: trying
    to track an airplane against a blue sky).
  • Track Box Size, Nudge, Track through Zoom and Rotation: Operational and setting flexibility for
    improved tracker performance.
  • Acquisition Assist: Automatically searches the area around an initial track location to find the optimal
    track box size and position. Allows operator to just get ‘close’ and still get great tracking results.
  • Intelligent Assist: Automatically reinitialize (and optimize track box location and size) on targets when
    changes in the target appearance are detected.
  • Detection Track Cueing: Used to transition a detection to a primary track (example: aerial MTI
    detection to vehicle object track).
  • To address demand for a lower price-point option, Tracker-Only options use the same proven tracking
    algorithms as the full-featured SLA, offered with limitations on other functions.

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