Processor Configuration

SightLine processors offer flexible configuration, allowing customization options for integrators. Key decisions for customers involve hardware, software, and system interfaces.


SightLine Applications 1750-OEM video processing board


SightLine Applications 4100-OEM video processor

Processing Hardware

Hardware options:

  • 1750-OEM and 4100-OEM
  • System requirements define which hardware is best for your application (size, weight, power, full-HD, Multi vs single-channel).
  • Compare hardware platforms here.

Processing Software

Customers choose and pay only for desired processing features.

  • Flexibility of software function configuration
  • Gimbal control options
  • Selection/mix drives pricing tiers
  • Units can be updated in field at any time


  • A wide range of cameras are supported and hardware interface kits are available to facilitate these connections.
  • See the Camera Configuration page for a list of cameras.
  • Both hardware options provide encoded video, network interfacing, serial ports, and GPIO for system connectivity.
Customize Features

SightLine software uses an “App bits” license key to activate specific features.

  • Allows customers to select (and purchase) only the processing feature set they need.
  • Common functions between hardware options.
  • Pricing tiers are defined based on combinations of functions.
  • It is easy to upgrade the license to include additional features. See the License Upgrade Overview.
  • Download a software function to the application bit hex code converter.
Development Support Kits
  • Provide easy camera connectivity by including all the necessary hardware and cable.
  • Enables discounted access to the full SightLine video processing capability for evaluation and demonstrations.
  • Includes a fully enabled software license video processor.
  • Provides an important reference setup to aid in system troubleshooting and technical support from SightLine.
Custom Interface Design Support

After evaluating the Video Processor, customers often seek to optimize integration by designing custom interface boards. SightLine offers its interface board schematics to reduce development risks.