Processor Configuration

SightLine video processors are designed with a great deal of configuration flexibility allowing optimized integration in customer’s camera system.

Configuration Decisions - Three Parts

SightLine processors provide a great deal of configuration flexibility which allow them to be tailored to best meet each integrator’s system requirements. The big decisions our customers must make starts with the hardware, then software, and finally system interfaces.

1Processing Hardware

Three hardware options: 1500-OEM, 3000-OEM, and 4000-OEM. System requirements will dictate which hardware is best for your application (size, weight, power, full-HD, Multi vs single-channel). You can compare our different hardware platforms here.

2Processing Software

Customers select only the processing feature set they want and do not have to pay for other features. See Application Bits section on this page for more information.

  • Flexibility of software function configuration
  • Gimbal control options
  • Selection/mix drives pricing tiers
  • Units can be updated in field at any time


  • Camera Interfaces: A wide range of cameras are supported and hardware interface kits are available to facilitate these connections. See the Camera Compatibility Document for a list of cameras.
  • System Interfaces: Both hardware options provide encoded video, network interfacing, serial ports, and GPIO for system connectivity. Specific needs for system IO will also drive hardware choice

Application Bits

The SightLine software design utilizes a license key file to turn on a specific set of software features. We call the license file function enable bits application bits or app bits. App bits are presented as a four-character Hex value (ex 0x0257).

  • This allows customers to select (and purchase) only the processing feature set they need.
  • Almost all functions are common between the two hardware options with only a few features that are Hardware-specific (example: multi-camera blending is only available on the 3000)
  • Pricing Tiers are defined based on combinations of functions.
    1.  This creates the option of the lower price point SLE pricing tier when gimbal controls are not needed.
    2.  Similarly, it allows for the lower price point Tracker-Only options. The Tracker-Only can be integrated where tracking is needed but other features can be limited.
    3.  The price list shows each application bit and their associated unit costs. Price list available upon request.
  • It is easy to upgrade a license to include additional features.
    1.  Customers can purchase an upgraded license file and send it to the 1500 or 3000 via the IP interface. This provides flexibility for customers to create custom configurations and sell feature upgrades.
    2.  See the License Upgrade Overview for more information.
  • Download a software function to application bit hex code converter.

Development Support Kits

Our bench and camera interface kits provide useful collections of boards, cables, and mounting hardware to simplify the evaluation and integration steps for customers.

For new customers, we always recommend an EVAL kit. This fully enabled system kit:

  • Allows customers to experience the full capability of Sightline video processing at a discount to support evaluation and demonstrations
  • Includes a fully enabled software license video processor
  • Includes a bench setup, and necessary cables and hardware to get started.
  • Provides an important reference setup to aid in system troubleshooting and technical sup port from SightLine
  • Is at a significantly discounted price point

Camera Interface Kits provide easy camera connectivity by including all the necessary hardware and cables.
Once a customer is in a production environment we happily sell board-only options and provide manufacturing part numbers for cables, screws, and standoffs to support customer’s production transition.

Custom Interface Design Support

Once the Video Processor has been evaluated, it is common for customers to want to design system specific interface boards to optimize the integration. SightLine is willing to share our interface board schematics to simplify and reduce risk inherent in this product development step.