1500 OEM

1500 Video Processor


Designed to add advanced capabilities to even the smallest camera systems, the 1500 is a very small, low-power, single-channel on-board video processing solution. Configuration options and a wide range of input accessory boards provide critical integration flexibility.

The 1500-SOM, the key component of the OEM product, is the smallest form factor option for incorporation of SightLine video processing functions. Reference design support is provided to help customers integrate the System on Module into customer circuit board designs.

  • Full set of video processing functions. Visit our Software Functions page
  • Multiple video inputs, with single channel processing
  • Video Inputs: Digital ( to 720p), Analog SD
  • Video Outputs: IP streamed encoded and Analog
  • Tracker Telemetry Output to Gimbal System Controller
  • Onboard Video and Snapshot Recording to MicroSD
  • RS-232 and Ethernet for Command and Control and telemetry
  • Small size – OEM is just 1 x 1.5 inches and SOM is a tiny 0.6 x 1 inches

Please see our Camera Compatibility EAN for a complete list of compatible cameras.

  • Physical Specifications – OEM Board:
    • Size: 1.04 x 1.48 inches (26.5 x 37.7 mm)
    • Weight: 0.27 ounces (7.6 grams)
  • Physical Specifications – SOM Board:
    • Size: 15 x 27 mm
    • Weight: 3 grams
  • Power Consumption:
    • Input: 4.5-6VDC
    • 2.5W maximum
    • A slightly extended input voltage range is possible with some tradeoffs
    • Some camera adaptor boards are limited to 6V max
  • Full Width Parallel Digital Inputs:
    • 1
  • Analog Inputs (NTSC/PAL):
    • 2
  • Frame size and video rate out:
    • SD @ 30fps
    • 720p @ 15 fps with most processing
  • Encoded Video Out:
    • MPEG2 TS (H.264 with KLV metadata)
    • MPEG4
    • RTP M-JPEG
  • IP Networking:
    • UDP, TCP, FTP. SSH. RTP, and RTSP connectivity
    • unicast, multicast, broadcast, DHCP, LinkLocal, Static IP, and VLAN address
  • Other Video Output(s):
    • Analog
  • Multi-camera Processing:
    • Switching between inputs
  • Configuration:
    • Software configuration determined by customer.
      See Software Functions page for more information
  • KLV Metadata on encoded Video:
    MISB standards-

    • 0102.10
    • 0601.7
    • 0603.2
    • 0604.3
    • 0903.3
  • Interfaces
    • 10/100 Base T Ethernet
    • Serial ports (TTL): 3
    • GPIO
    • I2C

OEM-Video Processor Options Introduction / Handout Sheet

1500-OEM Dimensional Drawing

EAN-Startup Guide Initial configuration and test procedure

EAN-Camera Compatibility List of validated cameras and configuration settings

EAN-Network Configuration Connecting 1500 to IP networks

EAN-Encoding Options and settings for IP encoded video

EAN-Firmware Upgrade Utility Updating software

ICD-1500-OEM Interface control document

ICD-3000-4000-Adapter Boards Interface control document for adapter boards

EAN-Parameter File Managing and saving the parameter file