4100 OEM and 4100 SOM


Introducing the 4100-OEM, the next generation in SightLine’s 4XXX series of video processors. SightLine’s most powerful processor, the new 4100-OEM, supports Full HD performance and H.265 encoding capabilities. It is tailored for integrators seeking an advanced system with an extensive array of functions for video processing applications.

Remarkably compact with low SWaP, the 4100-OEM prioritizes efficiency while delivering uncompromised performance. Offering flexible options for OEM and SOM integration, the 4100-OEM has customizable and scalable solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Multiple digital video inputs – HD input, multiple camera interfaces (see Camera Compatibility Guide)
  • Multiple video outputs – Ethernet streaming H.264 / H.265, HDMI, HDSDI
  • Dual channel processing – 4K/30 option with all software running
  • Processing power – Built on Lantronix QRB5165 processor
  • Low Swap – 5mm x 38.1mm x 16.5mm (2.0in x 1.5in x 0.65in), 5W