Release Notes

3.7 Release Notes

3.7.2 (2024-04-10)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Initial Software Release Supporting the new 4100-OEM
  • All (added) – Added the ability to scale the track box using the nudge command for more robust size changes.
  • ARM (added) – Web browser-based file manager and HTTP server added to allow remote download of syslog, SD card, parameter, and license files.
  • 1750 (added) – Dual channel processing added. Requires dual channel app bit. Blending not currently supported.
  • LIB (added) – Blending is now available in the ARM Library.
  • LIB (improved) – Improvements to ARM Library, including Jetpack 5.1.2 support, and CPU Render Mode support. Added examples to show how to use GStreamer or V4L2 for capture.
Tracking / Detection Improvements
  • All (added) – Added ability to select what kind of track (primary or secondary) a detection can turn into, either by index or from PiP.
  • All (added) – Support added for NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability beyond 7.5 to Classifier Development via Caffe.
  • All (fixed) – Fixed case where detections smaller than 4×4 pixels were unreported.
  • ARM (added) – Added Max Track parameter to control the number of manual tracks, and tracks generated from Vehicle, Person, and Drone detection modes.
  • ARM (improved) – Improved Vehicle, Drone, and Person tracking speed.
  • ARM (improved) – Track box statistics are now reported for tracks down to a single pixel in size.
  • ARM (improved) – Significant improvements to Staring Detection speeds. Added 16-bit input support.
  • ARM (fixed) – Fixed jittery PIP tracks.
  • ARM (fixed) – Blur + Fade background no longer causes track box color bleed.
Stream / Record / KLV Improvements       
  • All (added) – IP address can now be set via the command line upgrader.
  • All (added) – RTP MPEG2-TS (H.264 or H.265) now supports recording KLV and video data to .ts extension.
  • All (added) – Full precision overlays for pitch and roll added.
  • All (improved) – Added more file size options. Th default remains 1 GB.
  • All (improved) – GetParameters for types SetSDRecordingParameters and CurrentLensStatus can now be used in Lua scripts.
  • ARM (added) – SLABlendAlign command added to support larger range blend alignment.
  • ARM (added) – Added minimum and maximum quantization parameters.
  • ARM (improved) – MPEG2-TS PSI transmission rate increased to comply with MISB ST 1402 standards.
  • ARM (improved) – Improved JPEG snapshot recording speed.
  • ARM (fixed) – Fixed issue with KLV passthrough not being set on Net 1.
  • ARM (fixed) – Fix ColorIR Blend modes.
  • 1750 (fixed) – Fixed color issues affecting area outside Enhancement ROI.
  • 4000 (improved) – Log rotation enabled, automatically reducing syslog and message log sizes when files exceed 4 MBs.
Capture / Camera Improvements
  • All (added) – Compatibility has been confirmed for FLIR Neutrino SX12.
  • All (improved) – Customer-input optArgs parameter in SetAcquisitionParameters command are case-insensitive.
  • ARM (added) – Dropped frames are now reported in the performance graph.
  • ARM (added) – Added temperature display support for Boson High and Low Gain modes, along with a customizable linear translation function from raw counts to temperature units.
  • ARM (added) – Midpoint control added to Auto Gain for better performance.
  • ARM (added) – Added Visca Lens DLL that does not require Focus Telemetry app bit.
  • ARM (improved) – Improved Tenengrad focus code speeds. Fixed overflow issues.
  • ARM (improved) – Restructured Lens DLL template to allow basic control of lens without Focus Telemetry app bit. Lens DLLs utilizing focus metric still require Focus Telemetry app bit.
  • 1750 (fixed) – Improvements added for recovering video after power cycling cameras.
  • 4000 (added) – V4L2 SVP/FIP commands added for webcam command passthrough.
DPR/NUC Improvements       
  • ARM (added) – Added ability to manually clear the NUC gain/offset for a specific pixel.
  • ARM (fixed) – Fixed issue where enabling splash screen prevented dead table from being applied.
Render Improvements
  • All (improved) – User logo dimension flexibility added. Height and width no longer required to be multiples of four.
  • All (fixed)- Fixed overlay object Parameter E so they are maintained after saving.
Other Improvements
  • 4000 (improved) – 4000-OEM bootup speeds improved with early FPGA loading.
  • Example (added) – Added  PC Command and Control C++ examples using new SVP style API. Panel Minus example code now uses new SVP style API by default. slaCommand_svp added, provides same functionality as slaCommand but with SVP style API.
  • Panel Plus (improved) – Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.
4100-OEM Errata      
  • HDMI max resolution is limited to 1920×1080. HDMI support for 4K resolution is coming soon.
3.6 Release Notes

3.6.13 (2024-03-01)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) Lens control functionality has been added to demo mode.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed so SetTagData message can receive KLV strings up to 127 bytes long.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed issue with Pelco D example code using hard-coded image size.
  • ARM – (added) Compatibility has been confirmed for the Allied Vision Alvium 1800 U-040m and GSTIR USB IR cameras.
  • ARM – (improved) Improved brightness and saturation calculations on IMX385.
  • ARM – (fixed) Physical display duplicate issues have been resolved.
  • ARM – (fixed) Fixed issue where the RTSP server could overwrite user set max raw packet size.
  • ARM – (fixed) Inability to switch between KLV and other serial protocols has been fixed.
  • ARM – (fixed) Fixed issue where track box pixel stats calculation could overflow for images larger than 1280×720.
  • 1750 – (added) Compatibility has been confirmed for DRS Tenum 640. FLIR Tau support has been added for Cam 1.
  • 1750 – (fixed) HDMI 800x600p60, 1024×768, and 1600×1200 are now supported.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Fixed issue with corruption of output image when certain enhancement algorithms, including denoise and Gaussian blur, were applied.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.

3.6.12 (2023-12-06)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) RTSP supports configurable port numbers.
  • ARM – (added) Support added for DRS Tenum 1280 – 4000/1750.
  • ARM – (fixed) RTSP correctly reads the configuration file rtsp_defaults.conf.
  • ARM – (fixed) Fixed issue introduced in 3.6 where changing the display size over and over could eventually result in a crash.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Fixed rare cases of corruption of user logos and overlays.
  • 1750 – (fixed) LVDS 8-bit output populates the lower 8-bits to comply with the expected input for frame grabbers.
  • 4000 – (added) Support added for IRNOVA DAG MWIR Detector.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Destination snapshots always output the resolution of Net 0 when the same camera is going to Net 0 and Net 1.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Fixed issue with 800×600 HDMI output introduced in 3.6.8.

3.6.10 (2023-11-03)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (added) Configurable warning added when the expected bitrate deviates from the actual bitrate.
  • All – (improved) Invalid subnets are now rejected and prompt a user warning.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed issue with switching between 8-bit and 16-bit modes on FLIR Tau introduced in 3.6.4.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed potential frame jump on HDMI or HD-SDI output.
  • ARM – (improved) 16-bit USB cameras now default to high-bit-depth autogain.
  • ARM – (improved) Fixed-width overlay fonts improve when scaling.
  • ARM – (fixed) User logo no longer altered when used, along with enhancement ROI.
  • ARM – (fixed)Fixed splash screen causing network video to fail to stream.
  • 1750 – (improved) IMX412 sensor is now supported on 17XX platform.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Fixed issue with 8-bit LVDS not working when HDMI was also enabled.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Fixed issue with HDMI screen tearing introduced in 3.6.8.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Cam1 can be set as a duplicate on the 4000 platform.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Fixed issue where flooding the serial port at startup could leave the serial port unresponsive.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Naming convention for USB Serial Ports updated to enhance usability.

3.6.9 (2023-09-29)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.            

  • 1750 – (added) Log rotation is enabled, automatically reducing syslog and message log sizes when files exceed 4 MBs.
  • 1750 – (improved) Updated LVDS output signals to improve frame grabber compatibility.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Fixed low-level u-boot issues introduced by Compulab SOM change. 3.6.9 is now the default software release for the new 1750-OEM/1700-SOM.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Fixed issue introduced in 3.6.8 where sending certain KLV timestamps could result in loss of video.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Added serial port 8 back to the drop-down menu after it was removed in 3.6.8

3.6.8 (2023-09-05)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.            

  • All – (added) Turquoise color option added to Overlay Objects and KLV, replacing transparent foreground option.
  • All – (fixed) Warp camera no longer jumps when using parameter alignment with zoom or horizontal stretch.
  • ARM – (added) Lens DLL communication is now available through USB serial port.
  • ARM – (improved) slViscaLens DLL was removed as it became redundant due to serial port improvements. Use slViscaCameraLens DLL for all Visca compliant cameras.
  • ARM – (fixed) Streaming interruption triggered by “stop recording” is fixed.
  • ARM – (fixed) 10-bit bayer cameras now default to SightLine autogain.
  • 1750 – (added) Option for simultaneous LVDS and HDMI output added.
  • 1750 – (improved) Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 now supports 10-bit Bayer capture.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Fixed issue with encoded video that was adding latency in the decoder.
  • 4000 – (improved) Default DNS nameserver is now when using a static IP address.
  • 4000 – (improved) Improved speed of CPU render in GPU Temp Workaround mode.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Resolved issue where changing system time would drop network video.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Changing the frequency of telemetry now refers to the camera in that column.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Recording button properly reflects the recording state.

3.6.6 (2023-06-23)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.            

  • All – (added) Track box pixel stats added to blob detection mode.
  • All – (added) Packet size of RTP CODECs are now configurable.
  • All – (added) Added per-camera granularity for system value control of classifier parameters.
  • All – (improved) Opening > 8 RTSP streams no longer disrupt existing streams (max is still 8).
  • All – (improved) Additional blob detection controls added to avoid unwanted blob merging.
  • All – (fixed) Adjusting track box size of non-primary track via the index radio button no longer resets ID of primary track.
  • All – (fixed) LUA scripts now send Port Number instead of PortID.
  • All – (fixed) MPEG2-TS Encoder now sets discontinuity flag on stream changes which can reduce latency in some decoders.
  • 1750 – (added) Support added for LVDS/Camera Link output of raw, raw corrected, and gray-scale processed video.
  • 1750 – (added) Low power/sleep mode added.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Enhancement functionality and verbose text overlays no longer cause flashing errors on HDMI output.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Error mounting USB SSD device upon device connection and system boot has been fixed.
  • 1750 – (fixed) Corrupted video when using RTP H.265 has been fixed.
  • LIB – (improved) Memory usage significantly reduced.
  • Panel Plus – (Improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.

3.6.4 (2023-05-10)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Initial Software Release Supporting New 1750-OEM                      
  • All – (improved) Compatibility confirmed for SAVGOOD SG-ZCM2030NL – FLIR Boson with Release 3.0.
  • All – (improved) Serial port pass through mode improvements for better reliability and simpler procedures.
  • All – (fixed) Digital zoom issues, which could result in video flashing, have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) User logo overlay now correctly displays image.
  • All – (fixed) Serial Port SVP2 (0x1000) now correctly display user warnings when configured.
  • 4000 – (improved) New FPGA release to improve Lynred Leo capture.
  • 4000 – (added) Post colorize mode support added for FLIR Boson and Neutrino.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Settings changed in FLIR GUI via TCP passthrough persist through restart when using new FFCInit camera Init code.
  • 4000/1750/LIB – (added) Lens DLL improvements: Messaging improved, Frameoffset control added, autofocus position lens check added, timeout for calibration command added.
  • 4000/1750/LIB – (improved) KLV now uses target priority to indicate which track is primary.
  • 4000/1750/LIB – (improved) KLV calculations now support targets above sensors.
  • 4000/1750/LIB – (improved) Track box size reporting settings are now per camera as opposed to a global setting.
  • 4000/1750/LIB – (fixed) Brightness and contrast control fixed for 16-bit FLIR Boson.
  • LIB – (fixed) Confirmed compatibility with NVIDIA Jetpack 5.x.
  • Panel Plus – (added) Temperatures now displayed in Celsius.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.
1750-OEM Errata         
  • Cameras will not always be detected if powered off and back on after system bootup.
  • RTP H.265 is glitching in Panel Plus. Standard UDP H.265 and RTP MPEG2-TS H.265 are working correctly.
  • SSD drive detection is intermittent.
  • HDMI display may glitch if too many render/enhancement features are enabled.

3.6.2 (2023-03-06)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Major Improvements                            
  • All – (added) IR Lens control and autofocus libraries added to the example code. Ophir, Stingray, and NEOS lenses are supported.
  • LIB – (added) Full processing – adding render and encoding functions to analyze functions are now available as ARM License for NVIDIA Jetson. Architecturally enables optimized customer flexibility.
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) Drone mode tracking improvements: object size estimate improvements and tracking through clutter and minor occlusions.
  • 4000 – (added) Ability to stream the same camera with different/no overlays to another network stream.
  • Panel Plus (improved) Significant updates to enhancement controls, including how scintillation removal filters are configured, the addition of brightness and contrast.
Detection / Tracking / Classifier Improvements
  • All – (improved) Added settings for max and min target sizes for detection modes.
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) Tracking improved through zoom and rotation.
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) Blob detect updated to allow 16-bit depth processing.
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) Custom classifier training tools have been improved.
  • 4000/LIB – (added) New ability to define detection region of interest masks to support more complicated ROI definitions.
Camera Interface / Capture Improvements        
  • 4000 – (fixed) FLIR BlackFly USB3-Vision camera autogain issues resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) USB UVC settings such as saturation, contrast, and gain, now default to camera settings.
  • 4000 – (improved) Multiple improvements to e-CAM 24 MIPI camera support. multiple AGC fixes, luma, and sharpness.
  • 4000 – (improved) Richer diagnostic logging of camera initialization errors.
  • 4000 – (improved) Clarify the recommendation to use Acquisition ROI instead of CHOP in all cases.
  • Panel Plus (improved) Camera autofill for Sony cameras simplified to EV and EH choices. IDD camera configuration table updated.
  • Panel Plus (improved) Clarification about how camera settings are implemented added to documentation and Panel Plus.
DPR/NUC Improvements                     
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) DPR /NUC table loading robustness improved.
System Interface Improvements        
  • 4000/LIB – (improved) ARM example code updated to address minor issues and to clarify 3000/1500 remaining at 3.5 code base.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Addressed crash when commanding blending with a non-existing camera.
  • 4000 – (improved) Increased system robustness when managing multiple IP addresses.
  • 4000 – (improved) Auto restart recovery has been added to respond to any software crash.
  • 4000 – (added) The ability to toggle GPIO lines via command protocol has been added.
  • Upgrade Utility – (improved) Application improvements, including compression of log files.
Render Improvements                          
  • All – (fixed) False color palettes fixed to not appear ‘noisy’.
  • All – (improved) Camera zoom can now be optionally applied to network output.
  • All – (improved) Warning added that HDMI output frame sizes are set differently than IP output scaling.
  • All – (improved) Stab on Track functionality improved with nudge, acquisition assist, and other size changes.
  • All – (improved) Overlay text default font settings have been improved.
  • 4000/LIB – (added) Warning is provided when ffmpeg re-encode is required for playback if recording RTP video.
  • 4000 – (improved) Default HDMI display format changed to 1080p60 for improved system compatibility
  • 4000 – (improved) The ‘NO VIDEO’ on-screen warning now scales to output frame size.
  • 4000 – (improved) In Frame Blend mode, removed the yellowing effect on the 4000 display.
  • 4000 – (added) New feature to enable short recordings of N frames of video.
  • 4000 – (added) Multi PiP now has adjustable zoom.
3.5 Release Notes

3.5.9 (2023-09-22)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (fixed) Digital zoom issues, which could result in video flashing, have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Issue where adjusting track size changed user ID has been fixed.
  • All – (fixed) Warp camera no longer jumps when using parameter alignment with zoom or horizontal stretch.
  • All – (added) KLV calculations now support targets above sensors.
  • All – (improved) Added maximum RTP packet size control for MTU-constrained applications.
  • All – (improved) TargetPriority VMTI tag is now 1 for the primary track and 255 for all others.
  • 3000 – (added) 3000-OEM Revision B6 released. Revision B6 introduces updated RAM on the c66x chip.
  • 3000 – (added) Compatibility confirmed for SAVGOOD SG-ZCM2030NL.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Tau640 acquisition parameter no longer produces one pixel-width black line on the bottom of the display.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Default temperature units are now reported as raw pixel value counts.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.

3.5.7 (2023-03-14)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) LUA script speed and accuracy improvements to Stingray NightCrawlIR lens.
  • All – (fixed) Commanded camera no longer needs to be set to generate telemetry data.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Rare issue with deleted files on the microSD card being retained is now fixed.
  • 4000 – (added) Camera support added for Neutrino LC USB, Attollo VGA SWIR, SCD Kinglet, and Lynred 5-MHz Leo. Updates for SCD Pelican D, Lynred Daphnis, Galatea, and Leo. IDD settings and autofill updates.
  • 4000 – (added) High-temperature warning added for customer monitoring.
  • 4000 – (added) Verified Sony EV compatibility for TWIGA USB 3.2 NEO Adapter (LVDS to USB3).
  • 4000 – (fixed) Error where Cam0 will not stream when Cam1 is enabled but not plugged in, has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Manual DPR coordinates now account for the different-sized imager and display image.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Camera 2 splash/black screen no longer causes encoder crash while using the no video timer feature.
  • 4000/LIB – (fixed) Detection ROI no longer negatively affects detections on 16-bit images.
  • LIB – (fixed) Issue with frame images being overwritten resulting in frame rate errors has been fixed.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus.

3.5.6 (2022-11-18)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) Duplicate detections on tracked objects reduced.
  • All – (improved) Duplicate detections in low-contrast scenes reduced.
  • All – (added) Added support for Tamron MP3010M-EV, KT&C ATC-HZ5540x-LP, and Sony FCB-EW9500H.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed rare case where detections were missed near the edge of the video for drone/vehicle/person with large imagers.
  • All – (fixed) Changes to blending settings no longer result in cumulative shifts in offsets.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed parsing of NMEA data to support sub-second resolution
  • 4000 – (added) Added ability to show overlay graphics on top of No Video screen.
  • 4000 – (fixed) USB video no longer lost after multiple power cycles. Hot plug ability added.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Image no longer flashes when adjusting capture settings while using sensor auto gain.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Snapshot issue using FLIR Firefly has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Presence of HDMI-SDI board no longer causes additional system latency.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Splash screen no longer flashes when using cam 1 while cam 0 is offline.
  • LIB – (added) ARM Library now supports NVIDIA Xavier NX and AGX.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to messaging, settings, and documentation.

3.5.4 (2022-09-19)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) Gamma and LAP enhancement strength slider now accurately defines available range.
  • All – (fixed) Resolved error with starting a track in display coordinates on non-commanded cameras.
  • All – (fixed) Fixed bug in standard deviation usage when calculating dead pixels.
  • All – (fixed) Lens no longer re-initializes when setting lens parameters.
  • All – (fixed) Resolved rare error with HDMI/HD-SDI/Analog output without network video.
  • 1500 – (improved) User warning added when FPGA image is incompatible with acquisition settings.
  • 1500 – (added) Added SystemValue to control orientation of overlay text.
  • 4000 – (improved) Encoder crashes resulting from quick changes in high-contrast scenes have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (improved) New compatibility for e-CAM24_CUNX running 1920×1200 at 30 fps.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Improved Sensor Auto Gain mode video flashing for very bright scenes.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements to Panel Plus. Updates to status, messaging, and auto-fill settings.
  • LIB – (added) Added option to set max image size for the library to reduce memory usage.

3.5.3 (2022-08-10)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) SnapAllCams file naming has been corrected.
  • All – (improved) User warning added for snapshot commanded for non-displayed camera.
  • All – (fixed) Limitations when drawing rotated rectangles have been addressed.
  • All – (fixed) Get Parameters for KLV TagData fixed and documentation improved.
  • 1500 – (fixed) Clarify documentation to describe auto-detect and defaulting to settings related to analog camera configurations.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Lens status comms port (external applications) and message issues have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) USB video works after multiple disconnects/reconnects.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Quality of IR video when in PiP has been improved.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Continued improvements of Panel Plus. Updates to improve pull downs, window names.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Tracker High Noise mode defaults and control are corrected.
  • Example – (improved) Lens control DLL updates for example code, documentation, and Panel Plus controls.

3.5.2 (2022-06-27)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Detection / Track / Classifier Improvements
  • All – (added) Detection region of interest now supports a user-defined horizon line.
  • All – (fixed) Staring mode maintains detections through camera motion.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) New trained model file used with detection/tracking adds identification of vehicle/person.
  • All – (improved) Blob detection now has choices for bright, dark, or all blobs and default surround size changed to 25 px.
  • All – (improved) Aerial MTI now produces more accurate ellipses (size/shape) for faster targets.
  • All – (Improved) Filter update rates are now settable with the classifier.
  • All – (improved) Resolved an intermittent issue where detections could be created prematurely.
  • All – (improved) Detections maintained more robustly on very small or difficult to see objects.
  • All – (improved) Improved processing speed of drone tracking algorithm and improved velocity estimates.
  • All – (improved) Tracking in vehicle mode more robust in cases where registration has low confidence improved.
  • All – (improved) Confidence and Class reports are more intuitive for Drone classifier.
  • All – (fixed) Panel Plus now lists all classifiers available in the drop-down menu.
  • All – (fixed) Registration errors resolved in very low feature scenes.
  • All – (fixed) Track initiation with blended image corrected.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) All SightLine-provided trained models are now available on hardware and selectable through Panel Plus.
  • 4000 – (improved) Aerial MTI runs faster on 4k video with better detection of small targets.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) High noise tracking checkbox added. Useful in cases with high sensor noise
  • Example – (improved) ClassifierTools installer now includes batch training scripts.
Camera Interface / Capture Improvements
  • 4000 – (added) New camera compatibility for Sony FCB-EW9500H, FLIR Firefly S: FFY-U3-16S2C-S, SCD Pelican D 640, and MIPI E-Con e-CAM24_CUNX.
  • 4000 – (added) USB can now support 2 USB webcams using COTS hub (Cam 2 and Cam 3).
  • 4000 – (added) 1080i, 480i and 480p supported for HDMI and HDSDI inputs.
  • All – (added) Auto-configure of HDSDI input now detects resolution/frame rate and sets acquisition parameters.
  • All – (improved) H.264/H.265 supports aggregate and non-aggregate NAL. Some decoders may require one of these options.
  • All – (fixed) Artifacts in video when enabling false color on analog input have been fixed.
  • All – (fixed) Camera serial communications verified with the latest Rev FPC boards.
  • All – (fixed) Multiple SVP commands can now be embedded into a digital input frame and parsed as if they came from Ethernet or serial.
  • 4000 – (improved) Decoder functionality improvements now support video smaller than FHD from 3000-OEM SightLine stream and dual-channel decoding.
  • 4000 – (fixed) USB3 Vision camera improvements for Basler Dart compatibility, frame rate, auto-gain, and general reliability.
  • 4000 – (fixed) No processing now done on a “no video” input.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Video-Not-Found failure when unplugging/replugging USB-UVC cameras has been resolved.
Enhance / Display / Record Improvements                            
  • All – (added) New color enhancement feature for foggy/low light scenarios.
  • All – (added) New brightness/contrast control with CLAHE and Histogram Equalize enables greater image control by the user.
  • All – (added) PiP window labels now include options for Track Index and Class Label.
  • All (added) The TIFF grayscale format is now available for snapshots.
  • All – (improved) User can now select background stab color.
  • All – (improved) User can now control the color intensity in ColorBlend modes using the Hue slider.
  • All – (fixed) Denoise while using frame skip issues have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Removed upper threshold on input brightness adjustment.
  • All – (fixed) Track trails and Precision Landing crosshairs display correctly with horizontal or vertical flipping.
  • 4000 – (improved) New splash screen and blank screen options when a camera is off (instead of “No Video”).
  • 4000 – (improved) Users can now execute BigSnapShot with USB cameras.
  • 4000 – (fixed) false color with region of interest enhancement corrected.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Picture-in-Picture (PiP) text is now easily readable on 4K images.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Resolved issue with track index text alignment when scaled.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Overlay when using DLL option now correctly displayed on HDMI output.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Resolved intermittent failure with Big Snapshot feature.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Resolved possible crashes using Big Snapshot on 4000 with 4K cameras.
Metadata Functionality Improvements
  • All – (added) Cursor on Target (CoT) implemented using KLV metadata.
  • All – (improved) Frame corners can now be calculated using full-range representation of certain metadata items for more accurate calculations.
  • All – (fixed) Multiple improvements to KLV including AppendedMetadata, checking for TagSource, UTC timestamp from passthrough, blob parsing, and soft reset updates.
  • All – (fixed) VMTI now provides the correct number of reported (vs detected) in KLV.
Systems Interface / Comms Improvements                                          
  • 4000 – (improved) USB comms can be used with all SightLine protocols (TCP pass through, SVP, etc.) except lens control.
  • All – (improved) Serial ports can now be configured for lens protocols and additional flexibility for changing baud rates and other communication parameters.
  • All – (improved) Focus region of interest (ROI) more configurable (no longer anchored to the center of the frame).
  • All – (improved) Registration performance improved in low feature/blank scenes with confidence reported more accurately.
  • All – (fixed) User warning added if an invalid checksum is received.
  • All – (fixed) Better support for cases with multiple RTSP clients.
  • All – (fixed) SystemValue Uptime recording now works for durations longer than 24 hours.
  • 3000 – (improved) Can preserve parameter file during an SD card upgrade.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Camera serial port is limited to internal control or passthrough, not both at the same time.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Resolved incomplete diagnostics information sent to the “About Board” dialog.
Example Code Improvements                                  
  • Example – (added) Customers can now implement custom lens protocols using the new Lens Dynamic Link Library (DLL) capability.
  • Example – (added) New example code illustrating how to close a simple control loop from tracking telemetry to pan/tilt commands (using Pelco D).
  • Example – (improved) LUA Scripts can now use CommandPassThrough to provide status updates/feedback.
  • Example – (fixed) Multiple improvements to example code plugins. Wireshark, SLASockUDP, etc.
  • Example – (fixed) Lens control LUA examples have been modified to use FocusStats (0x55) telemetry.
User Interface Improvements                         
  • Panel Plus – (added) New LUA example code for controlling GPIO. Includes a Panel Plus interface for experimentation.
  • Panel Plus – (added) Ability to drag and drop LUA files via Panel Plus has been added.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Reduced time for Panel Plus file management (delete/download) from SD card.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Assists with checksum on raw commands sent.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Connect tab streaming setup changed to only configure Stream 0 / Network 0.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Panel Plus now lists full sub-directories on SD card.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Panel Plus now shows the recording state of both networks.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Vision Components IMX412 region of interest autofill settings corrected.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Correctly saves resolution when streaming separate resolutions to HDMI and Network.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Detection region of interest now supports values greater than 2048 pixels.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Issues with extra-long optional argument strings in SetAcquisitionParameters (0x37).
  • Upgrade Utility – (added) New “get” function to Upgrade Utility makes it easier for users to easily get any file/file type.
3.4 Release Notes

3.4.7 (2022-04-20)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (added) Support added for sensor in new version of AGS720p camera
  • All -(fixed) SetSDRecordingParameters command fixed so entire SD card contents cannot be inadvertently deleted.
  • All – (fixed) Ability to call VideoDisplay from lua to do things like change camera has been restored.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Occasional long CameraSwitch delays have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (improved) Digital video signal updates. Helps improve interface to FLIR Neutrino LC, Boson, and future cameras.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Font scaling when scale factor set to 0 has been fixed.
  • 4000 – (fixed) PiP window displays no longer flipped when main display is flipped.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Framerate slowdown when switching between cameras displaying to both nets has been fixed.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) General improvements to Panel Plus for PCs with multiple network adapters.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Upgrade Utility Get Program Files now works when there are large numbers of files and/or long file names.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Upgrade Utility Get Diagnostic Files now includes syslog file for 4000-OEM.

3.4.6 (2021-12-28)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Camera Improvements
  • All – (added) New camera support for FLIR Tau (using FPC interface boards) and for miniature FPV analog cameras.
  • All – (fixed) Serial passthrough issues with LWIR cameras using FPC adapter boards have been resolved.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) New camera support added for 800×600 HDMI inputs, DRS Tenum 640, and Sierra Olympic Ventus 275 digital video.
  • 4000 – (improved) Added user diagnostic warning message if camera interface FPGA fails to load.
  • 4000 – (improved) Exposure range and Auto Gain are improved for MIPI IMX412 camera.
Other Improvements
  • All – (fixed) Discover Query updated to reply with correct command port number.
  • All – (fixed) Excess stabilization jitter in rare configurations has been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Parameter file issues with double quotes in text strings (e.g., overlay commands) have been resolved.
  • All – (improved) Classification processor-load improvements.
  • All – (improved) Now customizable EXIF header fields allow ‘camera maker’ field to match ‘mission ID’ and ‘camera model’ to match ‘platform designation’.
  • All – (improved) RTSP server now supports a configuration file allowing custom configuration for settings such as URL aliases for network streams, network parameters, etc.
  • All – (fixed) Errors in NUC gain presented in the screen display have been fixed.
  • 3000/4000 – (fixed) EthernetDisplayParameters message is no longer rejected when a user does not specify display ID.
  • 4000 – (added) Support Data Enable for Horizontal Sync.
  • 4000 – (improved) General improvements to fonts and text presentations.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Added warnings and clarifications that denoise mask is not compatible with a split processing configuration.

3.4.5 (2021-09-16)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Major Improvements
  • Enhancement – Completes expansion of enhancement functions started in 3.3.x.
  • Classifier – Process tools for Custom Classifier and drone classifier training set are significantly improved.
  • DPR/NUC – Finished the significant set of updates started in 3.3.x.
  • Cameras – Added new cameras to supported camera list and EDID HDMI support.
  • OSD – Range of improvements for the 4000-OEM including alternate fonts and 4K optimization.
  • Example Code – Significant work was done on LUA scripts, examples, and associated documentation.

  • All – (added) Ancillary Text Metadata is now accessible from SLA Decoder.
  • All – (improved) HDMI 1080p30 input support has been improved.
  • All – (improved) Network Trace information now also includes focus and landing data.
  • All – (improved) NUC after Camera Switch now looks at image type and provides a warning if NUC is not applicable.
  • All – (fixed) Display error with rarely sized pixel track box for non-static tracks has been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) RTSP server crashes caused by unanticipated RTSP DESCRIBE message from select clients has been fixed.
  • All – (fixed) Digital zoom conflicts between SetDisplayAngle and SetDisplayParameters have been addressed.
  • 1500 – (improved) Ability to send zoom commands to the non-display camera has been added.
  • 3000 – (improved) Significantly reduced time to get VMTI chips or Detection Snapshots with NUC.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Laser display errors introduced in version 3.3 have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Failure when Gateway Address set = unit IP Address resolved, and warning added.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Commanded overlays on Net 1 with PiP on Net 0 have been fixed.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Minor issues with overlay color and rotation changed in 3.4.3 have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) MTI debug window not displaying some information has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Updated to set all time references to UTC for KLV.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Font spacing for legacy fonts with new OSD implementation has been corrected.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Added UI for users to supply data with custom lens modes.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) Default dialog tabs and some default settings are now more consistent throughout Panel Plus.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Focus stat conversion errors with 8-bit algorithms have been resolved.
  • Library – (improved) Ability to set processor affinity on a per camera basis has been added.

3.4.3 (Not published)

Camera Interface / Capture Improvements
  • All – (added) Additional cameras supported: FLIR Neutrino LC, Basler USB3-Vision GS, Raptor Photonics Owl 640T, MIPI VC296 Mono, Infiray UVC.
  • All – (improved) Camera acquisition settings master list moved to an improved camera list within the IDD (link).
  • All – (improved) EDID updates make compatibility with HDMI cameras easier.
  • 4000 – (improved) Improvements to USB3-Vision passthrough and settings: no longer automatically set exposure at startup, USB3VisionFeature packet can now query camera features, and ICommand feature type is available.
  • All – (improved) 720p25, 720p50, and 1080p25 now supported on Sony block cameras.
  • 1500/3000 – (fixed) Acquisition region of interest settings updated to resolve a potential crash.
  • 3000 – (added) Implemented Data Valid in Camera Link to support low pixel clock rate cameras.
  • 3000/4000 – (improved) Change HDMI and SDI acquisition settings to use Embedded Sync.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Resolved case with bad image quality when using camera switch functionality.
  • 4000 – (added) Implemented use of Line Valid as part of camera setup.
  • 4000 – (fixed) A number of issues with analog video inputs to the 4000-OEM have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Cam1 (MIPI interface) controls now work independently of Cam0 acquisition settings.
Analyze Improvements
  • Example -(improved) The Custom Classifier AI/ML toolkit, examples, and documentation have all been updated to simplify customer navigation of the process.
  • All – (improved) Drone training set has been updated to improve classification performance.
  • All – (improved) AI/ML class filtering now works with all detection and track modes.
  • All – (added) A new detection mode has been added to allow a transition to person mode tracking.
  • All – (added) Customer now has the ability to add size to detection ellipses to optimize display clarity.
  • All – (added) New ability to freeze track estimate position.
  • All – (improved) Customer set limits on the number of detections displayed in telemetry or KLV has been improved.
  • All – (improved) Reported detections are now those with highest confidence (vs detection order).
  • All – (improved) Confidence values for blob mode detections improved to provide better actionable feedback to customers.
  • All – (improved) Adjusted blob detection settings so that performance is optimal near the default sensitivity.
  • All – (improved) Minor improvements to drone tracking to avoid jumping to wrong objects.
  • 1500 – (fixed) Addressed system failure when track box size increased to >100 pixels and then decreased to <100 pixels.
  • 3000 – (fixed) VMTI image chip issues when using high-bit depth video inputs and no NUC have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Changing to single-channel mode no longer can be done dynamically, resolving issues from dynamic switching.
DPR/NUC Improvements                            
  • Example – (added) New C/C++ example code for NUC and DPR table processing.
  • All – (added) The ability to see how many pixels are declared dead on a per-parameter basis has been added.
  • All – (improved) Change 1-pt NUC from using a hardcoded target value to a dynamic one.
  • All – (improved) User warnings and checks added when trying to save DPR/NUC files with blank file names or to non-existent SD card.
  • All – (fixed) Error with Shutter Flatten command has been addressed.
  • All – (fixed) Issues with NUC and dead tables loaded at startup resolved.
  • 1500 – (fixed) NUC file initiation issue on 1500-OEM has been fixed.
  • 3000 – (fixed) NUC Show Offset display with 3000-OEM has been fixed.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Debug pixel coloring of dead pixels now works on 3000-OEM.
  • 4000 – (improved) Processing sped up on 4000-OEM to now support DPR/NUC at 1080p60.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Excessive warnings related to DPR/NUC have been addressed.
Render Improvements 
  • ALL – (improved) Significant improvements made to video enhancement functionality. Gamma correction mode, Gaussian filter, LAPMinDiff to get rid of artifacts in flat scenes, histogram equalization, and settable tail rejection, and feature based histogram.
  • 4000 – (improved) Overlay text, shapes, and reticle drawing are now faster.
  • 4000 – (improved) Additional text improvements to add new fonts, text scaling to look good on 4K frame, and support alternate languages.
  • All – (improved) Change Demo Mode text to be less intrusive and not display “SightLine”.
  • All – (improved) SD source into 4K PiP can now be scaled for a range of PiP box sizes.
  • All – (improved) Added the ability to turn off or change the color of the “+” cursor without turning off the primary track reticle.
  • All – (fixed) Multi-camera display issues when render functions are camera-specific have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Warning now provided when splash screen files >1 MB (and not displayed).
  • All – (fixed) Primary video digital zoom-rate now works smoothly when using PiP.
  • 3000 – (fixed) With the same camera to both streams, OSD is now correctly displayed on both streams.
  • 4000 – (improved) Standard definition output configuration now allows 640×512 frame size.
  • 4000 – (improved) HDMI output now supports 1920×1200 frame size.
  • 4000 – (improved) New render frame size controls allows independent network stream or HDMI sixes (previously stream size only).
  • 4000 – (improved) Blending function on 4000-OEM improved to address image quality and streaming issues.
  • 4000 – (fixed) 4K video decoding and re-encoding problems have been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Flashing Green at startup on estab/crop edges when using color borders has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Image jitter when set to Disable All Processing has been fixed.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Extended bit depth CLAHE on 4000-OEM corrected to use prescribed depth.
Coms / Streaming / Recording / Metadata Improvements                                          
  • All – (added) New custom streamed frame size (ex: 16:9) aspect ratios supported.
  • All – (improved) Add RGGB10 to recording SLRaw image format options.
  • All – (improved) It is now possible to change the baud rate of a serial port on-the-fly (with no restart).
  • All – (improved) NMEA parsing to KLV general improvements and addition of Platform Pitch and Platform Roll data.
  • All – (fixed) TCP passthrough failures due to physical disconnection have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Get Parameters (0x28) clarified to indicate when additional parameters (camera index, display index, etc.) are necessary.
  • All – (fixed) Ethernet pass through command default parameters corrected.
  • All – (fixed) KLV Ancillary Text Metadata (ST 0808) issue has been fixed.
  • All – (fixed) A warning is now provided when the recorded video file name is the same as a second network.
  • All – (fixed) KLV UTC timestamp issues resolved for cases when the video is not streaming.
  • All – (fixed) Acquisition of UTC KLV value for Network1 has been fixed.
  • 1500/4000 – (fixed) Fixed potential video stutter when the user sets UTC time from KLV.
  • 1500 – (added) Variable Bit Rate mode is now an option on the 1500-OEM.
  • 1500 – (improved) Max UDP TS packet size is now user-settable.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Fixed MISB timestamp included in MPEG2-TS to be the UTC time set.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Memory allocation for KLV VMTI chips has been expanded to avoid losing data.
  • 4000 – (added) Added support of metadata stream from FLIR Safire and Wescam for 4000-OEM.
  • 4000 – (improved) Maximum streaming bit rates increased to 30 Mbps on the 4000-OEM and 20 Mbps on the 3000-OEM.
  • 4000 – (fixed) I2C bus now read/writable by default.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Rare case of loss of video resolved (VideoDisplay command without defining frame resolution).
  • 4000 – (fixed) Fixed rare case where video stream could be lost when changing output resolution.
Example Code                                  
  • Example – (improved) Significant improvements to support example code and LUA scripts include the following: functionality updates, enhanced scripting read/writability, NUC table management, camera initialization, lens control, more scripts in installer, and documentation updates.
  • All – (improved) SLRaw format sample code now available.
Panel Plus / Tools Improvements                            
  • Panel / Utility – (improved) Panel Plus improvements to reflect new functionality, address minor control errors, add to camera setting pull-downs, improve warnings presented to the user, serial connections to OEM, etc.
  • Panel / Utility – (fixed) Reboot failures with SLAUpgradeUtility have been resolved.
3.3 Release Notes

3.3.3 (2021-05-21)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (improved) Improved landing telemetry latency variability when transitioning from large pattern to small pattern.
  • All – (added) Videology 25Z2.4-36X global shutter block camera now supported.
  • 3000 – (fixed) A crash when HDSDI camera is disconnected for many hours has been resolved.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Image problems caused by inconsistent Camera Link startup byte-swap are fixed.
  • 4000 – (improved) Change to acquisition frame step no longer requires reinitialization of camera.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Tracking is no longer impacted by changing streaming or display on another stream.
  • 3000/4000/LIB – (improved) Scene telemetry latency improved.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Ability to change frames to maintain track after object disappeared fixed.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Reduced excess user warnings when configuring blending settings.
  • Panel Plus- (fixed) Bit rate control status update inconsistency resolved.

3.3.2 (2021-04-09)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Camera Interface Improvements
  • 3000 / 4000 – (improved) Added support for 60fps framerate for Sony EV7520A.
  • 4000 – (improved) Extended capability when using Raspberry Pi MIPI Cameras with OV5647 to process the full 5 Mp frame at 15fps.
  • 4000 – (fixed) SD-SDI scaling issue in some input video cases has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Cam0 video quality no longer impacted (stuttering) when Cam1 is unplugged.
DPR/NUC Improvements
  • All – (fixed) Shutter Flatten functionality updated to address issues with numFrames and user warnings.
  • All – (fixed) Crash when loading a corrupted NUC table has been resolved.
  • All- (fixed) Rare crash when calculating and applying dead pixels has been resolved.
Other Improvements
  • All – (improved) Customer splash screen logo now displays in color even when camera is grayscale.
  • All – (improved) Parameter file management has been improved.
  • All – (improved) Lens and focus controls have been extended to support customer specific implementations.
  • All – (fixed) RTSP problems with deprecated SetVideoMode command have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Issues with app bit translation of detection + stabilization when changing from software versions 2.x.x (license file v4) to 3.x.x has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Color related issues with blending have been addressed.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Display output no longer required when splitting processing between cores. Other issues with split logic have been identified and will be resolved in upcoming releases.
  • LIB – (fixed) Failure to calculate focus telemetry in LIB has been addressed.
  • Panel Plus -(fixed) Changes to Panel Plus fix minor issues related to recent tab changes and blending align presets that have not worked properly in recent versions.

3.3.1 (2021-02-01)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Major Improvements
  • Significant updates to DPR/NUC functionality.
  • Blob Detection improvements include detection algorithm improvements, new auto thresholding, and better localized processing/detection.
  • 4000 processor now supports image blending, reducing the processing function gap with the 3000.
  • Custom Classifier support improvements, class filtering, VMTI chip updates, and Python 3.5 support.
  • Continuous improvements: Processing speed on 3000 (720p/60 supported in single channel mode) and 4000 (increased frame rates with all frames sizes in single channel mode), number of cameras supported, detection, tracking.
  • Panel Plus application updates to incorporate new processing functionality, control tab changes, and misc. fixes.
Analyze Improvements
  • All – (improved) Blob Detection improvements to detection algorithm, new auto thresholding, and better localized processing/detection.
  • All – (improved) Removed ability to do detection algorithm frame stepping. Removed from protocol. Capture frame stepping is recommended if frame stepping is required.
  • All – (added) Detection and Track VMTI chips and associated metadata per STANAG ST0903.5 are now supported as part of KLV.
  • All – (added) Tenengrad focus metric algorithm added to focus options.
  • All – (added) Users can now disable frame-frame registration, helpful for testing and specific use cases.
  • All – (fixed) Detection snapshot / VMTI chips color errors have been resolved.
  • 3000 – (improved) Single camera configuration on 3000 with most processing configurations can provide 720p/60 throughput by splitting processing onto two cores.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) Detection now supports filtering by classification. Supported in all detection modes except Drone and Vehicle.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) Custom Classifier training process now supports use of Python 3.5.
DPR / NUC Improvements
  • All – (added) NUC shutter flattening ensures that 1NUC maintains the relative illumination curve of the lens.
  • All – (added) Protocol commands consolidated to include NUC commands and number of frames in single command.
  • All – (added) Multiple statistical options (nearest neighbor, avg, median) for defining dead pixel replacement value are now supported.
  • All – (improved) User warnings related to DPR/NUC functions have been improved.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) A dynamic dead pixel filter that removes bad pixels in real time has been added.
Render Improvements
  • All – (added) Enhancement modes can now be applied to a region of interest rather than the entire image. Reduced processing load helps maintain system framerate.
  • All – (added) Horizontal and vertical mirror (flipping) of output video is now possible. Capture snapshots are not mirrored. Processing speed impacted only when not using roll compensation on 1500/3000.
  • 1500/3000 – (improved) Fix cases of grey-level wrapping/sparkle in enhancement functions for full 16-bit high bit depth cameras. Note: Set Acquisition Bit Depth to 16 for cameras that fill the full 16 bits.
  • 4000 – (added) 4000 now supports more multi-camera functionality. Blending and multi Net0 + Net1 added.
  • 4000 – (fixed) PiP displays on 4000 fixed to not hide user overlays.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Issues when using CLAHE enhancement on 1080p and 4K video resolved.
Streaming / Metadata Functionality Improvements
  • All – (added) Streaming unencapsulated H.264 UDP stream for compatibility with DJI and other systems has been added.
  • All – (added) Streaming KLV in an MPEG2-TS without video is now available.
  • All – (improved) RTSP stream compatibility improved, including with Vivotek network video recorder (NVR).
  • All – (improved) Script to receive FLIR Safire metadata and output in KLV stream has been improved.
  • 4000 – (improved) Output frame size support on 4000 changed to support 960×720 and other frame sizes by changing to multiples of 8 (from 128).
Camera / Capture Improvements
  • 1500 – (fixed) BT.656 digital input with PAL frame size is now supported.
  • 3000 – (improved) Generic digital settings now work with 8-bit Camera Link cameras.
  • 4000 – (added) Lynred Dafnis now supported.
  • 4000 – (added) DRS HexaBlu cooled thermal camera now supported.
  • 4000 – (added) FLIR Tau now supported.
  • 4000 – (improved) MIPI Raspberry Pi V1 and V2 now supported.
  • 4000 – (improved) Issues with warnings related to comms passthrough with USB3-Vision cameras have been addressed.
  • 4000 – (improved) Display FPGA version information for MIPI extender board.
Panel Plus / Example Code / Tools Improvements
  • UI – (improved) Panel Plus tab layout has been updated to be more efficient. Improvements include fixes to decoder, secondary selection windows, autofill dropdowns, and settings entry boxes. Added a remove all overlay button.
  • UI – (improved) DPR/NUC controls and displays updated in Panel Plus to match new algorithm functionality.
  • UI – (improved) Panel Plus now gives user the ability to pick PC folder for saving video and snapshots.
  • Tools – (improved) Added more diagnostic information to saved crash log.
  • Tools – (improved) Firmware upgrader tools improved to add confirmations and improved connection options.
  • Example Code – (added) New code examples include: Custom Classifier example file, 4000 I2C data rate controls, Ophir lens control/autofocus, Panel Minus fixes to work with 4000, fixes to PC decoder example.
3.2 Release Notes

3.2.4 (2020-12-17)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (added) New option added to stream H.264 via UDP with no encapsulation to provide compatibility with some DJI radios.
  • All – (improved) Command to unload LUA scripts now accepts multiple case sensitive spellings to reflect previous documentation inaccuracies.
  • All – (fixed) Recent errors (in 3.2) related to downsample and image size management in Aerial and Staring detection modes are resolved and detection performance is improved.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Resolved case where overlays were streaking when Picture-in-Picture displays were enabled.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Recent error (in 3.2) related to Acquisition Region of Interest (capture ROI) processing, causing potentially poor performance has been resolved.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Rare failure case when no input from main PiP camera combined with C66 reset settings has been resolved.
  • 3000/4000 – (fixed) Resolved Net 1 video stream/record issues (video and KLV) when Net 0 and Net 1 are streaming video from the same camera.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Detection thresholding issue fix has increased performance in multiple detection modes.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Camera and processor settings improvements for Sony FCB-ER8xxx cameras.
  • 4000 – (fixed) GPIO related init script was missing in 3.2.3 release delivery.
Known Issue Warning

Camera Switch functionality is broken in 3.2.x software. This functionality provides the ability for customer circuits to switch multiple cameras into a single SightLine video input. Customers using this functionality should plan on using 3.1.2 software and contact SightLine for more information. A fix is in the upcoming 3.3 software release (due Jan 2021).

3.2.3 (2020-11-12)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Detection / Track Improvements   
  • All – (improved) Settings logic for track box pixel statistics and display have been clarified.
  • All – (improved) Some detection modes updated to not reuse an ID that was just associated with another object but maintain ID if an object goes away for only a short time.
  • All – (improved) Reduced likelihood of separate detections being erroneously treated as a new, large object.
  • All – (improved) Blob detection now symmetric in detection of light and dark objects. Detection possible for objects just 2×2 pixels.
  • All – (improved) Detections that do not show up in telemetry and KLV can be indicated with a different color to aid in debugging (understanding which tracks are included and which are not can be difficult).
  • All – (fixed) Issues with drone classifier thresholds causing missed detections in 3.2 have been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) Gas detection updated to address Region of Interest display issues and operation with frame step.
  • All – (fixed) KLV VMTI centroid location calculations have been corrected
DPR / Nuc Improvements                
  • 1500 – (fixed) Failure to save NUC table when dead pixel count is null has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Time to apply a NUC table is more consistent.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Erroneous dead pixel count, refresh, and display in Panel Plus has been resolved.
Other Key Improvements                 
  • 3000 – (improved) Further improvements to NAND corruption recovery introduced in 3.2.2.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Addressed rare system crash in cases when HDSDI cameras are disconnected or powered off.
  • 4000 – (fixed) HD-SDI camera into 4000, fixed to re-acquire when the camera is power cycled or disconnected/reconnected.
  • 3000/4000 – (fixed) Added operator warning when conflicting blend and multi-display display modes are set. When blending is set, multi-display settings are ignored.
  • Library – (fixed) A crash introduced in 3.2.2 when loading the parameter file in the library has been fixed.
  • Panel Plus – (fixed) Panel Plus compression statistics corrected when streaming MPEG2TS H.265.

3.2.2 (2020-09-01)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Major Improvements   
  • 3000/4000 – (added) Customer defined classifier runs in real-time to assess any detection or track against trained classes. Customer maintains proprietary training sets. SightLine provides training tools and support. A new App bit enables this functionality.
  • All – (added) New histogram equalization and staring-based denoise mask functions make enhancement functions significantly more powerful.
  • All – (improved) User experience improvements for implementing DPR/NUC include: Dead pixel data sorting; clarity when DPR is applied but not NUC; file management; point and click DP replacement; processor performance graphing; etc.
  • 3000 – (improved) System robustness improvements have been made to: Detect rare crashes of the C66 processor and restart; reboot from NAND memory if RAM boot fails; ensure that configuration warnings are visible at startup, and change parameter file startup to reduce risks.
Analyze Improvements                
  • All – (improved) Detection telemetry updated to include whether objects qualify to be used by classifier and/or transitioned to a track.
  • All – (improved) Changing tracker mode is now done seamlessly without delay in the output video.
  • 3000/4000 – (improved) The integrated drone classifier now reports fixed wing and rotary wing classes .
  • 4000 / Lib – (improved) Processing times reduced when using Aerial and Anomaly detection modes.
  • ARM Library – (added) Moving car test pattern input video option added to Library.
Render Improvements                 
  • All – (improved) Radiometric detection telemetry now includes amplitude statistics in addition to pixel location.
  • All – (improved) Pixel temperature units and data now match between overlays and telemetry.
  • 3000/4000 – (improved) The new custom classifier supports custom labels for PiP windows.
  • 3000/4000 – (added) HDMI output 1280×768 / 60 is now supported.
Metadata Functionality Improvements
  • All – (improved) Added the ability to send custom metadata in the KLV stream per MISB ST 0808.
  • All – (improved) Added the option to create a .klv file with current KLV data, which is created along with snapshots.
  • All – (improved) Use of KLV Blobs now ensures other KLV parsing is disabled.
  • All – (improved) Removed SightLine specific references from NITF header.
  • All – (fixed) KLV input strings are now truncated at 64 characters to resolve potential software failures.
Camera Interface Improvements                             
  • 1500 – (fixed) Update to camera interface FPGA code to ensure proper Sony camera timing over temperature.
  • 4000 – (improved) Minor image quality issues with SDSDI and HDMI inputs resolved.
  • 4000 – (improved) Auto exposure and gain settings added for MIPI IMX412 to improve image quality.
  • 4000 – (improved) Support of camera link cameras expanded and improved.
  • 4000 – (added) Support for HDMI inputs 480i and 576i has been added.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Camera interface FPGA updates to fix embedded sync and MIPI camera settings.
  • 4000 – (fixed) Short pause in video when changing capture region of interest has been eliminated.
Other Key Improvements
  • All – (improved) Allow user to specify full path to files for recording to a network drive.
  • All – (fixed) Evaluating tracking by using DEMO mode on an SLE unit now works.
  • 3000 – (improved) New script configuration controls and documentation improvements address poor performance when using TCP in slower network configurations.
  • 4000 – (improved) Precision Landing telemetry now at higher rates with 1080p and UHD inputs.
  • 4000 – (added) Recording now supports exFAT file system SD cards and snapshots can be saved to USB SSD.
  • 4000 – (added) New snapshot mode – burst mode allows recording 120+ full pixel depth frames at full frame rate.
  • 4000 – (added) RTSP streaming now supported on the 4000.
  • UI – (improved) Controls for Radiometric Detection min and max level settings are improved.
  • UI – (improved) Size of display box for track box statistics has been increased.
3.01 Release Notes

3.01.02 (2020-05-26)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (fixed) NUC table file errors in some conditions are corrected.
  • All – (fixed) User Track ID association with specific track has been fixed.
  • All – (fixed) Increased processing latency when tracking, inadvertently introduced in the 3.01 release, has been resolved.
  • All – (fixed) H.264 RTP RTSP streaming functionality for some players lost in 3.0 release is now working.
  • All – (fixed) Some TCP serial passthrough functionality lost in 3.0 release is now working.
  • All – (improved) Added the option to zero-pad MPEG2-TS UDP packets so all are the same size.
  • Panel Plus / Utilities – (fixed) Panel Plus crashes when switching from RTSP streaming have been resolved.
  • Panel Plus / Utilities – (fixed) Some Upgrade Utility functionality lost in 3.01 release is now working.

3.01.01 (2020-04-13)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

  • All – (added) Update to SetSystemValue (0x92) enables customer data passthrough to LUA Scripts.
  • All – (added) A new tracking mode optimized for tracking people has been added to SetTrackingParameters (0x0C).
  • All – (improved) DPR / NUC functionality improved to include: Loading of tables on 4000; adding support of larger format imagers; use on 3000 Rev B hardware; defining of dead pixels; and matching coordinate systems with other functions.
  • All – (improved) Expanded snapshot EXIF tags now include HFOV and VFOV when capturing JPEG snapshots SetSnapShot (0x5E).
  • All – (improved) Tracking performance in use cases with narrow FOV have been improved.
  • All – (improved) KLV passthrough data packets now checked for valid checksum and rejects packets with invalid length.
  • 3000 – (fixed) Multicast streaming errors introduced with 3.01.00 have been fixed.
  • 3000/4000 – (fixed) Rare crash when configuring decoder functionality has been fixed.
  • 4000 – (added) Network stream Quality of Service (QoS) – DSCP (DiffServ) marking now supported.
  • 4000 – (added) Network stream VLAN tagging can be configured via LUA scripts.
  • 4000 – (added) MPEG4 decoding errors on 4000 introduced in 3.01.00 have been fixed.

3.01.00 (2020-03-30)

Changes to the IDD can be found in the Related Pages in the IDD.
Documentation updates reflect the software updates and continuous improvements and can be found on the Documentation page of the SightLine Applications website.

Major Improvements   
  • 4000 – (added) Dual channel processing now available on the 4000-OEM. Dual streaming and multi-camera display (no blending) capable. Enabled by new Dual Processing app bit.
  • 4000 – (improved) Input and processing now supports 1080p/60. Performance with 4K video is improved: 4K Stab + Encoding at 30fps; 4K Tracking + Encoding at 25fps.
  • 4000 – (added) Sony FCB-ER8550 supported up to 4k using the new 4000-STM adaptor board and the MIPI input.
  • All – (improved) Multiple improvements have been made to tracking through occlusions.
  • All – (improved) Multiple improvements have been made to the DPR/NUC implementation, including both manual and dynamic (automatic) dead-pixel detection/cleanup. See DeadPixel (ID 0xA8).
  • All – (added) Initial release of enhancement functions to improve heat scintillation effects. Includes higher bit depth de-noising and motion masking so moving objects are not lost when filtering. Enabled by new Enhancement – Advanced app bit.
Analyze Improvements
  • All – (improved) Tracker performance improved to reduce the possibility of a track jumping to an adjacent object.
Render Improvements 
  • All – (improved) AGC improvements with added update rate control and limit to minimal pixel difference in SetDigitalCameraParameters (ID 0x70).
  • All – (improved) Overlay performance improved and limit to the number of objects has been increased from 64 to 128.
  • All – (added) Recording of raw H.264/H.265 supported on uSD while streaming RTP H.264/H.265.
  • All – (added) Date Time Group (DTG) format for KLV overlays has been added.
Camera Interface Improvements
  • All – (added) HDMI input and output of 1600 x 1200 frame size has been added. Not compatible with encoding.
  • 3000 – (added) New 480p HDMI Output option on 3000-OEM.
  • 3000 – (fixed) An occasional startup error when using the Imperx Bobcat G16 camera has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (improved) Image quality and control improvements for the Vision Components IMX412 MIPI camera.
  • 4000 – (added) HDMI video output to 4K is now supported on 4000-OEM.
  • 4000 – (added) Analog video input boards now supported on 4000-OEM and 4000-MIPI. Single analog input per board.
Other Key Improvements
  • All – (improved) Serial port baud rate can now be changed without needing to restart.
  • All – (added) System Up-time (time since power cycle / re-boot) is now available in SystemValue (ID 0x92) and in Panel Plus.
  • All – (added) Additional serial port baud rates (230,400 and 460,800 bps) now supported.
  • 3000 – (fixed) A crash with Blending / ColorIR mode has been resolved.
  • 4000 – (added) Command passthrough added for serial ports 6 and 7. CommandPassThrough (0x3D).
  • Panel Plus / Utilities – (improved) Panel Plus updates reflect other additions and correct minor errors. Use of v3.01 Panel Plus required with processor updates to the new version.
  • Panel Plus / Utilities – (fixed) Upgrade tool can now upload any file type to a unit. Facilitates technical support interchanges.
3.00 Release Notes

3.00.10 (2020-02-20)

All – (improved) VMTI Target ID numbering updated so it starts with 1
All – (fixed) Unusual camera to output configurations that could cause a crash have been resolved.
1500 – (fixed) NUC commands now received properly in all cases.
Panel Plus – (fixed) NetTrace log now closes correctly.
Documentation – (fixed) PC example code includes FFmpeg libraries which had been inadvertently left out of an earlier 3.00 release.

3.00.09 (2020-01-23)

All – (improved) Parameter file now reports app bits from license file. This helps sales and support discussions.
All – (fixed) Rare cases where multiple drone tracks could stop tracking are addressed.
All – (fixed) Cases where system is erroneously set for two network streams and decoding now issues warning (vs crash).
3000 – (fixed) Bug introduced in 3.00.08 which caused loss of dual streams has been resolved.
Library – (improved) License Library now allows client code to check CPU usage and temperature.
Support – (fixed) PC example code installer now includes correct files for the SLADecode example application.

3.00.08 (2020-01-10) - limited release no longer available

All – (added) New MTU and Burst settings added to SetSystemValue (message ID 0x92) to improve constant bit rate configuration options.
All – (improved) HDMI camera input supports Standard Definition video.
1500 – (fixed) Colors of customer logo overlay are now correct.
4000 – (fixed) Video output with NO VIDEO SOURCE no longer flashing.
4000 – (fixed) Reporting of OEM temperature in SLASystemStatusMessage (ID 0x87) is now correct. Can be used to obtain full-range temperatures.
4000 – (fixed) Rollover error resolved so SLAVersionNumber (ID 0x40) can be used to report down to 0°F and negative temperatures will be reported as 0°F.

3.00.07 (2019-12-06)

All – (fixed) Bug introduced to NUC functionality in 3.00 software has been resolved. IMPORTANT – all customers using NUC/DPR with version 3.00 software should update to 3.00.07.
All – (fixed) Correctly limits overlay commands to max 64-character length. See DrawObject(0x3B) and DrawOverlay(0x9C).
All – (fixed) Rare case where previous track state could be applied to a new track has been resolved.
All – (improved) Selected track now indicates which secondary track is selected. This eases operator ability to designate a primary track from detection modes. Shift Selected Track (0x33) was disabled in 2.25.02 but has been reactivated in the 3.00.07.
4000 – (added) Analog camera input support using 4000-MIPI and AB adapter board now supported.
4000 – (added) Initial support for USB YUV420 UVC MJPEG cameras. Example: Kayeton KYT-U200-SL01.
ARM – (improved) Compiler warnings addressed in public code used in ARM Lib and ARM example code.
ARM Lib – (improved) License number generation logic improved to address initial startup cases.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Multiple minor updates to Panel Plus, including Boson acquisition autofill, drop down text overlap, and acquisition dialog labels.

3.00.06 (2019-10-30)

All – (added) – New user-controlled coasting mode, which only propagates the track while given the estimated velocity.
All – (added) New Maximum Burst and Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) controls added to the existing Maximum Rate implementation for constrained bit-rate Ethernet streaming of video packets.
All – (fixed) Subset of OSD text that did not properly clip at edge of image.
All – (fixed) Artifacts in the top and bottom rows when using False Color.
3000 – (added) Compatibility for SD-SDI input video.
3000/4000 – (added) The ability to send manually initiated tracks to classifier.
4000 – (added) Brightness/contrast/saturation/hue controls for Analog Camera.
4000 – (fixed) Rare crash with 4K capture and disabled processing.
4000 – (fixed) Boson 640 camera interface to capture full 512×640 frame.
4000 – (fixed) A failure in the Force Upgrade Filesystem process.
4000 – (fixed) Track box pixel data errors when using analog and USB3 Vision cameras.
Panel Plus – (improved) Camera type pull down menus and setup simplification.
Panel Plus – (fixed) References to SystemValue to match IDD.
Decoder – (fixed) Cases where duplicate output frames were generated.

3.00.04 (2019-09-25)

3.0.xx Initial Public Release September 2019:
  • The 3.0.xx software release provides the latest software not only for SightLine video processors but for the first-time support of other ARM-based platforms.
  • This is the first formal release supporting the 4000-OEM processor and enables our ability to support software licensing for Nvidia and Xilinx processors.
  • Updates to the definitions for Application Bits enable more configuration flexibility by customers. DPR/NUC and High Bit Depth processing are now offered as separate app bits. System configurations are now described with an 8-character Hex code.
  • As with every major release, it provides a range of improvements to our tracker and other key processing functions.
Functionality Introduced with the 4000-OEM:
  • 4K USB camera support. 4K encoding-only at 30fps, other processing at 15fps.
  • H.265 video encoding.
  • Initial support of MIPI cameras and beta discussions invited.
  • 4000-OEM-specific classifier configurability provides the ability to update classifier model weights and network from a file.Support of on-the-fly camera switching using a single customer camera interface board.
Tracker Improvements (All HW platforms):
  • (Improved) Tracker performance through long occlusions.
  • (Improved) Support for sub-pixel track location as part of the Tracking Positions Extended telemetry message (0xA0).
  • (Improved) Ability to adjust track box sizes in a range of use case scenarios.
  • (Improved) Tracking when registration solution is challenging (e.g., tracking a moving vehicle at high zoom).
  • (Improved) Tools to manage tracks: select the primary track from MTI multi-PiP window location; change a primary to a secondary track; or make an MTI track into a secondary track.
  • (Added) Track and MTI crumb trails overlays.
Classifier Improvements (3000-OEM / 4000-OEM):
  • (Improved) Classifier configurability now allows splitting out classifier sensitivity from detection sensitivity.
  • (Improved) Classifier now provides the ability to run the classifier without filtering out tracks.
  • (Improved) Updates to Classifier make it less likely to lose track on drones that stop moving.
  • (Added) Ability to configure the PiP window labels to reference track ID or classification result.
Other Significant Improvements:
  • All – (improved) Configuration of video output displays. New commands VideoDisplay (0xA4) and MultiDisplay (0xA5) functionally replace SetVideoMode (0x1F).
  • All – (improved) Expanded digital zoom range, resolution and zoom speed controls for improved operator experience.
  • All – (improved) Ability to set opacity of OSD drawn shapes.
  • All – (improved) NUC / DPR now works with larger format imagers. 1500-OEM to 640×512, 3000-OEM to 1280×1024; 4000-OEM to 1920×1080.
  • All – (added) A forced I-Frame command to synchronize decoders when using 0 interval I-Frame mode (more constant bit rate enabled).
  • All – (added) A “getter” function for Draw Overlay (0x9C).
  • All – (added) A new snapshot option to save Raw images at faster rate than possible with .png files.
  • 3000 – (improved) Error reporting and improved setting of blending indexes.
  • 1500/4000 – (improved) Logging and stack traces to improve troubleshooting if a system crashes.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) The ability to replay the recorded “net trace” in Panel Plus.
  • Panel Plus – (improved) System troubleshooting by adding timestamps to telemetry text file recording.
  • Panel Plus – (added) The option for parameter level detail in the verbose component (sent and received packets).
  • All – (added) Linux version of command line firmware upgrade program.
2.25 Release Notes

2.25.11 (2019-11-12)

All – (fixed) Rare situation where KLV longitude data rolls over is resolved.
All – (fixed) Blob Detection when using Region of Interest (ROI) is no longer corrupted along the right edge.
All – (fixed) Parsing corrected for display ID in variable length SetVMTI packet (0x84).
All – (improved) Drone tracking improved for cases when using very large track boxes.
All – (improved) Using SetDisplayParameters (0x16) now snaps directly to the correct angle when using a decay rate of 255.
All – (improved) Image contrast settings in SetAcquisitionParameters (0x37) no longer change image brightness.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Rotation settings display for multiple drawn objects in Overlay Tab has been corrected.

2.25.10 (2019-08-12)

KLV Updates:

All – (added) Parse additional NMEA GPS messages including $PASHR and Update Magnetic Heading. Set Port Configuration (0x3E).
All – (added) Added user warning for GPRMC NMEA sentence when data is “[A]ctive” vs “[V]oid”.
All – (fixed) GPS time now being parsed properly in NMEA and converts to UTC.
All – (fixed) Resolved KML file issues with multiple files and files to FTP server. Set Snapshot (0x5E).
All – (improved) Improvements made to default values and ability to save KLV Tag Data Rate (0x97) and Tag Data (0x96) to improve customer experience.
All – (improved) System time and default UTC (MISB KLV TAG 2) now default to same value.
Panel Plus – (improved) Updates to KLV simulation in Panel+ to improve customer experience.

Other Significant Improvements:

All – (added) Now includes high-bit-depth auto-gain for brightness and contrast.
All – (fixed) Resolved rare crashes when saving high quality HD jpeg snapshots.
All – (fixed) Fixed ability to start multiple Drone Tracks when using any StartTracking mode.
All – (improved) CameraIndex commands updated to improve customer experience.
1500 – (fixed) NUC now switches to correct show-mode in all cases.
1500 – (fixed) Resolved cases where Track Reports were incorrect when display-data was not enabled.
1500 – (fixed) Resolved rare crash on startup with specific detection + tracking settings.
3000 – (fixed) Resolved rare crash when the PiP display camera is disconnected.

2.25.09 (2019-06-27)

All – (added) Added new sample ARM code to enable TCP socket use.
All – (added) Support for L3 WESCAM MX serial metadata to KLV.
All – (improved) KLV pass through from serial ports now at rates higher than 5 Hz.
All – (fixed) Resolved failure case when using Digital Video Parser (0x91) when no digital camera is present.
All – (fixed) Fixed object size thresholding in Detection: Aerial MTI.
All – (fixed) Bug fixes to NMEA parsing – UTC time decoded properly, no longer dropping messages.
All – (fixed) KLV tag sources now saved in the parameter file.
All – (fixed) Update to RTSP server to use of port 14004.
3000 – (fixed) Camera NTSC/PAL interfaces now can be configured with Generic Digital.
3000 – (fixed) Added forced restart of capture to fix color issue at startup with CL / Bayer cameras.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Show User Objects checkbox in Advanced Overlay fixed reflect OEM state.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Restored missing dll for saving JPEGs on PC.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Fixed to accurately reflect Tag Data Rate (0x96) and Tag Source Selector (0x98).

2.25.08 (2019-04-16)

All – (added) New blob detection configurability to Maritime.
All – (fixed) Gimbal sample code builds with Visual Studio.
All – (fixed) Restored focus measure scaling to also support pre 2.25.06 functionality.
3000 – (fixed) Resolved cases causing system crash with IP video input.

2.25.07 (2019-03-13)

All – (added) LUA scripts for setting KLV fields.
All – (added) Support for FLIR Star Safire metadata to KLV.
All – (added) LUA scripts for a Best Snapshot functionality.
All – (added) User definable SLA board name.
All – (added) Ability to draw histogram from NUC window in Panel Plus.
All – (added) Color controls for HDMI inputs.
All – (fixed) Update of KLV timecode works on display overlay when network display is disabled.
All – (fixed) Force single channel LVDS mode for Sony type cameras.
All – (fixed) NMEA source will not overwrite MISB tags (KLV).
All – (fixed) Overlay DLL ARM example code now builds successfully.
All – (fixed) Command Line Upgrade Utility. Had failed with – FINDSTR: Write Error.
All – (fixed) Removed obsolete messages GetPrimaryTrackIndex, CurrentPrimaryTrackIndex, AnalyzeRenderSync, and SetGeneric.
All – (fixed) OSD auto foreground color now works with lines, rectangles, crosses, and squares.
All – (fixed) Detection downsample restrictions take into account Region-of-Interest settings.
All – (improved) RTSP Server changed to use Port 14004.
All – (improved) Added configurable RTSP keep alive timeout.
All – (improved) NUC support for laser bit detect cameras.
All – (improved) Better filename handling for NUC/DPR tables.
All – (improved) Allow user to disable checksum for SightLine Video Protocol messages.
All – (improved) Better centering of track box on target with size changes.
1500 – (added) Embed SightLine Commands in Digital Video.
1500 – (fixed) NUC defaults now loading properly on startup.
3000 – (added) Enable Traffic Control (TC) to limit network data bandwidth output.

2.25.06 (2018-11-16)

All – (added) Image brightness mean and variance added to Focus Stats (0x55) for aperture and exposure control.
All – (improved) Decreased roll jitter with stationary camera.
1500 – (fixed) Autofocus now working with Bayer image format.
3000 – (added) Tamron SC001 lens control and autofocus – was previously 1500-OEM only.
3000 – (improved) Use Acquisition Parameters for camera setup instead of TVP7002 video format detect register values (fix in earlier release – final confirmation now complete).
3000 – (improved) Reduced latency for HDMI/HDSDI/Analog outputs, biggest improvements seen in 1080P30/1080P25.
3000 – (fixed) Reduced latency for HDMI/HDSDI/Analog outputs in cases where output frame rate is different than input frame rate.
3000 – (fixed) SD Card Playback now consistent at startup and loops indefinitely.
3000 – (fixed) Set Overlay Mode (0x06) to hide user defined overlays now works as expected.
3000 – (fixed) Reduced 3000 telemetry latency.
Panel Plus – (improved) Messaging in Panel Plus to indicate that recording RTP+H.264 video is not supported.

2.25.05 (2018-10-19)

All – (improved) KLV Pass-through is now available via a UDP message without SightLine protocol header.
All – (improved) SetAcquisitionParameters (0x37) will now force valid high and valid wide to be multiples of 8.
All – (fixed) PC example code SLA Command which was failing to correctly parse telemetry packets.
All – (fixed) Fixed cases where registration ignore edges and capture ROI were not checked correctly resulting in possible system crash.
All – (fixed) Rare start-of-track failure cases.
All – (fixed) Occasional failures of the system save of the parameter file.
All – (fixed) Draw Object (0x3B) was not drawing correctly when one object is static and another moves with the camera.
All – (fixed) Occasional cases showing non-primary track in PIP primary track mode.
All – (fixed) A 1500 crash after restarting with disable stabtack parameter saved.
All – (fixed) The SLA examples installer was missing FFMPEG library references.
1500 – (fixed) Artifacts in video when streaming 1500 + CLAHE + MPEG4.
3000 – (improved) Added new telemetry packet with classifier information and added debug window improvements to support classifier tuning and use.
3000 – (fixed) Crash when mezzanine board ID is set to 0x0F.
3000 – (fixed) GPIO now initialized to known state in startup script (rc.local / to avoid indeterminate state.
3000 – (fixed) Cases where the network stream bit-rate would be different than requested.
Panel Plus – (improved) Add full window display mode.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Updating the KLV fields of Net1 even if it is not streaming from Net1.

2.25.04 (2018-09-25)

All – (added) Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) and Dead Pixel Removal (DPR) capability.
All – (added) Subset of Detection telemetry now available with SLE.
All – (added) Gas enhancement for gas-leak inspection applications.
All – (added) Ability to choose source of metadata on a per-KLV-field basis.
All – (added) Support for any KLV tags defined in MISB standard ST0601 to be set using new TagData command.
All – (added) New command, SetVMTI allows customers to specify outside VMTI data for MPEG2-TS KLV stream.
All – (added) Ability to unselect Stationary Camera registration for improved performance from moving cameras.
All – (added) New two-byte command packets improve customer control. RegistrationParameters, StabilizationBias, and StartTracking.
All – (added) Snapshot metadata. KML and NITF output options. Added options to EXIF headers.
All – (added) Support for grey scale 8-bit image in PNG encoder.
All – (added) MGRS precision supported with draw object.
All – (added) Arial, Verdana and Calibri in both regular, bold, fixed width or non-fixed width. New shadow mode.
All – (added) Overlay command can be tied to camera index.
All – (added) Options for custom watermark overlay.
All – (added) SWIR camera compatibility (Quantum Imaging).
All – (fixed) Multi PiP/Track PiP improved for cases when track is near the edge of the screen.
All – (fixed) Precision landing zone detection when using digital zoom.
All – (fixed) Region of Interest (ROI) capture offset fixed for RGGB/Airborne.
All – (fixed) Removed outdated selected track/ green box.
All – (fixed) ROI references set width instead of assuming standard frame width.
All – (fixed) RTSP server detects and runs cleanup during abnormal exit.
All – (fixed) Saving snapshot to SD without card installed returns “NO SD CARD” warning.
All – (fixed) SD card is no longer limited to approximately 22,000 files.
All – (fixed) All KLV fields are sent regardless if rate is changed.
All – (fixed) KLV overlay data errors corrected.
All – (fixed) Temperature read corrected on the 3000 at very cold temperatures.
All – (improved) Incremental updates to detection and tracking. Drone detection and tracking improvements are significant.
All – (improved) Drone detection performance with complicated backgrounds.
All – (improved) Acquisition assist in drone mode.
All – (improved) Blob detection latency with HD input.
All – (improved) Precision landing detection of reverse polarity pattern.
All – (improved) Decode of metadata when KLV passthrough.
All – (improved) General Histogram overlay improvements.
1500 – (added) Big snapshot functionality. 1080 input/snapshots while streaming 720.
1500 – (fixed) MPEG4 streaming of analog video.
1500 – (fixed) Switching to MPEG4 compression does not cause crash.
1500 – (improved) Region of interest can be specified for HD inputs.
1500 – (improved) User-accessible GPIO now initialized as output and low.
3000 – (added) – AI / Classifier capability to Detection, Advanced, and Drone Mode.
3000 – (added) IP Video Decoder Functionality for SightLine sourced video.
3000 – (added) Support 1080i50 output with HDSDI and HDMI.
3000 – (added) A constrained bit rate mode more closely matches target bit rates.
3000 – (fixed) Enhancement denoise works with Multi-camera PiP.
3000 – (fixed) OSD graphics and PiP no longer appear blurred when drawn within stabilization border.
3000 – (improved) Blending issues related to camera indexes / frame sizes for Fixed and Warp. New user warnings if blending setup is not valid.
3000 – (improved) Blending. Added corresponding points alignment.
Panel Plus – (added) Encoding latency to performance graphs.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Bit rate of received video is updated in Panel Plus.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Corrected net1 changes caused by altering net0.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Eliminated FTP time-out while performing listing.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Overlays for search and detection regions no longer disappear with acquisition assist.
Panel Plus – (fixed) No longer apply previous settings (PiP, camera, etc.) when switching between cameras.
Panel Plus – (improved) Detection region of interest (ROI) easier to set up.
Panel Plus – (improved) Launching sub-dialog brings dialog to front.
Panel Plus – (improved) User can download license file and parameter file from About box.
Tools and Documentation – (added) Example Lua script telemetry logger.
Tools and Documentation – (added) Command line firmware upgrade for incorporation into customer GUIs.
Tools and Documentation – (improved) IDD packet changes identified in IDD documentation.
Tools and Documentation – (improved) EAN and ICD documentation updates throughout.

2.24 Release Notes

2.24.16 (2018-07-30)

All – (fixed) Potential frame-to-frame registration result error.• All – (fixed) LUA script cases where system could crash when being used to enable video recording.
All – (fixed) Previous fixes to reduce jitter made in 2.24.15 could result in big stabilization jumps under certain high vibration scenarios.
All – (fixed) RTSP video stalls or dropout with high frequency motion and high target bit rate when encoding with H.264.
All – (fixed) Encoding stopped for 320×240 output when Set Ethernet Video Parameters (0x1A) downsample of 4 was used.
1500 – (improved) Change to default FPGA version. Identified manufacturing-lot based issue with V6 firmware and Sony and HDMI cameras where video quality at high temperatures can be degraded. Recommend using FPGA V12 when using Sony and HDMI cameras.
1500 – (fixed) Radiometric detection could cause crash in some scenarios.
3000 – (added) New H.264 compression mode = Constrained Bit Rate which improves bit rate variability to stay close to Target Bit Rate. 1500-OEM does not exhibit the same magnitude of bit rate fluctuations.
3000 – (fixed) H.264 video flickering when set to low max bit rates.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Run time error when decoding KLV (Note: this library is also used in SLADecoder).

2.24.15 (2018-06-19)

All – (fixed) Auto-detection of NTSC and PAL analog cameras is now documented.
All – (fixed) During static scenes a small stabilization jitter occurred when rotation and zoom were enabled.
1500 – (improved) When using the Acquisition Settings, Generic Digital may now use InitVisca script with FPGA 6.
1500 – (improved) Improved dynamic range for input video on 1500-HDMI.
1500 – (fixed) Using SLASetVideoMode (0x1F) to set the commanded camera in LUA scripts would fail. LUA script can now be used to set the commanded camera with SLASetVideoMode.
1500 – (fixed) Heavy ARM processor load could cause 1500-OEM video processing to lock up during snapshot and video recording.
1500 – (fixed) SLA-1500 Firmware Upgrade Utility will validate the hardware ID before pushing up the license file to the target hardware preventing mis-matched or incorrect license file movement.
3000 – (fixed) An NTSC size could result when using the SLASetVideoMode (0x1f) to set the display resolution for analog video (analogRes) byte to a PAL format size (value = 10).
Panel Plus – (improved) Improved network receive thread in SLA-Example code.
Panel Plus – (improved) Users could persist IP addresses of target SightLine hardware that were manually added in the Network dialog. Address can be added or deleted.
Panel Plus – (improved) Hardware ID and license number are now reported in the About dialog for easy unit
identification for license upgrade and support diagnostics.
Panel Plus – (improved) Command and control listen ports (Set Network Parameters 0x1C) can now be configured in Connect tab. Useful when C2 port has been changed on target hardware from default port (14001).
Panel Plus – (improved) Provide generic digital camera parameters for known cameras types in a pull-down list available in the Acquisition Settings dialog.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Panel Plus About Box will now download the license file and parameter file from target hardware.

2.24.14 (2018-05-09)

All – (added) Support for KTC ATC-HZ7810LC camera (Sony FCB replacement)
All – (added) Support for Airborne Innovations Monochrome 720p global shutter.
All – (improved) Added configuration flexibility. Serial ports can now be configured for either telemetry, command and control, or both when configured for SLA protocol.
All – (improved) MTI Track Index overlays can now draw in bottom right to prevent obscuring target.
All – (fixed) Addressed system crash due to poorly formed string in KLV overlays using Draw Object (0x3B) command.
All – (fixed) Addressed system crash when sockets were closed by FTP server while snapshots were being recorded to FTP server.
1500 – (fixed) Telemetry output is now available on Serial Port 2. Previously, only command and control were available when SLA protocol was selected.
3000 – (fixed) HDMI input board had limited color range. Expanded range support for video captured using 3000-HDMI boards.
Panel Plus – (improved) Panel Plus can now be configured to use alternate Command and Control ports. This provides flexibility when configuring target hardware network using the Set Network Parameters (0x1C) command.
Panel Plus – (improved) Improved behavior when switching cameras on the 1500-OEM.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Support sending longer messages such as Set User Palette (0x72) over serial port.
Upgrade Utility – (improved) Upgrade utility now shows subnet mask mismatch information if PC is different than target hardware.

2.24.13 (2018-03-23)

All – (improved) Added Target Elevation (TAG 42) and Target Location (TAG 40 and 41) to the list of available KLV fields that can be used by Draw overlay (0x3B).
All – (fixed) Fixed scene track mode for tracker.
All – (added) Added support for 2400 baud rate on serial ports.
3000 – (fixed) When no image is detected, the system will attempt to re-initialize capture when power is cycled on HDMI camera.
Panel Plus – (improved) Fit to Screen/Native setting now persists through power cycles.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Start Video Recording no longer supports the resume file numbering option.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Added RTSP streaming to Panel Minus example code.

2.24.12 (2018-02-28)

All – (improved) Tracker Only – Tracking positions packet now includes track box size in addition to track position.
3000 – (fixed) Addressed crashes in specific multi-output mode cases.
Panel Plus – (improved) Now prevents users from entering IP address and destination port in TCP passthrough (must be UDP).
Panel Plus – (fixed) User can now enable Show Landing Overlay from within the landing sub-tag in the Tracking tab.

2.24.11 (2018-02-16)

All – (improved) Tracker Only systems report Tracking Positions (0x51) packet allowing users to access height and width of a single tracked object.
All – (fixed) Video encoding crashes with high frequency content scenes. High frequency content compresses poorly and caused buffer overruns.
3000 – (fixed) 3000-OEM crashed when used with custom TVP7002 mezzanine that had no camera attached.
Panel Plus – (improved) Improvements to the Panel Minus example code include reduction in network video latency and connection to SightLine hardware issues.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Set SD Recording Parameters (0x79) now reports disk sizes greater than 4GB. Includes updates to documentation on formatting MicroSD cards.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Panel Plus now adds leading 0 in display of Hardware ID in About box to improve identification of SightLine hardware.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Panel Plus user warning dialog now pops up on error as default to improve user awareness of critical issues.

2.24.10 (2018-01-29)

All – (fixed) The SetAppendedMetadata 0x89 did not support extended length packet and parses length correctly on the 1500-OEM and 3000-OEM.
All – (fixed) The SetKLVData (0x61) callback did not handle length correctly for extended length sightline protocol packets.
All – (improved) Allows user to reset auto bias state independent of the rest of the stabilization.
3000 – (fixed) In Generic Digital with HD-SDI cameras, some vertical and horizontal porch settings caused a crash.
3000 – (fixed) Separate HD input and output app bits on 3000-OEM.
3000 – (fixed) 3000-OEM FPC revision B board required GPIO changes (GPIO15 to GPIO25 and GPIO19 to GPIO20). Affected customers with REV A 3000-OEM FPC boards.
3000 – (fixed) 3000-OEM did not correctly identify TVP7002 in customer designed mezzanine board.
3000 – (fixed) 3000-OEM crashed when TVP7002 was attached without a camera.
Panel Plus – (fixed) The PanelPlus send command did not support extended length Sightline protocolpackets

2.24.09 (2018-01-04)

All – (added) App Bits 0x0000 now supports basic functionality of command and control, serial/Ethernet passthrough, SD input, SD output.
All – (added) Updated the default SightLine Applications logo/watermark in overlays.
All – (fixed) The maximum length text string overlay (64 characters) with the Draw Object (0x3B) command did not work.
All – (fixed) RTSP crashed when disconnecting from certain client software.
All – (fixed) Modify Tracking (0x05) was not working correctly when the width or height was not specified or set to zero. Now allows for more flexibility in setting rectangular track boxes.
1500 – (fixed) The autofocus metric region size maximum is now 640×480 for SD-only.
1500 – (fixed) Fixed green line in overscan area (PAL) by adjusting the offset used to center the image.
3000 – (fixed) VT3000 crashed when Bayer Camera Link camera was not connected.
3000 – (fixed) Metadata Rate (0x62) command bit mask and frame step did not persist through reset. Settings are now saved to parameter file and reloaded on reboot.
3000 – (fixed) System crashed when digital camera was not connected, and the region of interest was set to non-zero values using the Set Acquisition Parameters (0x37) command.
Panel Plus – (fixed) For each camera, the telemetry rate is now reported for each telemetry type set by Coordinate Reporting Mode (0x0B). The total (global) rate in the performance graph is the sum of the maximum values.

2.24.07 (2017-12-06)

All – (fixed) Video streaming to a broadcast address (e.g. was broken.
All – (fixed) The primary track started from drone detection mode did not track as well as user selected track.
All – (fixed) Improved RTP – H.264 to reduce ARM utilization and improve compatibility with VMS.
All – (fixed) When sending multiple Set SD Recording Parameters (0x1E) commands to start or stop recording – without the license – locked up the system.
1500 – (fixed) Improved analog output color to match fuller range of 8-bit values.
3000 – (fixed) JPEG snap shots showed artifacts in last 8 rows of the image.
3000 – (fixed) IP routing tables were not configured correctly preventing multicast video streaming.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Serial communication reconnect failed.

2.24.06 (2017-11-15)

All – (added) Command Passthrough (0x3D) can now pass data to serial port 2.
All – (fixed) Rendering PIP video from the same camera was not consistent when using source or enhanced image.
All – (fixed) Extra six empty bytes no longer appended to command passthrough output.
All – (fixed) Panel Plus did not consistently show telemetry in tracker only configuration.
All – (fixed) Easier to start a track in the tracker only configuration by making it less dependent on modify mode.
All – (fixed) Image Enhancement / high bit-depth app bits no longer prevents use of YUV or Bayer image input formats.
3000 – (added) Horizontal scaling control in Advanced Capture Parameters (0x7B) is now available on the 3000-OEM.
3000 – (fixed) Two Up display mode caused crash when digital (out) zoom was applied to one of the image sources.
3000 – (fixed) Blank image frames (frame with a single gray scale value) caused encoding crash

2.24.05 (2017-10-23)

All – (added) Support for USB to RS-232 serial converters in user programs (not yet in VideoTrack).
All – (fixed) SLADecode missing metadata KLV Tags when split over two packets.
All – (fixed) SLADecode unpacked presentation timestamp (PTS) incorrectly.
All – (fixed) Negative latitude and longitude not displaying correctly with Draw Object (0x3B).
All – (fixed) Overlay graphics on analog output missing pixels due to rendering technique.
All – (fixed) Set Display Parameters (0x16) not using camera index.
All – (fixed) Miss matched names in stabilization parameters.
Panel Plus – (fixed) Panel Plus serial connection to SLA-hardware

2.24.04 (2017-10-12)

All – (improved) Added parameter to clip stabilization results.
All – (improved) Added I2C command to allow configuration of Airborne camera and other I2C bus connected devices.
All – (improved) Added improved focus metric algorithms selectable by SetSystemValue.
All – (fixed) Set auto chop to ON by default for analog cameras.
All – (fixed) Low power mode – fixed missing data in performance graphs.
3000 – (fixed) Low power mode – the same camera can now stream to both Net0 and Net1.
3000 – (fixed) Now allows blending of small format camera to match format of larger camera (e.g., 240 x 320 IR camera to match 720p EO).
3000 – (fixed) Crash when using Blend with ColorIR mode and user defined palettes.
Panel Plus (improved) Added autofocus parameters to Panel Plus.

2.24.03 (2017-10-05)

First initial public release. See the 2.24 Software Release for a complete list of new updates and features.

2.23 Release Notes

2.23.14 (2017-10-12)

All – Fixed issue with SetKlvData (0x61) inserting incorrect metadata into transport stream.
1500 – Fixed crashing issue when saving parameter file.

2.23.13 (2017-08-29)

All – Fixed less limited zoom issue (2-up 1080 in/out zoom on 3000), now allows 0.5.
All – Serial writes are now non-blocking to handle cases where amount of telemetry exceeds serial port bandwidth.
3000– Fixed bug in starting tracks in source coordinates with 2-up display.
3000 – Fixed bug in blending alignment when applying negative horizontal and vertical offsets.
3000 – Fixed TCP passthrough not working after network cable was unplugged.
Panel Plus – Fixed inadvertent zoom when mouse wheel zoom was disabled.
Panel Plus – Multicamera matrix is now usable with windows 10 display scaling.

2.23.12 (2017-08-04)

All – NMEA GGA and RMC messages are now parsed from a variety of sources.
All – Fixed serial-to-serial passthrough max length latency issue.
1500 – Fixed stale background image when switching cameras of different sizes with HD output.

2.23.11 (2017-07-18)

All – Fixed bug in FTP username and password settings to correctly handle shorter names and passwords.
All – Fixed upgrade utility to be able to send program files that contain spaces in the file name.
3000 – Fixed bug that occasionally occurs with the 59.94 Hz HD-SDI output formats.

2.23.10 (2017-06-29)

All – Improved ATTNAV packet conversion to AQUARIOUS to handle a standard packet and LITE packet.
All – Fixed bug that does not allow command pass through to work with certain types of command lines. Fixed same bug in command pass through to serial.
3000 – Fixed possible crash when streaming on both networks with RTP formats.
All – Fixed a bug that does not allow RTSP clients to join a multicast session.

2.23.09 (2017-06-09)

All – Fixed default IP gateway and assignments for private subnets.
All – Fixed zoom and rotation issues with 1080 input/output.
All – Fixed possible error with scale reported by registration when looking at a blank scene.
All – Fixed the documentation of sensitivity in MTI detection parameters message.
All – Fixed multiple issues for VMS Software Support in RTSP module.
All – Added decoding sprop-parameter-sets used in SDP files for H.264 in RTSP.
All – Added RTSP Digest Authentication support.
All – Added RTSP keep alive support (default 120 seconds).
All – Added refuse routine once maximum session number (8) is reached for RTSP.
1500 – Fixed PAL output where fields were mixed in successive frames.
3000 – Fixed CLAHE 9/10 bit where bad pixels were present on left and right edges with 1080P G16 camera.
Panel Plus – Fixed occasional crash decoding HD video when camera changes dramatically such as in a NUC

2.23.08 (2017-04-04)

All – Added camera capture width and height to the overlay plugin interface and example code.
All – Added support for G16 image 9 and 10-bit CLAHE for denoise.
3000 – Fixed auto gain of G16 to prevent all bright for super-hot image.
3000 – Fixed default UDP port forNetwork1 to be 15006 as RTP formats need an even numbered port.

2.23.07 (2017-03-24)

All – Fixed issue of autogain min and max not accounting for brightness and contrast.
All – Fixed error in reporting of MTI coordinates as chop results were not correctly being included.
3000 – Fixed potential crash using Aerial MTI with a non-zero valid ROI in acquisition parameters.
3000 – Fixed RTP main crash when ethernet cable is unplugged.
3000 – Fixed issue where overlay plugins were not being provided with track results for the new detection algorithms.
Panel Plus – Fixed issue where autogain freeze clipped to 14 bits.
Panel Plus – Added autogain ROI control.

2.23.06 (2017-03-07)

3000 – Fixed color space conversion for HD-SDI output.
Panel Plus – Added Macro Editor for generating serial passthrough commands.
Panel Plus – Fixed issue that resulted in user overlay plugins not loading.

2.23.05 (2017-02-22)

All – Added significant updates to RTP and RTSP networking implementations.
Note: Detailed information can be found in the updated RTP and RTSP user guides.
All – Added support for multiple unicast streaming through RTSP. Up to 8 clients for each network stream.
All – Added documentation and examples for Lua scripting interface.
1500 – Fixed crash with grey scale camera showing PIP display.
3000 – Fixed potential crash with Net1+OGL display.
Note: This configuration which was not allowed in previous revisions of 2.23 is now fully supported.

2.23.04 (2017-01-19)

1500 – Fixed issue where Hitachi camera fails to initialize on Rev E OEM board.
1500 – Fixed so MJPEG video streaming automatically starts after reset.
3000 – Fixed blend so settings of 1 and 255 map to 0 and 100%.
3000 – Fixed left and right edges of PAL input being chopped and incorrect output frame size.
3000 – Fixed possible crash when trying to write to SD card before initialization is complete.

2.23.03 (2017-01-11)

All – Added NMEA GPS.
All – Added new lower cost and reduced feature tracker.
All – Added option to stop and start streaming without changing the configuration.
All – Added time stamp in all telemetry packets.
All – Added support for clipping of drawing objects.
All – Updated Focus Metric to Variance of Laplacian to provide better focus peak.
All – Updated default telemetry rate to send every frame.
All – Fixed settings combinations that resulted in lens control failures.
All – Fixed issue where Sony/Tamron resolution change required power cycle.
All – Fixed issue where multiple customer client apps on ARM could compete for command and control.
All – Fixed missing target KLV metadata.
All – Fixed stationary tracker to not jump onto moving objects.
1500 – Added support for Airborne Innovations global shutter 720p camera.
1500 – Updated HD camera without HD input app bit works by cropping SD frame from center.
1500 – Updated RTP support to work without RTSP.
1500 – Fixed PIP for image sizes other than NTSC.
1500 – Fixed issue where a Tau direct connect causes crash.
1500 – Fixed case where focus and zoom position feedback was not updating.
3000 – Added KLV passthrough control.
3000 – Added support to make overlays for each connected camera.
3000 – Added independent input and output PAL/NTSC video formats.
3000 – Added support PiP to network display.
3000 – Added support of Net1+OGL display.
3000 – Added support for 1280×960 network display size.
3000 – Added 1080P25 support.
3000 – Added 2 network streams from the same camera.
3000 – Added ability to enable hardware cropping in capture driver.
3000 – Added support for digital camera BT.656.
3000 – Added simultaneous snapshot of all defined cameras.
3000 – Added high bit depth CLAHE.
3000 – Added support for blend + PIP display.
3000 – Added index for ADC parameters.
3000 – Added support for different H.264 profiles.
3000 – Updated Blending to have flexibility in camera configurations, false color options, etc.
3000 – Fixed HDMI input video issues and default to 720p.
3000 – Fixed Sony EV at 1080P to fix 4 column black lines at right.
3000 – Fixed display frame skip behavior with H.264 display.
3000 – Fixed multiple snapshot function to only record snapshot of camera requested.
3000 – Fixed blend cache issue around cursor position.
3000 – Fixed cases where green line was at bottom of output image.
Panel Plus – Updated H.264 Alt/HD to be the default for 1500 and main option.

2.22 Release Notes

2.22.32 (2017-08-07)

All – Added supporting additional packet formats for Aquarius.
1500 – Fixed stale background image when switching cameras of different sizes with HD output.
1500 – Fixed videotrack to correctly set the right camera index in trackPosition.

2.22.29 (2017-02-07)

All – ATTNAV LAT/LONG and Time changes.
All – Save pan/tilt in parameter files.
1500 – Hitachi camera fails to initialize on Rev E OEM board.
2000 – Blend IR Color mode incorrect when cameras are not deinterlaced.
3000 – Fixed potential crash if trying to write to SD card before initialization is complete.

2.22.28 (2017-01-13)

All – ‘U’ message should be placed after the ATTNAV message rather than embedded in the message.
2000 – Blend IR Color mode still showing color from EO when all IR.

2.22.27 (2017-01-11)

All – Fixed setting metadata static values to inject into KLV stream immediately when changed.
1500 – Fixed zoom not going below 1.5 for DRS 320.
1500 – Fixed TAU direct connect access crashing VideoTrack.
1500 – Fixed crashes related to PIP configuration settings.
1500 – Fixed loading correct defined video protocol from parameter file.
2000 – Added ColorIR blend modes which apply user palette to IR before blending.
1500 + 3000 – Fixed the draw object command where deleting one object cause all objects to be deleted.
Panel Plus – Fixed generic digital horizontal and vertical blanking to allow full 16-bit input.

2.22.26 (2016-11-15)

1500 – Fixed SD card upgrade failure.
Panel Plus – Added user warning message to set Port Number for lens control.

2.22.25 (2016-11-10)

All – Fixed problem where Intelligent Assist mode could impact future tracks.

2.22.24 (2016-11-03)

1500 – Fixed inconsistency with the FPGA Version being returned as 0xFF.
1500 – Fixed a problem with In System Programming setup that prevented the external FPGA programmer from working.
1500 + 3000 – Fixed G16 Autogain stats wrap and make image black and white.
3000 – Fixed output switching issue where no video “X” could show up for a couple frames.

2.22.23 (2016-10-20)

1500 – Improved hanging after multiple analog/digital camera switches.
3000 – Fixed problem with Tamron camera support

2.22.22 (2016-10-18)

3000 – Fixed problem of missing Tamron camera support.
Panel Plus – Fixed the ability to change bitrate for MPEG4 algorithm selection.

2.22.21 (2016-10-14)

All – Fixed condition when turning off stabilization decay solution to 0 instead of jumping straight to 0.
1500 – Fixed track start position sometimes incorrect with display frame step and switching HD/SD cameras.
2000 – Added RTP-MJPEG network camera input capability.

2.22.20 (2016-09-12)

3000 – Updated analog output to properly stretch the 640 wide image to 720 wide for NTSC (similar to PAL)

2.22.19 (2016-09-02)

2000 – Fixed jumping / flashing when switching video inputs.
2000 – Fixed blend broken in 2.22.16.
1500 + 3000 – Fixed bad focus region overlay with 720 in, 480 out. Can’t change focus region without lens control.
1500 + 3000 – Fixed decode failure when there is packet loss or corruption.
1500 + 3000 – Fixed 1080 jpg snapshot being saved as 1072.
3000 – Added support for 1280×960 network display size.
3000 – Added support for HDMI input board.

2.22.18 (2016-08-18)

All – Updated the font color drawing used in the OSD functions.
1500 – Fixed reading the FPGA version if the version fails to load correctly.
3000 – Fixed auto-config functionality that was incorrectly changing BT_656 modes.
3000 – Fixed VT3000 crashes when Generic Digital with InitDRS/Tau/Sony was defined with no camera.
3000 – Fixed rollover problem with timestamps.

2.22.17 (2016-07-18)

Note: These changes make 2.22.17 incompatible with the Rev A versions of the HDSDI output interface boards.
All – Added roll stabilization in Stabilize on track mode.
All – Updated SLanding Aid angle output to be more accurate when it is near zero.
1500 – Updated for decreasing the time-to-boot startup sequence.
Note: An additional decrease in time-to-boot can be achieved by assigning a static IP address to the board
1500 – Fixed GPIO 111 to allow it to be an input.
1500 – Fixed soft reset on 1500 to reset Disable All Processing (Disable StabTrack).
1500 – Fixed capture halt when recording, Analog and Net output and switching cameras.
2000 – Fixed double applying chop in blend, add new fixed/warp combinations of blend.
3000 – Added HD-SDI output options of 720P59.94, 1080P59.94, and 1080P29.97.
3000 – Fixed VT-3000 when no attached camera is present for InitDRS/Tau/Sony.
3000 – Added HD-SDI output options of 1080I60, and 1080I59.94.
3000 – Added support for new HD-SDI output board configuration.
Panel Plus – Added Support for DRS Superframe to Thermal tab.

2.22.15 (2016-06-02)

All – Updated demo mode to provide a longer timeout.
All – Fixed error with aerial mode MTI when set to DownSample3.
All – Landing Aid improvements and added landing area keep out zone detection.
1500 – Changed default Time-to-Live (TTL) for UDP packets to improve network throughput.
1500 – Added compass rose overlay graphic using the new Display DLL.
1500 – Fixed rare case causing corruption of analog output.
1500 + 2000 – Added Set Stabilization Parameters apply mode to all cameras.
2000 – Fixed issue of analog display turns off when you save parameters.
2000 – Fixed rare input crashes h.264 (also seen when switching cameras).
3000 – Added support for DRS Superframe (uncompressed PNG snapshots with temp data).
3000 – Fixed quality of PIP video when swapping displays.
3000 – Fixed image quality issue seen at bottom of 1/4 size PIP image.
Panel Plus – Updated to bypass checking SD card contents when in continuous frame record mode.
Panel Plus – Fixed recent loss in quality of MJPEG decoding.

2.22.10 (2016-04-27)

2000 – (fixed) Deinterlace for analog camera with rotation or zoom, no enhance, no false color.
2000 – (fixed) Night blend mode to not show colored vertical bar.

2.22.09 (2016-04-22)

All – Added saving metadata overlay storage to parameter file.
All – Added internal latency measurement in Performance Monitor.
All – Added AppBits=0x0000 with analog in/out and setting the board to demo mode.
All – Added initializing maximum packet length and maximum delay buffer for serial Pass-Through.
All – Updated Object Tracking to eliminate runaway tracks at initialization.
All – Updated memory allocations to avoid intermittent conflicts.
All – Updated primary command sequence of Intelligent Assist tracking feature.
1500 – Update SD card scripting to correctly set file execute permissions for RTSP.
3000 – Added support for BT656 NTSC and PAL.

2.22.08 (2016-04-14)

All – Added landing aid detection.
All – Added tracking acquisition assist for optimized track box sizing.
All – Added intelligent track assist to enhance tracking performance.
All – Added digital camera input support without HD IN bit (uses center SD frame of input).
All – Added, in cases where there is not valid output video, put text message on analog output video.
All – Added continuous snapshots.
All – Added Auto Focus and focus metric telemetry are enabled by a new Focus (0x1000) app bit. 2.22.xx Release Notes
All – Added performance data output.
All – Updated pixel stats (temperature) telemetry to be enabled by the Enhance (0x80) app bit.
All – Updated improved processing in scenarios with rotation, zoom and angle stabilization.
1500 – Added support of DRS Superframe Mode – providing temperature data to saved snapshots.
1500 – Added RTSP support.
1500 – Added NMEA to KLV metadata support from GPS devices connected to serial port.
1500 – Added power saving modes (boot configuration options).
1500 – Updated PAL digital image to have square pixels, resulting in a 768×576 image. (The H.264(HD) codec should be used since the other h.264 codec will not support widths greater than 720
1500 – Updated to prevent crash in 1500 with 720p output with some rotations, CLAHE.
1500 – Updated to prevent file creation errors when trying to record to a full SD card.
1500 + 3000 – Added ability to manually load edited parameter file by setting length field to 0.
1500 + 3000 – Added a way for users to upload a logo file for watermark on the lower right corner.
1500 + 3000 – Updated to improved Telemetry Priority to maintain 30 Hz telemetry (use display frame step).
3000 – Added Tamron camera support.
3000 – Added 1080P50, 720P50 output options to HD-SDI and HDMI and also added 1080P30 to HDMI.
3000 – Added support of Rev C AB board allowing 2 analog inputs when hooked to Video Port 0. Video Port 1 supports only Camera 1 input on AB board.
3000 – Added Frame Step support for capture. Default is 1. 720p60 input: Frame Step = 2 for previous behavior.
3000 – Added GPIO support.
3000 – Updated processing for smoother video output to Analog/HDMI/HD-SDI Display.
3000 – Updated functionality with IR cameras (TAU, DRS).
3000 – Updated snapshot failure after changing between FTP and SD Card modes.
3000 – Updated saved recording failure when SD card has large number of files.
3000 – Updated PIP Causes Crash in some cases.
3000 – Updated ability to change track size for non-zero camera.
3000 – Updated PiP image beating issue after swapping cameras.

2.22 Release known issues:

All – Configuring an SLA system for PAL input and output requires a power cycle.
1500 – Selecting a PAL or digital camera input source when the camera is not connected or powered off will stall the video input until the camera is connected or powered on.
2000 – Saving parameters to flash will cause an interruption to the analog video output
3000 – Camera 1 is not supported in Blend.
3000 – Camera 1 with Camera 2 combination is not supported in Multi-camera presentation.
3000 – A crash can occur when using 720p60 input (frame step 1) in some cases – use frame step 2.

2.21 Release Notes

2.21.13 (2016-03-08)

1500 + 3000 – Added Hitachi Lens control set zoom position inconsistent.
Panel Plus – Updated lens control interface to allow entering position in Hex.

2.21.12 (2016-02-01)

1500 – Updates and fixes for Tamron 10x camera support.
1500 – Fixed generic digital parameters when setting non-aligned width crashes video track.
1500 – Fixed Tamron camera to follow VISCA for resolution settings.
3000 – Fixed interface with blending.
Panel Plus – Updated digital acquisition parameters to match interlaced option (not de-interlaced).
Panel Plus – Updated display destination designated from hardware when connecting to the board.
Panel Plus – Fixed picture in picture to size correctly with zoom to track mode is enabled.
Panel Plus – Fixed video acquisition configuration size for Sony.
Panel Plus – Fixed display capture size for command camera.
Panel Plus – Fixed prioritize telemetry with checkbox enabled.

2.21.11 (2015-11-25)

All – Updated max length of setLensMode, setLensParams for forward compatibility.
All – Updated Sony control to better support Tamron. Autobaud return to 9600, request focus zoom position.
All – Fixed handling of advanced MTI parameters used to filter out targets. Current downsample values were not being used.
Panel Plus – Updated manual button to request focus and zoom position.
Panel Plus – Fixed Serial Port 2 passthrough, Generic Digital Settings, No Video Timeout.

2.21.10 (2015-11-04)

All – Added termination byte to h.264 SEI message used for synchronous microsecond timestamp.
All – Updated performance of font rendering.
All – Updated focus stats telemetry (0x55) to add camera index.
All – Fixed issue with opening video and snapshot files if there is not available disk space.
1500 – Updated generic digital parameters for horizonal front porch to be doubled for 14 bit.
1500 – Updated recording status of SD card was never reported as started on 1500 HW.
1500 – Fixed crash with full SD card and lots of empty files when it goes to restart at 1GB.
3000 – Fixed rendering of classic font.
Panel Plus – Fixed display of generic digital camera init code.

2.21.09 (2015-10-02)

New command and control protocol functions packing example code (slfip.cpp/h)
All – Added option to save or not telemetry/packet destinations.
All – Added BG.656 NTSC/PAL digital camera modes.
All – Fixed telemetry output of -1, -1, 0 when changing track size.
1500 – Fixed change between analog and digital with net crashes Video Track.
1500 – Fixed don’t restart active video recording when the camera changes.
Panel Plus – Fixed case where multiple listings of the same file from sd card would show up.
1500 – Fixed BT.656 PAL mode to eliminate green bar when no PAL analog camera is connected.

2.21.08 (2015-09-09)

Added control to not use pan-tilt display offsets in zoom to track mode.
Fixed incorrect track momentum initial condition calculation.
Improved handling of tracking through bad registration
1500 – Fixed frame step for HDMI input capture causing video hang.
3000 – Fixed recording to SD card for any camera that is sending to Net0.

2.21.07 (2015-08-17)

Initial Public Release of 2.21
Updated MTI with new modes and settings flexibility.
Extended pixel depth CLAHE processing.
Full frame option for reporting temperature statistics for thermal cameras.
GPIO support of SL commands via sample ARM code.
Focus metric telemetry output.
New OSD functionality.
Panel PLUS is updated and becomes the baseline test support application starting at 2.21 (replaces SLa Panel).
Initial production release for SLA-3000. Dual stream HD, dual telemetry output
Fixed misc small issues.
1500 – Initial implementation of MJPEG network camera input (eval/beta only).
1500 + 3000 – Block camera zoom and focus controls within protocol.
1500 + 3000 – 16-bit PNG snapshots.