SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.00
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SLASetStabilizationParameters_t Struct Reference


Turn on or turn off stabilization and control re-centering rate for output video.

typedef struct {
u8 mode;
u8 rate;
u8 translationLimit;
u8 angleLimit;
u8 cameraIndex;
u8 maxStabOff;

Video stabilization smooths out jumpy sequences caused by camera vibration. Default value is on with re-centering rate = 50. A low number (approaching 0) = a slow drift to center. A high number (approaching 255) = a fast drift to center. Maximum stabilization limit is used to set an upper bound on the time-averaged stabilization solution.

Message ID 0x02

Byte Offset Name Description

Stabilization Modes & Properties

00 = Stabilization off
1 = Stabilization on (default)
10 = Enable all processing (default)
1 = Disable all registration, stabilization, enhancement and tracking
2 & 4
00Previous images fading to gray (default)
01Previous images, with color, without fading
10Solid gray
3Reserved. Used in SLACurrentStabilizationParameters_t for Auto Bias.
50 = Apply display pan-tilt in zoom to track mode (default)
1 = Disable applying display pan-tilt in zoom to track mode - allows offseting normal stabilization display, but centering on a track in Zoom to Track display.
See SLASetDisplayParameters_t, bit 7 of byte 9 controls Zoom to Track and bytes 11 to 14 control pan and tilt offset.

5rateScreen translation re-centering rate 0..255 (default=50). (Internally divided by 1000). Higher values re-center faster, but remove less low-frequency jitter.
6translationLimitMaximum disply grey edge limit in pixels (default = 0 for no limit)
7angleLimitMaximum rotational stabilization limit in degrees (default none = 0)..
NOTE: 0 results in much faster execution, but does not remove rotational jitter. 5 removes typical rotation jitter. Larger values smooth out large rolls.
8cameraIndexCamera for settings (0 to 2). If not present, applies to SLACommandCamera_t.
9maxStabOffMaximum stabilization offset in pixels (default = 0 for no limit)..
NOTE: If the capture and display image sizes are the same, translationLimit and maxStabOff are equivalent. If the display image size is smaller, maxStabOff limits the amount of stabilization, translationLimit limits the grey border.