SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.01
Changes for 3.00

This section summaraizes commands that have been newly added or have changed in this release. Changes may include new parameters or additional values/functionality to existing parameters. Please follow links to IDD for complete details.

New Commands:

Type Message ID
ADD SLATrackTrails_t 0x9D
ADD SLAInternalCommand_t 0xA2
ADD SLAInternalResponse_t 0xA3
ADD SLAVideoDisplay_t 0xA4
ADD SLAMultiDisplay_t 0xA5
ADD SLASetUsb3VisionFeature_t 0xA6
ADD SLASetBinaryClassifier_t 0xA7

Interfaces that have changed:

Type Message ID Description
MOD SLAModifyTracking_t 0x05 new modes
MOD SLAStartTracking_t 0x08 new paramater userTrackID
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters 0x0C new parameter mode2
MOD SLASetDisplayParameters_t 0x16 new parameter extendedZoom10
MOD SLAModifyTrackIndex_t 0x17 new parameters width & height, new flags to adjust track size
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t 0x2D new parameter classSensitivity
MOD SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t 0x29 added H.265 support
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t 0x37 USB web cam support
MOD SLAVersionNumber_t 0x40 new parameter v4AppBits
MOD SLACurrentTrackingParameters_t 0x44 new parameter mode (was reserved)
MOD SLACurrentDetectionParameters_t 0x54 new parameter classSensitivity
MOD SLACurrentDisplayParameters_t 0x57 new parameters extendedZoom and zoomRate
MOD SLASetSystemValue_t 0x92 New system values
MOD SLATrackingPositionsExtended_t 0xA0 new parameters userTrackId trackColFrac8 trackRowFrac8


Type Message ID
DEL SetRGB565Conversion 0x26
DEL CurrentPrimaryTrackIndex 0x27
DEL SetStitchParameters 0x2B
DEL GetStitchParameters 0x2C
DEL GetPrimaryTrackIndex 0x34
DEL CurrentStitchParameters 0x4C
DEL SetParameterBlock 0x69
DEL ParameterBlock 0x6A
DEL AnalyzeRenderSync 0x7E
DEL SetGeneric 0x85
DEL CurrentDecoderParameters 0x9A