SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.01
SightLine Protocol Changes

List of parameters/function changes for old releases.

Protocol Changes

Changes for 2.24

Type Message Description
MOD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Added filtering debug byte. This can be used to help configure size and velocity thresholds for detection algorithms.
MOD SLADrawObject_t, SLACurrentOverlayObjectParameters_t Added ability to save to parameter file.
MOD SLASetSnapShot_t Added JPEG Big format.
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Added Big Jpeg parameters: bigHigh, bigWide, bigVertFrontPorch, and bigHorzFrontPorch

Changes for 2.23

Type Message Description
MOD SLASetOverlayMode_t Added Note for SLA-3000 Blend and Pip display modes as showing custom overlays specifically for fixed (blend) and main(pip) images.
MOD SLAVersionNumber_t Added svn revision, build number, time and date.
ADD SLAExternalProgram_t Added ability to set and query external programs
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Added InitAr0134CS and InitCameraLink flags
MOD SLACurrentOverlayObjectsIds_t, SLACurrentOverlayObjectParameters_t No longer labeled as NYI; fixed description of SLACurrentOverlayObjectParameters_t::moveWithCam to include details on coordinate origin
MOD SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t, SLACurrentVideoEnhancementParameters_t Changed color limit bit to reserved
ADD SLASetSerialPassthrough_t NMEA Parsing
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t, SLACurrentDetectionParameters_t, SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t, SLACurrentAdvancedDetectionParameters_t, SLASetDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_t, SLACurrentDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_t Renamed all 'MovingTarget' packets to 'Detection'
ADD SLADigiVidParseParams_t Added ability to parse FIP messages from data added to the digital video input
MOD SLAUserWarningLevel_t, SLAUserWarningMessage_t Split user warnings out into a message that the user sends to set the level and a response from the system
ADD SLAFrameIndex_t Added way for user to set a specific frame number which can then be included in the telemetry data
MOD SLASystemStatusMode_t, SLASystemStatusMessage_t Split system status out into a message that the user sends to setup status messages and timing information and a response from the system
ADD SLADetailedTimingMessage_t New packet used to report detailed DSP and ARM timing data; previously data was sent as part of UserWarningLevel_t
MOD SLASetOverlayMode_t Added camera index as well as flag for disabling all overlay objects
MOD SLACoordinateReportingMode_t Added seconds flags byte with a new bit for enabling additional telemetry data to be included in all telemetry packets
ADD User Program Communication Using FIP Added dedicated port 14003 to VideoTrack for custom ARM applications to communicate with
MOD SLADoSnapShot_t Added byte for Snap All Cameras Mask
MOD SLASetSDRecordingParameters_t No longer supporting writing FiP commands to microSD Card; use network debug trace instead
ADD SLAStreamingControl_t Added Network Streaming Control to Start and Stop Network Streaming
MOD SLASetVideoMode_t Added 1080p25 output option for HD-SDI and HDMI
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t, SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Added details on Anomaly Detection and clarified which parameters applied to which algorithms
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t Extended packet to add additional mode bits, added Maritime Detect, Radiometric Detect and min/max temperature, and details on the debug flags
MOD SLASetStabilizationParameters_t Changed bit 7 of mode byte from PiP micro stabilization to reserved.
MOD SLAVersionNumber_t Added app bits for baseline tracking and telemetry
MOD SLACurrentConfiguration_t The type value of response packet for GetParameters / Get Configuration command changed from 0x01 to 0x8E to avoid confusion

Changes for 2.22

Type Message Description
MOD SLASetVideoMode_t Added 1080p59.94, 720p59.94, 1080p29.97, 1080i60, and 1080i59.94 output options for HD-SDI
MOD SLADrawObject_t Reserved Object IDs 200 - 255
ADD SLALandingAid_t, SLALandingPosition_t Utilize existing reserved parameters as keep out parameters for landing aid and landing position packets
MOD SLATrackingPositions_t Clarification that track velocities only apply to vehicle mode tracks.
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Added Bit 11 to Flags parameter as Use Embedded Sync
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Added TAU320, BT.656 documentation update only
MOD SLASetVideoMode_t Added 1080p50 and 720p50 output options for HDSDI and HDMI. Added 1080p30 output option for HDMI.
MOD SLACurrentAcquisitionParameters_t Added valid row, col, high, and wide parameters
ADD SLALandingAid_t Added landing aid detection
ADD SLACurrentOverlayObjectParameters_t, SLACurrentOverlayObjectsIds_t Get all parameters relating to an overlay object
MOD SLACurrentAcquisitionParameters_t Fixed description of current acquisition parameters.
MOD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Downsample now applies to Vehicle MTI as well.
ADD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Added hide overlap tracks parameter. Replaces byte 18 which was reserved.
MOD SLASetOverlayMode_t Moved display MTI indices from advanced moving target indication parameters to overlay mode. Added ability to set the color of MTI tracks and MTI selectable tracks.
MOD SLAModifyTracking_t Added ability to start objects tracks from SA or SV MTI under certain conditions.
MOD SLACurrentTrackingParameters_t Fixed errors in packet description.
MOD SLATrackingPositions_t Fixed errors in description of number of tracks and added clarification to track index description.
ADD SLASetVideoMode_t Add table for SLA-3000 describing display resolution.
ADD Parameter File Format Section describing parameter files
MOD SLACurrentVideoModeParameters_t Add HD-SDI Display Image
MOD SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t Clarification on Video Encoding and new codecs
MOD SLASetVideoMode_t Add HD-SDI Display Image
MOD SLASetTelemetryDestination_t Add flag bit to control saving to parameter file
MOD SLASetNetworkParameters_t Remove Last In First Out (LIFO) telemetry mode
MOD SLASetSerialPassthrough_t Fixed Protocol Type enumeration documentation. Fixed defaults for Max Length and Min Delay.
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters_t Added 'No Registration' tracking mode, byte 6 correctly marked as reserved
ADD SLAUserWarningLevel_t New message from board to user only.
MOD SLAModifyTrackIndex_t Added reinitialize option to message. Added option to specify primary or selected instead of specific index.
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters_t Added acquisition assist mode. Added intelligent assist mode.

Changes for 2.21

Type Message Description
MOD SLAFocusStats_t Added camera index
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Add TAU Direct Connect and CameraLink Flags
MOD SLASetStabilizationParameters_t Add disable pan-tilt in zoom to track mode control
ADD Analyze Render Synch Mechanism to synchronize to distributed analyze and render systems.
MOD SLADoSnapShot_t Additional details regarding file naming.
MOD SLASetSnapShot_t Add Support for JPEG/PNG file format
MOD SLASetSnapShot_t Modified default recording to MicroSD card
FIX Start Up Behavior All systems send Version Number (0x40) on ready.
ADD SLAGetEthernetDisplayParameters_t Description – function was introduced earlier
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t Add frame step parameter
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t Added reset MTI flag.
MOD SLACoordinateReportingMode_t Added max number of tracking positions to report.
MOD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Added down sample options.
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t Added suspicious score from advanced MTI message.
MOD SLACurrentDetectionParameters_t Changed from 2.20 to match SLASetDetectionParameters_t.
MOD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Added parameters to control how many MTI tracks will be output in telemetry and KLV messages.
MOD SLASetLensMode_t Add in set focus and zoom positions
MOD SLASetLensParameters_t Add Zoom/Focus Speed
MOD SLACurrentLensParameters_t Add Zoom/Focus Speed
ADD SLACurrentStabilizationBias_t Return stabilization bias
ADD SLAAdvancedCaptureParameters_t Advanced analog capture control for image stretching
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters_t Object size = 255 will output pixel stats for full image
MOD SLASetMetadataValues_t SLACurrentMetadataValues_t SLAMetadataStaticValues_t SLASetMetadataFrameValues_t SLACurrentMetadataFrameValues_t SLASetMetadataRate_t SLASetKlvData_t Added additional parameter to support configuration of the independent KLV streams on SLA-3000.
ADD SLACurrentDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_t Current Detection Region of Interest (0x7D) Added MTI region of interest parameters.
ADD SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t Added high bit depth CLAHE enhancement modes.
ADD SLASetStabilizationBias_t Added auto bias update rate
ADD SLAFocusStats_t Added focus statistics telemetry output.
MOD SLASetBlendParameters_t Added new blend modes for Fixed EO.
ADD SLADisplayAngle_t Set display angle for one or all cameras.

Changes for 2.20

Type Message Description
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Add Frame Step Parameter.
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Add InitPhoton to Flags in Generic Digital Interface
ADD SLADirectoryStatisticsReply_t Report back the total SD card space available (2.20.12)
MOD SLACurrentSDCardRecordingStatus_t Deprecated file size and time params (RESEREVED)
MOD SLASetSDRecordingParameters_t Byte 6 sends SLACurrentSDCardRecordingStatus_t, Byte 7 can result in SLADirectoryStatisticsReply_t
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Add InitCameraLinkLowSpeed Flag
MOD SLASetNetworkParameters_t Add NIC index
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters_t Added new parameter Near Value
ADD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t New Error: Reference source not found
MOD SLAVersionNumber_t Add 'Other Version' for hardware dependent version information. e.g. FPGA version on SLA1500
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t Add SLA 1500 generic digital, add params for horizontal and vertical front porch, flags.
MOD SLATrackingBoxPixelStats_t Add Tracking Box Pixel Stats message for 14 bit digital camera mean,max,min
ADD Add SLA-3000 specific protocol (beta)
MOD SLASetBlendParameters_t Current Blend Parameters (0x4D) Enable SD / HD image blending. Changed to warp the EO image. Added bit for alternate zoom control for HD. Returning EO/IR indices.
MOD SLASetDetectionParameters_t New MTI modes for small target detection.
NEW SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t Beta advanced MTI control