SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLACurrentEthernetVideoParameters_t Struct Reference


Current Ethernet video parameters – format identical to SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t.

typedef struct {
u8 quality;
u8 foveal;
u8 frameStep;
u8 frameSize;
u16 displayId;

Sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().

Message ID 0x48

Byte Offset Name Description
4quality0: lowest image quality to 100: highest image quality (default 80); applies only to MJPEG video
5fovealReduces image quality for pixels away from image center – 0: no quality reduction, 100 : maximum quality reduction; applies only to MJPEG video
6frameStep1 shows every frame, 2 shows every other frame, etc.
7frameSizeSpecifies down sample and frame size. see SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t.
8-9displayIdNetwork Display ID
3000 / 4000: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1)
1500: Ignored or 0x0000