SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLACurrentImageSize_t Struct Reference


Current image size parameters.

typedef struct {
s16 capWide;
s16 capHigh;
s16 disWide;
s16 disHigh;
s16 disRectCol;
s16 disRectRow;
s16 disRectWide;
s16 disRectHigh;
u8 cameraIndex;

Sends the capture size and display size for the camera specified by cameraIndex. Sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().
NOTE: If a camera displays to 2 outputs (eg. Network and Analog), display width and height will be for the Network.
NOTE: The display size results are different for 1500 vs 3000/4000, see below.

3000/4000 Display Size

The display width, height and rectangle will be 0 if the specified camera is not being displayed.
The display rectangle indicates the location in a multi (PiP and 2-Up) display where the specified camera is drawn. It will be all 0's if display is not in multi mode.

1500 Display Size

The dimensions and rectangle of the display are always returned no matter which camera index is specified.

See also

Message ID 0x4E

Byte Offset Name Description
4-5capWideWidth of captured image
6-7capHighHeight of captured image
8-9disWideWidth of display for the specified camera. 3000/4000: 0 if not displaying.
NOTE: Network size if displaying to Network plus Analog/HDMI/HDSDI.
10-11disHighHeight of display for the specified camera. 3000/4000: 0 if not displaying
12-13disRectColDisplay rectangle column offset
14-15disRectRowDisplay rectangle row offset
16-17disRectWideDisplay rectangle width
18-19disRectHighDisplay rectangle heigh
20cameraIndexCamera that image size properties are being retrieved from