SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLADeadPixel_t Struct Reference


Modify Dead Pixel List Manually.

typedef struct {
u8 cameraIndex;
u8 mode;
u16 a;
u16 b;
u8 c;
u8 d;

Used to indicate a specific pixel is dead. This pixel is then added to the current dead pixel table and replaced along with other dead pixels in dead pixel table.

Mode Based Parameters

Parameter a b c d
Add Dead Pixel Column (x) Row (y)
Remove Dead Pixel Column (x) Row (y)
Dynamic Dead Pixel Detection – | Kernel Size Maxium Pixel Difference

Kernel Size

8-bit (0-255) number that determines the width and height around a pixel that is used to during the Dynamic Detection Algorithm. This is used when calculating the Pixel difference. A larger number means the pixel is compared against more surrounding pixels. If a 0 is used here the algorithm will default to 15.

Maximum Pixel Difference

This parameter is used to determine whether an individual pixel is considered "Dead". If a 0 is used here the algorithm will use a variable automatic number based on the surrounding pixels in the same height and width as the kernel size.

Message ID 0xA8

Byte Offset Name Description
4cameraIndexCamera Index

Mode of operation

0 Add Dead Pixel
1 Remove Dead Pixel
2 Dynamic Dead Pixel Detection

6-7aMode Based Parameters
8-9bMode Based Parameters
10cMode Based Parameters
11dMode Based Parameters