SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLADisplayAngle_t Struct Reference


Set display rotation angle settings for a single camera or for all cameras (3000 Only).

typedef struct {
u8 cameraIndex;
u16 rotationDegrees;
u16 rotationLimit;
u8 decayRate;

See also SLASetDisplayParameters_t.

Use rotationLimit and decayRate for smooth rotation transitions.

Also sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().

Message ID 0x5C

Byte Offset Name Description
4cameraIndexCamera index to set angle for, 255 = all
5-6rotationDegreesRotation angle in degrees (0..360) * 128
7-8rotationLimitRotation rate limit in degrees (0..360) * 128 per frame, (default 256).
9decayRateRotation decay rate per frame, 0(0%) to 255(100%) (default 50).