SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLADoSnapShot_t Struct Reference


Execute an image snapshot to the MicroSD card or an external FTP server.

typedef struct {
u8 frameStep;
u8 numFrames;
SVPLenString_t fileName;
u8 snapAllCameras;
u8 shouldScan;
u8 autoFolder;
u16 maxFiles;
u8 flags;

Use SLASetSnapShot_t first to specify the FTP server, login, and other relevant parameters.
See File Recording for additional details on file naming, etc.


  1. On 3000/4000, snapshot applies to the Command Camera.
  2. Snapshots are truncated to a multiple of 128 pixels wide and a multiple of 8 pixels high.
  3. When saving a snapshot of the Displayed Image:
    • If the Command Camera is not displayed, then no snapshot will be taken.
    • If the Command Camera is displayed to multiple displays(say, Analog and Network0 with 1280x720 resolution), then the snapshot will be taken from the largest of them(so it will be 1280x720 in size).
    • If the Command Camera is used for a multi-camera operation(e.g. PiP, Blend, etc.), then the snapshot will be taken but the resulting filename may have different camIdx number(if PiP or 2 - Up, it is the Main camera index, if Blend, it is the Fixed camera index).
    • If the video is being displayed to both Network0 and Network1, then the result will be the same size as Network0. This applies to 2 and 3 above.
    • If a multi-camera operation is displayed, and also a single camera is displayed to Network1 as 1-up at the same time, then it is unpredictable which image will be taken for snapshot.

NOTE: Capture snapshot is not available in Demo Mode.

Message ID 0x60

Byte Offset Name Description
4frameStepFrame Step – step between frames (e.g. 2 = every other)
5numFramesNumber of snapshots to take (1 to 254), 255 = continuous, 0 = Stop; Ignored if Snap All Cameras is used.
6 fileName.len string length
7-...fileName.str Base file name of saved files.
See File Recording for how this is used to construct file names.
variessnapAllCameras3000/4000 Only: Bit mask of Cameras to Snap (for example, use 0x5 to snap cameras 0 and 2). 0 = snap the command Camera. For multi camera snaps, only a single frame snap-shot is allowed.
NOTE: Do not use a file name ending in a digit when snapAllCameras is used.
NOTE: Snapshot settings are per camera and must be configured for each camera using SLASetSnapShot_t
variesshouldScanWhen using file auto-numbering, begin file numbering after highest-numbered existing filename. This requires a scan of the contents on the SD card once at startup and again if the filename is changed or if the autoFolder state is changed. If this is not set each time the filename or the autoFolder state is changed the auto-numbering will restart at 0.
variesautoFolder1 = create a new folder every maxFiles, 0 = don't create new folders
variesmaxFilesMax files per folder (2000 is default, 20000 is max).
NOTE: maxFiles is the maximum number of files per folder, the folder may auto increment sooner under certain conditions such as snapshots being taken too fast.
variesflagsSnapShot Flags
0Enable burst mode. In this mode up to 120 snapshots at 1920x1080 (or smaller) can be recorded to either an SD card or USB device without dropping frames. 4000 only