SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLAExternalProgram_t Struct Reference


Configure external programs – Set names of external applications to be run on the SLA hardware.

typedef struct {
u8 programType;
SVPLenString_t filename0;
SVPLenString_t filename1;
SVPLenString_t filename2;

Up to three (3) external programs (DLLs or LUA scripts) may be loaded at run time. External programs must exist in the same directory as VideoTrack.

  • Script files should end with '.lua', DLLs should end with '.DLL' or '.so'.
  • filename2 for DLL is reserved for internal use.

To get progams currently loaded: SLAGetParameters_t, id=0x8F, payload0=[programType]. Returns SLAExternalProgram_t.

Message ID 0x8F

Byte Offset Name Description
4programTypeType of external program
0 = DLL
1 = Lua script
5 filename0.len string length
6-...filename0.str Name of the first external program
varies filename1.len string length
variesfilename1.str Name of the second external program
varies filename2.len string length
variesfilename2.str Name of the third external program (Reserved for internal use)