SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t Struct Reference


Set up enhancement of the display video.

typedef struct {
u8 sharpenEnhance;
u8 alphaBlend;
u8 enhanceParam;
u8 denoiseRate;
u8 cameraIndex;
u8 flags;
u8 histAveRate8;
u8 histMaxPctBin;
u16 roiRow;
u16 roiCol;
u16 roiHigh;
u16 roiWide;
u8 deconvSigma;

Under control of the denoiseRate, a running average of frames is optionally calculated. The denoised frame is then passed through one of several filters to enhance contrast and optionally sharpened to emphasize fine detail.
NOTE: CLAHE 9 and 10 bit modes are only valid for high bit depth cameras. Selecting normal CLAHE for a high bit depth camera converts the video to 8 bits first then runs CLAHE. 9 bit CLAHE is slower than 8 bit, 10 bit is slower than 9 bit. SLASetADCParameters_t.saturation is used in CLAHE 9 and 10 bit modes to control the mix between down - conversion of bits using mean and spread and the min and max pixels. 255 = 100 % min / max based (allows you to see detail on very bright or very dark objects. 0 = 100 % spread based(high contrast image, may be saturated in some areas). 128 = > even mix of the two methods.
NOTE: Applied to the Command Camera.
NOTE: For 3000, only one of Cameras 0 and 1 can do Enhance/Denoising at a time.

Message ID 0x21

Byte Offset Name Description
4sharpenEnhanceEnhancement mode and sharpening control.
0-3Enhancement filter mode
0 = None
2 = LAP
3 = CLAHE 9 Bit (for >8 bit cameras)
4 = CLAHE 10 Bit (for >8 bit cameras)
5 = Histogram Equalization
4-7Sharpening: 0 (none) - 15 (max)
5alphaBlendAlpha blending (source with filtered) (0-255, 255 default, 200 nominal).
NOTE: Forced to 255 for CLAHE 9 Bit and CLAHE 10 Bit modes.
0use input frame only
12850/50 mix
255use filtered frame only (default)

Enhancement strength parameter (0-127, bit 7 reserved)

Enhancement ModeDescription
NoneNot used
CLAHE, CLAHE 9 Bit, CLAHE 10 BitContrast limit (typical 25)
LAPWidth of high pass kernel, clipped to 0-18 (typical 10)

7denoiseRateDenoising coefficient by running average (0-255, 0 default)
0No denoising (default)
128Half from new image, half from running average.
255Maximum averaging
8cameraIndexCamera for settings (0 to 2). If not present, applies to SLACommandCamera_t.
9flagsDefault 0
0Turn on Aerial De-Noise Mask.
Enable Denoise Mask detection mode to keep from blurring out moving objects. For moving camera platforms. New 3.1
1Information Based Histogram Equalization
2Square Root Histogram Equalization
4Turn on Staring De-Noise Mask.
Enable Denoise Mask detection mode to keep from blurring out moving objects. For fixed cameras or ground mount PTZ cameras that stare. New 3.2
10histAveRate8Time averaging rate for histogram in histogram equalization. 0 = no averaging, 255 = maximum averaging.
Hist = NewHist*(256-rate8)/256 + OldHist*rate8/256 New 3.2
11histMaxPctBinMaximum percentage of counts that go into a single histogram bin in histogram equalization. New 3.2
12-13roiRowRow coordinate of region of interest.
New 3.3 Enhancement functions are restricted to the specified area of the source frame. Set roiHigh and roiWide to 0 to disable ROI processing.
NOTE: On 1500/3000, sharpen/denoise without CLAHE, LAP or Histogram Equalization ignores this region of interest.
14-15roiColColumn coordinate of region of interest
16-17roiHighHeight of region of interest
18-19roiWideWidth of region of interest
20deconvSigmaReserved for Future Release 4000 only, apply Gaussian deconvolution kernel. 0 disables function, recommend values near 128. Sigma of Gaussian is 1.0 + (deconvSigma - 128) / 128.0. New 3.3