SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLASetVideoParameters_t Struct Reference


Set parameters used by video input module.

typedef struct {
u8 autoChop;
u8 chopTop;
u8 chopBottom;
u8 chopLeft;
u8 chopRight;
u8 deinterlace;
u8 autoReset;
u8 cameraIndex;

NOTE: Applied to the Command Camera.

Many cameras produce images with black pixels along one or more edges.It is important to remove these pixels as the hard edge transition can cause frame - to - frame registration to fail.The edge pixels are removed by either setting automatic detection mode(byte 4) or manually specifying top, bottom, left and right(bytes 5, 6, 7, 8) edge pixels to remove.For a known camera, manually specifying edge pixels is the most reliable option.If you see black edges in a moving stabilized image, that is an indication that edge pixel removal is not set up correctly.Number of pixels to remove are rounded down to the nearest 8.

Message ID 0x10

Byte Offset Name Description
4autoChop0 = Manual chop – removed specified edge pixels (default), 1 = automatically detect boundary pixels to remove
5chopTopTop pixels to remove (values 8 to 64)
6chopBottomBottom pixels to remove (values 8 to 64)
7chopLeftLeft pixels to remove (values 8 to 128)
8chopRightRight pixels to remove (values 8 to 128)
9deinterlace0 = no deinterlacing, 1 = apply digital deinterlacing (default)
10autoReset0 = never automatically reset video decoder, 1 = automatically reset video decoder when failed frame synchronization loss is detected
11cameraIndexCamera for settings (0 to 2). If not present, applies to SLACommandCamera_t.