SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLAStabilizationBias_t Struct Reference


Adjust the stabilization solution by adding a constant bias in pixel coordinate space to the current coordinates each frame.

typedef struct {
u8 cameraIndex;
s16 biasCol;
s16 biasRow;
u8 autoBias;
u8 updateRate;

Stabilization bias is used to feed forward user controlled camera motion so that stabilization does not 'fight' against camera pan and tilt. Set 'auto bias' mode to automatically prevent the system from stabilizing against constant motion. Some amount of motion lag will still be experienced in 'auto bias' mode. Manual bias offsets may be used together with 'auto bias' mode. Changes to the column and row bias values will be added to the 'auto bias' solution. In 'auto bias' mode, set column and row bias to 0 for 'auto bias' only. Bias offsets may need to be scaled up as the operational frame rate decreases.

See also
SLAResetStabilizationParameters_t to reset only the auto-bias filter.

To get values: SLAGetParameters_t, id=0x9F, payload1=[CameraIndex]. Returns SLAStabilizationBias_t.

Message ID 0x9F

Byte Offset Name Description
4cameraIndexCamera index to set bias for. 255 = All cameras.
5-6biasColPer frame column adjustment (bias) in pixels (s16 value, typically within +- 1/2 image size)
7-8biasRowPer frame row adjustment (bias) in pixels (s16 value, typically within +- 1/2 image size)
9autoBias1 = Enable auto bias (combined auto + manual bias) 0 = Disable auto bias(manual bias only)
10updateRateAuto bias update rate 0..255 (default = 50) (Internally divided by 500)