SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLATagData_t Struct Reference


Set the value of any MISB Tag and subtag.

typedef struct {
u8 reserved1;
u8 reserved2;
u8 tagId;
u8 tagSubId;
u16 reservedInternal;
u16 displayId;
SVPLenData_t klvData;

Used to set value for any KLV Tag specified in the MISB standard ST0601.xx.

This command can be used to set any custom value to a tag and subtag defined as per ST0601.xx. TagData can be used to extend the default supported tags by Sightline. Set the rate of the tag explicitly by calling SLATagDataRate_t after using TagData if the tag was not supported before. Also sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().

Message ID 0x96

Byte Offset Name Description
6tagIdtagId corresponding to the tag key value as per ST0601.xx
7tagSubIdtagSubId in case if tagId corresponds to a metaDataTag, For example "Security Local Set" with sub tag "Classifying country" will have tagId as 48 and tagSubId as 3. For regular tags tagSubId is ignored.
8-9reservedInternalreserved and should be set to zero, Used internally by video track
10-11displayIdNetwork Display ID
3000 / 4000: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1, 0x0082 = both)
1500: Ignored or 0x0000
12 klvData.len string length
13-...klvData.str KLV payload data