SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLATagDataRate_t Struct Reference


Set the output rate of a KLV Tag or a range of tags.

typedef struct {
u8 reserved1;
u8 reserved2;
u8 mode;
u8 tagId1;
u8 tagId2;
u16 frameStep;
u16 displayId;

Rate will not be set for unsupported tags. See SLATagData_t for extending supported tags by adding new Tag and SubTag.

Also sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().

Message ID 0x97

Byte Offset Name Description
6modeMode is used to set rate for a range of tags, ignored in the SLAGetParameters_t() reply
Value Description
0 Setting the rate of a single KLV tag
1 Setting the rate of a range of KLV tags to the frameStep value
7tagId1TagId to set or get the rate, If mode is 1 then this is the start Tag value of the range. TagId should corresponds to the tag values in the UAS Data link local Metadata set elements in STD-0601
8tagId2ignored if mode is 0 or this is a SLAGetParameters_t().
reply if mode is 1 then tagId2 represents the end tag in the range tagId1, tagId1 +1, ...., tagId2 will be set to the rate mentioned in the frameStep
9-10frameStepFrame step at which to send the specified tag values; 0 = disable sending KLV metadata, 1 = send each frame, etc. Per MISB STD 0601, version identifier fields for the UAS Local Data Set, Security Metadata Local Set, and Motion Imagery Track Metadata Local Set are emitted with elements of each local set. See also MISB ST 0902 for guidelines on setting the frame step for different fields.
11-12displayIdNetwork Display ID
3000 / 4000: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1, 0x0082 = both)
1500: Ignored or 0x0000