SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.3
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SLAVideoDisplay_t Struct Reference


Configure which cameras and resolutions to display.

typedef struct {
u8 streamIdx;
u8 source;
u16 destination;
u8 resolution;
u8 flags;

NOTE: When network video display is selected, configure network video settings (including resolution) with SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t.
NOTE: Video Recording and Snap Shot are only available for cameras that are being processed for telemetry or display output.

Display Resolutions

This table specifies support for display resolutions on 1500, 3000 and 4000. Grey cells marked N are not possible. White cells marked N may be supported in future releases.

Display SizeHDMI/HDSDI1500(7)3000(7)4000
Any 320240p30 Y N N Y N N Y
640480p30 Y Y N(4)Y N N(4)Y
640480i60 Y(1)N N(5)Y(1)N N Y(1)
640512p60 Y(1)N N(4)Y(1)N(5)N(4)Y(1)
768576p25 Y N N(4)Y N N(4)Y
768576i50 Y(1)N N(5)Y(1)N N Y(1)
720 800600p60 Y(1)Y N(4)Y(1)Y N(4)Y(1)
960720p30 Y(1)Y N(4)Y Y N(4)Y
1024768p60 N(3)Y N(4)Y(1)Y(6)N(4)Y(1)
1280720p60/59/50Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10801280768p60 N(3)Y N(4)Y(1)Y N(4)Y(1)
1280960p30 N(3)N N(4)Y N N(4)Y
12801024p30 N(3)N(5)N(4)Y(1)N(5)N(4)Y(1)
14401080p30 N(3)N N(4)Y N N(4)Y
16001200p60 N(3)Y N(4)N(3)Y N(4)Y(1)
19201080p60/59/50N(3)Y(2)Y(2)Y(2)Y Y Y
19201080p30/29/25N(3)Y(2)Y(2)Y(2)Y Y Y
19201080i60/59/50N(3)Y(2)Y(2)Y(2)N N Y
4K 19201536p30 N(3)N(3)N(3)N(3)N(5)N(4)Y(1)
25601440p30 N(3)N(3)N(3)N(3)N N(4)Y
38402160p30/29/25N(3)N(3)N(3)N(3)Y N(4)Y
  1. Supported for network stream with Out=In, not a selectable resolution
  2. 3000 can not keep up with 1080p60 in -> 1080p60 out. Display will look fine with 1080p30 in -> 1080p60 out. Similar at p50. If output rate can not match input rate, it's best if the output rate is a multiple of input rate (eg. 2X in this example)"
  3. 1500 net stream limited to 1280x720, 3000 net stream limited to 1920x1080
  4. SDI Genum part supports limited resolutions, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 480i, 576i. See Table 4-4
  5. Possible future resolution support
  6. 1024x768 HDMI output on 4000 is at 70 fps, not 60 fps
  7. 1500 and 3000 analog support only NTSC (640x480) and PAL (768x576)

Display Resolution Combination Examples

When camera, physical display and network display resolutions don't match, cropping, windowing and sometimes scaling are used as shown in the following examples.

3000 Display 4000 Display
Network Physical HDMI/HDSDI/Analog(1) NetworkPhysical HDMI
1280x720 1920x1080 HDMI 1280x720 720 in 1080 with gray border720 in 1080 with gray border, scaled into 720720 in 1080 with gray border720
1280x720 1920x1080 HDMI 1920x1080 720 in 1080 with gray border1920x1080 with gray border 720 in 1080 with gray border720 in 1080 with gray border
1920x1080 1280x720 HDMI 1280x720 720 cropped 720 cropped 720 cropped 720 cropped
1920x1080 1920x1080 HDMI 1280x720 1080 1080 scaled into 720 1080 720 cropped
1920x1080 1280x720 HDMI 1920x1080 1080(2) 1080 1080(2) 1080
1280x720 1280x720 Analog NTSC/PAL 720 NTSC/PAL cropped NA NA
  1. HDSDI display behaves the same as HDMI (3000 only)
  2. 3000/4000 Network resolution is the maximum of the network and physical display resolutions

Display Limitations for 3000 and 4000

The table below shows valid (white) and invalid (grey) combinations for display on a 3000 and 4000.
The system will warn and disallow setting invalid combinations. A is any camera (0, 1 or 2). A and B are two different cameras.

Supported 3000Supported 4000Network 0Network 1HDMI or Analog or HDSDI(1,2)Video RecordDescription and Notes
Single and Dual Stream Configurations
YesYesANoneAASingle Stream
YesYesAAAADual Stream
YesYesABA or BA or BDual Stream
NoNoABCUse PiP to display a 3rd camera on 3000 (3)
NoNoANone BCan only record a network stream (4)
NoNoABCCan only record a network stream (4)
Picture in Picture Configurations
YesYesPiPNonePiPPiPPiP to Net 0 + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
YesYesPiPPiPPiPPiPPiP to Net 0 and Net 1 + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
YesNo(5)PiPA(5) A or PiPA or PiPPiP to Net 0, A to Net 1 + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
NoNoPiPNone A 3000: Use PiP to Net0, A to Net1 if you want to show A to Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
NoNoAPiP PiPPiP has to go to network 0 if you want other displays
NoNoPiPAB Can only record a network stream (4)
Blend and 2-Up Configurations
YesYesBlendNoneBlendBlendBlend to Network + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
YesNo(6)BlendBlendBlendBlendBlend to Net 0 and Net 1 + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
YesNo(7)2-Up2-Up2-Up2-Up2-Up to Network + Analog or HDMI or HDSDI
NoNo2-Up or BlendA or B or PiP (to any of these)With 2-Up and Blend, other cameras can not be shown
NoNo2-Up or BlendA or B or PiP Can only record a network stream (4)
  1. 3000: No Analog at the same time as HDMI or HDSDI. It is possible to display to both HDMI and HDSDI.
  2. 4000: No Analog. HDSDI is only through the HDMI to HDSDI converter. Select HDMI and HDSDI will be auto-detected if the converter is connected.
  3. 3000: Use PiP to display a 3rd camera (eg. Net0 = PIP(Cam 0, Cam 1), Net1 = Cam 2). Available with a 3000-AB plugged into VIN 0 only.
  4. System only records configured network streams using the settings for that network stream
  5. 4000 with PiP doesn't support streaming A to Net1.
  6. 4000 with Blend only supports a single stream
  7. 4000 does not support 2-Up

Message ID 0xA4

Byte Offset Name Description

Display stream index, always 0 for 1500. 0 or 1 for 3000 and 4000.

01500: This is the only display stream
3000: Primary display channel stream, can be sent to network 0, analog, HDMI or HDSDI
4000: Primary display channel stream, can be sent to network 0 or HDMI.
11500: Not supported
3000: Second display channel stream, can be sent to network 1, analog, HDMI or HDSDI
4000: Second display channel stream, can be sent to network 1 or HDMI.


Source camera

255None (3000/4000 only)
0Camera 0
1Camera 1
2Camera 2
3Camera 3
4Multi-Camera - PiP (1500/3000/4000) or 2-Up (3000 only)
8Blend (3000/4000)


Display destination

00x0001Analog (1500 and 3000 only)
10x0002Network 0
20x0004HDSDI (3000/4000)
60x0040HDMI (3000/4000)
70x0080Network 1 (3000/4000)


Physical display resolution (Analog, HDMI or HDSDI).
Configure network display resolution with SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t.
NOTE: For 4000, HDMI resolution will be as set. Network resolution will be the maximum of the specified Network and HDMI (if active) resolutions.
NOTE: For 3000, see Resolution Combination Examples above.
NOTE: For 1500, Analog will crop from the network display if network shows higher resolution.

1NTSC Analog (3000). NTSC or PAL Analog on 1500 - matches analog camera settings from SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t (2)
51080p30 (1)
61080p25 (1)
8720p50 (1)
91080p50 (1)
10PAL Analog (3000 only) (2)
11720p59.94 HDMI (3000/4000) or HDSDI (3000/4000) (1)
121080p29.97 HDMI (3000/4000) or HDSDI (3000/4000) (1)
131080p59.94 HDMI (3000/4000) or HDSDI (3000/4000) (1)
141080i60 HDMI or HDSDI (3000 only) (1)
151080i59.94 HDMI or HDSDI (3000 only) (1)
161080i50 HDMI or HDSDI (3000 only) (1)
17480P60 (3000 HDMI only) (1) - May need to set monitor aspect ratio
184Kp30 UHD 3840x2160 HDMI (4000 only) (1)
194Kp25 UHD 3840x2160 HDMI (4000 only) (1)
204Kp29.97 UHD 3840x2160 HDMI (4000 only) (1)
21600P60 800x600 HDMI (3000/4000) (1)
22768P60 1024x768 HDMI (3000/4000) (1)
231200P60 1600x1200 HDMI (3000/4000) (1)
Note: Not compatibile with network encoding
241280x768P60 1280x768 HDMI (3000/4000) (1)
  1. Some monitors do not support this format
  2. NTSC video is 640x480 and PAL video is 768x576 internally before being sent to the hardware analog video encoder

0Encode KLV in vertical blanking of NTSC analog video. 1500 NTSC display only (not PAL)