SightLine Applications Inc.
SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.7
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CSLAAdvancedCaptureParameters_tSet advanced analog video decoding parameters for the video decoder
 CSLAAncillaryTextMetadata_tInject text into the KLV stream
 CSLAAppendedMetadata_tAppend user-specified binary metadata to KLV stream embedded in network video stream
 CSLABlendAlign_tSet the alignment set for a dual camera setup
 CSLACameraSwitch_tDeprecated, supported on 1500 and 3000 only
 CSLAClassifierParameters_tTurn on/off the classifier
 CSLACommandCamera_tSet which camera channel receives camera specific parameter settings
 CSLACommandPassThrough_tOutput data payload to the port specified
 CSLACoordinateReportingMode_tSet reporting rates and telemetry types to send for telemetry packets
 CSLACreateDeviceOverlay_tSend a command to generate and compile a devicetree overlay for a device
 CSLACurrentAcquisitionParameters_tSent in response to SLAGetParameters_t() – see SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t for additional notes and details on the camera types
 CSLACurrentADCParameters_tCurrent ADC parameters – format identical to SLASetADCParameters_t
 CSLACurrentAdvancedDetectionParameters_tReturn the current advanced detection parameters – format identical to SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t
 CSLACurrentBlendParameters_tCurrent blend parameters – see SLASetBlendParameters_t
 CSLACurrentConfiguration_tCurrent camera and display configuration
 CSLACurrentDetectionParameters_tCurrent detection parameters – format identical to SLASetDetectionParameters_t
 CSLACurrentDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_tCurrent detection region of interest parameters – format identical to SLASetDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_t
 CSLACurrentDigitalCameraParameters_tReturn parameters of currently selected digital camera – similar to SLASetDigitalCameraParameters_t
 CSLACurrentDisplayParameters_tCurrent display parameters – format identical to SLASetDisplayParameters_t
 CSLACurrentEthernetDisplayParameters_tCurrent Ethernet display parameters – format identical to SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t
 CSLACurrentEthernetVideoParameters_tCurrent Ethernet video parameters – format identical to SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t
 CSLACurrentH264Parameters_tCurrent H264 parameters – format identical to SLASetH264Parameters_t
 CSLACurrentImageSize_tCurrent image size parameters
 CSLACurrentLensParameters_tDeprecated, use SLALensParameters_t
 CSLACurrentLensStatus_tCurrent lens focus and zoom position
 CSLACurrentMetadataFrameValues_tCurrent metadata frame values – format nearly identical to SLASetMetadataFrameValues_t
 CSLACurrentMetadataRate_tCurrent metadata rate – format similar to SLASetMetadataRate_t
 CSLACurrentMetadataValues_tCurrent metadata values – format nearly identical to SLASetMetadataValues_t
 CSLACurrentMultipleAlignment_tReturn the current values of all 5 alignment sets – format identical to SLASetMultipleAlignment_t
 CSLACurrentNetworkList_tList of all network interfaces controller names
 CSLACurrentNetworkParameters_tCurrent network parameters – format identical to SLASetNetworkParameters_t
 CSLACurrentOverlayMode_tCurrent overlay generation mode – format identical to SLASetOverlayMode_t
 CSLACurrentOverlayObjectParameters_tProperties of a particular graphic overlay specified by its Object ID
 CSLACurrentOverlayObjectsIds_tA list of used object ids as a 255 long bit array
 CSLACurrentPortConfiguration_tCurrent I/O port configuration parameters – format identical to SLASetPortConfiguration_t
 CSLACurrentRegistrationParameters_tDeprecated, use SLARegistrationParameters_t
 CSLACurrentSDCardDirectoryInfo_tA list of file names in the current recording directory
 CSLACurrentSDCardRecordingStatus_tCurrent SD card recording status – sent in response to SLASetSDRecordingParameters_t command
 CSLACurrentSnapShot_tCurrent snapshot state
 CSLACurrentStabilizationBias_tDeprecated, use SLAStabilizationBias_t
 CSLACurrentStabilizationParameters_tDescribes the current stabilization mode
 CSLACurrentSystemValue_tCurrent SystemValue – format identical to SLASetSystemValue_t
 CSLACurrentTrackingParameters_tCurrent tracking parameters – format identical to SLASetTrackingParameters_t
 CSLACurrentUserPalette_tReturn the current user palette in YUV values – format identical to SLASetUserPalette_t
 CSLACurrentVideoEnhancementParameters_tCurrent video enhancement parameters – format identical to SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t
 CSLACurrentVideoModeParameters_tDeprecated, use SLAVideoDisplay_t and SLAMultiDisplay_t
 CSLACurrentVideoParameters_tCurrent video parameters – format identical to SLASetVideoParameters_t
 CSLACursorOnTarget_tCursor on Target (CoT) CoT packet contents are converted from KLV Metadata inputs CoT packets requires KLV to be streaming (SLAStreamingControl_t)
 CSLACustomAutoFocusParameters_tSet Custom Autofocus Parameters
 CSLACustomClassifier_tCustom Classifier
 CSLADeadPixel_tModify Dead Pixel List Manually
 CSLADeadPixelStats_tStatistics from Dead Pixel Replacement calibration process
 CSLADecoderParameters_tConfigure format of Onboard decoder
 CSLADesignateSelectedTrackPrimary_tCommand the system to designate the selected track as primary
 CSLADetailedTimingMessage_tPacket is sent from the SLA hardware to report DSP and ARM detailed timing measurements
 CSLADigitalVideoParserParameters_tSet parameters for the digital video SightLine protocol parser
 CSLADirectoryStatisticsReply_tSent in response to a SLASetSDRecordingParameters_t\
 CSLADisplayAngle_tSet display rotation angle settings for a single camera or for all cameras See also SLASetDisplayParameters_t
 CSLADoDetectSnapShot_tExecute a track/detection snapshot to the MicroSD card or an external FTP server
 CSLADoSnapShot_tExecute an image snapshot
 CSLADrawObject_tDeprecated, use SLADrawOverlay_t
 CSLADrawOverlay_tDraw user specified overlay graphics on the screen
 CSLAExternalProgram_tConfigure external programs – Set names of external applications to be run on the SLA hardware
 CSLAFocusParameters_tFocus parameters – control the focus measurement
 CSLAFocusStats_tPeriodic report of focus and brightness statistics
 CSLAFourAlignPoints_tUsed to assist in the alignment of two cameras for blending purposes
 CSLAFrameIndex_tUser controlled frame index applied to specified camera index
 CSLAGetAcquisitionParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentAcquisitionParameters_t message
 CSLAGetADCParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentADCParameters_t message
 CSLAGetBlendParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentBlendParameters_t message
 CSLAGetDetectionParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentDetectionParameters_t message
 CSLAGetDisplayParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentDisplayParameters_t message
 CSLAGetEthernetDisplayParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentEthernetDisplayParameters_t message
 CSLAGetEthernetVideoParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentEthernetVideoParameters_t message
 CSLAGetH264Parameters_tReturn a SLACurrentH264Parameters_t message
 CSLAGetHardwareID_tReturn a SLAGetHardwareID_t message
 CSLAGetImageSize_tReturn a SLACurrentImageSize_t message
 CSLAGetNetworkList_tReturn a SLACurrentNetworkList_t message
 CSLAGetNetworkParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentNetworkParameters_t message
 CSLAGetOverlayMode_tReturn a SLACurrentOverlay_t message
 CSLAGetParameters_tRequest return of a specified message ID
 CSLAGetPortConfiguration_tReturn a SLACurrentPortConfiguration_t message
 CSLAGetRegistrationParameters_tDeprecated, use SLARegistrationParameters_t
 CSLAGetSnapShot_tReturn a SLACurrentSnapShot_t message
 CSLAGetStabilizationParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentStabilizationParameters_t message
 CSLAGetTrackingParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentTrackingParameters_t message
 CSLAGetVersionNumber_tUsed to query for system information such as firmware version, temperature, app bits, and more
 CSLAGetVideoEnhancementParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentVideoEnhancementParameters_t message
 CSLAGetVideoMode_tDeprecated, use SLAVideoDisplay_t and SLAMultiDisplay_t
 CSLAGetVideoParameters_tReturn a SLACurrentVideoParameters_t message
 CSLAGPIO_tWrite to and read from a GPIO
 CSLAI2CCommand_tWrite or read I2C bus
 CSLALandingAid_tControl landing aid detection
 CSLALandingPosition_tPeriodic report of landing aid location, orientation, distance and match score
 CSLALensCommand_tPerform a lens control command
 CSLALensParameters_tLens parameters - control the lens
 CSLALensRanges_tLens focus and zoom ranges
 CSLALogoParameters_tUsed to set the opacity of the logo (watermark) and its placement relative to the bottom right corner of the output frame
 CSLAMetadataStaticValues_tSets new KLV metadata values
 CSLAModifyTrackIndex_tModify a particular track by its index (stop or designate as primary)
 CSLAModifyTracking_tNOTE: Newer functionality in SLAStartTracking_t
 CSLAMultiDisplay_tConfigure multi-camera display options such as Picture-In-Picture
 CSLANoise3D_tStatistics from 3D Noise calculation
 CSLANucParameters_tSet Non Uniformity Correction (NUC) and Dead Pixel Removal (DPR) parameters
 CSLANudgeTrackingCoordinate_tAdjust the primary track's coordinates by adding a nudge in pixel coordinate space to the current tracking coordinates
 CSLAReadWriteNuc_tUsed to save or load NUC/DPR tables as well as set a table to be applied on startup
 CSLARegistrationParameters_tParameters used in frame to frame image registration matching
 CSLAResetAllParameters_tPerforms one of several different system resets
 CSLAResetStabilizationParameters_tReset the internal motion smoothing filters that control video stabilization
 CSLASaveParameters_tCommits current parameters to flash
 CSLASendTraceStr_tLog commands and telemetry in human-readable format
 CSLASetAcquisitionParameters_tConfigure video input for digital camera interfaces
 CSLASetADCParameters_tSet parameters of the video analog-to-digital converter for analog inputs and color parameters for color digital cameras
 CSLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_tPerform advanced control of the MTI parameters
 CSLASetBlendParameters_tBlend an EO(visible) and an IR camera with video scaling and shifting to align frames
 CSLASetDetectionParameters_tSet the parameters for the detection algorithms
 CSLASetDetectionRegionOfInterestParameters_tSets the parameters for Moving Target Indication (MTI) Region of Interest(ROI)
 CSLASetDigitalCameraParameters_tDynamically adjust a 10 to 16 bit digital camera input to an 8 bit image
 CSLASetDisplayAdjustments_tSet the parameters for fine-tuned adjustments of the display
 CSLASetDisplayParameters_tSet new display parameter settings
 CSLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_tConfigure output format of Ethernet Video
 CSLASetEthernetVideoParameters_tAffects the quality, size and frame rate of the individual video frames sent over Ethernet
 CSLASetH264Parameters_tModify H264, H265 and MPEG4 encoding behavior
 CSLASetKlvData_tThe KLV blob data is constructed by user to be sent with MPEG2-TS stream (see SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t)
 CSLASetLensMode_tPerform camera lens control
 CSLASetLensParameters_tDeprecated, use SLALensParameters_t
 CSLASetMetadataFrameValues_tSets new KLV metadata frame data values
 CSLASetMetadataRate_tDeprecated, use SLATagDataRate_t
 CSLASetMetadataValues_tSet new KLV metadata data values
 CSLASetMultipleAlignment_tSet the (5) alignment sets for a dual camera setup
 CSLASetNetworkParameters_tConfigure the network settings for the device
 CSLASetOverlayMode_tControl display of overlay graphics
 CSLASetPortConfiguration_tConfigure one of the communication ports for a specific protocol or mode
 CSLASetRegistrationParameters_tDeprecated, use SLARegistrationParameters_t
 CSLASetSDRecordingParameters_tModify settings for on board video recording
 CSLASetSnapShot_tSet up parameters for image snapshot
 CSLASetStabilizationBias_tDeprecated, use SLAStabilizationBias_t
 CSLASetStabilizationParameters_tTurn on or turn off stabilization and control re-centering rate for output video
 CSLASetSystemValue_tConfigure Special System Operational Values or Modes
 CSLASetTelemetryDestination_tConfigure the Ethernet IP address of clients for telemetry
 CSLASetTrackingParameters_tSet parameters used by tracking module
 CSLASetUserPalette_tSet the Y, U, V values for the user false color palette
 CSLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_tSet up enhancement of the display video
 CSLASetVideoMode_tDeprecated, use SLAVideoDisplay_t and SLAMultiDisplay_t
 CSLASetVideoParameters_tSet parameters used by video input module
 CSLASetVMTI_tAllows targets from outside SightLine to be injected into the MPEG2-TS KLV stream
 CSLAShiftSelectedTrack_tCommand the system to shift the selected track to the next track
 CSLAStabilizationBias_tAdjust the stabilization solution by adding a constant bias in pixel coordinate space to the current coordinates each frame
 CSLAStartTracking_tCommand the system to start a track, stop a track, designate a track as primary, nudge a track, etc
 CSLAStopSelectedTrack_tCommand the system to stop the currently selected track
 CSLAStopTracking_tTurn off all tracks
 CSLAStreamingControl_tControl to Start and Stop Network Streaming
 CSLASystemStatusMessage_tPacket is sent from the SLA hardware to report diagnostic information such as CPU load and temperature, or the performance of software tools
 CSLASystemStatusMode_tEnable / disable System Status Messages (SLASystemStatusMessage_t) and Detailed Timing Messages (SLADetailedTimingMessage_t) sent from the SLA hardware at 1 Hz
 CSLATagData_tSet the value of any MISB Tag and subtag
 CSLATagDataRate_tSet the output frequency of a KLV Tag or a range of tags
 CSLATagSourceSelector_tSelect the source for a particular klv tag or a range of klv tags
 CSLATrackingBoxPixelStats_tPeriodic report of pixel statistics within track boxes
 CSLATrackingPosition_tPeriodic report of primary track's position, measured scene translation, rotation and scale, and stabilization display offset and rotation of a camera
 CSLATrackingPositions_tPeriodic report of all tracked positions
 CSLATrackingPositionsExtended_tPeriodic report of all tracked positions, with classifier information
 CSLATrackTrails_tTracking Trail Information
 CSLAUsb3VisionFeature_tSend commands to an attached USB3Vision camera or query feature value
 CSLAUsbWebcamFeature_tSend commands to an attached V4L2-Controlled USB WebCamera, or query feature value
 CSLAUserFont_tSet user font filename
 CSLAUserWarningLevel_tEnable / disable User Warning Messages (SLAUserWarningMessage_t) sent from SLA hardware
 CSLAUserWarningMessage_tMessage sent from the SLA hardware to notify users of any issues or system status which may not be obtained any other way
 CSLAVersionNumber_tReports software and hardware version numbers
 CSLAVideoDisplay_tConfigure which cameras and resolutions to display
 CSLAVMTIChips_tConfigure KLV VMTI Chips
 CSVPEndData_tData block without specified length (determined using command length)
 CSVPEndString_tText string without specified length
 CSVPLenData_tData block with specified length
 CSVPLenString_tSimple data structures used to pass data