SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.6
Changes for 3.4

This section summarizes commands that have been newly added or have changed in this release. Changes may include new parameters or additional values/functionality to existing parameters. For details, click on the link to jump to the command.

New Commands:

Type Message ID Version
ADD SLAUserFont_t 0xAE 3.4.5
ADD SLANoise3D_t 0xAF 3.4.5

Commands that have Changed:

Type Message ID Version
MOD SLASetOverlayMode_t 0x06 3.4.5
MOD SLASetTrackingParameters_t 0x0C 3.4.5
MOD SLAModifyTrackIndex_t 0x17 3.4.5
MOD SLASetADCParameters_t 0x18 3.4.6
MOD SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t 0x21 3.4.6
MOD SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t 0x29 3.4.5
MOD SLASetBlendParameters_t 0x2F 3.4.6
MOD SLANucParameters_t 0x35 3.4.5
MOD SLAReadWriteNuc_t 0x36 3.4.5
MOD SLASetAcquisitionParameters_t 0x37 3.4.6
MOD SLADrawObject_t 0x3B 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentOverlayMode_t 0x42 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentADCParameters_t 0x47 3.4.6
MOD SLACurrentEthernetVideoParameters_t 0x48 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentVideoEnhancementParameters_t 0x4A 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentEthernetDisplayParameters_t 0x52 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentH264Parameters_t 0x56 3.4.5
MOD SLASetDigitalCameraParameters_t 0x70 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentDigitalCameraParameters_t 0x71 3.4.5
MOD SLASetAdvancedDetectionParameters_t 0x76 3.4.5
MOD SLACurrentAdvancedDetectionParameters_t 0x77 3.4.5
MOD SLADrawOverlay_t 0x9C 3.4.5
MOD SLARegistrationParameters_t 0x9E 3.4.5
MOD SLADeadPixelStats_t 0xA1 3.4.5
MOD SLAVideoDisplay_t 0xA3 3.4.5