SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
SightLine Discover Protocol

Ethernet protocol for finding SightLine hardware on a network.


Transport Layer UDP
IP Address
Port 51000

Request Packet

Byte Length Name Description
0 4 ID Magic identifier number
4 4 Length Discover message length
8 2 Minor Version Discover protocol minor version. (0x04)
10 2 Major Version Discover protocol major version. (0x00)
12 2 Type Services provided (internal use only)
14 2 Hardware Type Hardware type index
16 20 MAC MAC address of sender
36 16 IP Address IPv4 address string of sender
52 16 netmask IP Subnet mask assocated with this IP address
68 32 Host Name Human readable name of hardware
100 2 Video Port Reserved
102 2 Command and Control Port Port number open to receive commands (default 14001)

Magic Number

A 4-byte code (0x51acd00d) indicating this is a reply packet.


Number of bytes to follow.

Minor and Major Version Number

Current Reply Packet is version 0.4


A list of features that this software provides. Internal Use Only.

Hardware Type

Identifies the class of hardware. See SightLine Hardware Types

MAC address

The MAC address string is a unique 6 octect value assigned to the hardware network interface control. Example: "78:D8:00:91:2f:d2"

IPv4 address

See IP Address Assignment Example: ""

subnet mask

Example: ""


See host name for more information.

Video Port

Port number where images are sent. Reserved.

Command and Control Port

Network port on which this device will be listening to command and control packets. see SLASetNetworkParameters_t