SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.5
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SLACoordinateReportingMode_t Struct Reference


Set reporting rates and telemetry types to send for telemetry packets.

typedef struct {
u8 framePeriod;
u16 flags;
u8 cameraIndex;

Also sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().
NOTE: For 3000/4000, this setting applies to the Command Camera and can be different for each camera.
NOTE: For 1500, this setting is the same for all cameras.
NOTE: Telemetry output is not available in Demo Mode.

Message ID 0x0B

Byte Offset Name Description
4framePeriod0 = no telemetry reporting;
1 = report telemetry for every input frame;
2 = report telemetry every 2nd input frame;
3 = report every 3rd frame, ...

Telemetry types (DEFAULT 0 is identical to setting bits 0 and 1)

0Enable SLATrackingPosition_t
1Enable SLATrackingPositions_t for primary track
2Enable SLATrackingPositions_t for non-primary tracks
3*Reserved* = 0
4Enable SLALandingPosition_t
5Prioritize telemetry over video output. If this bit is on and telemetry is reported every frame, the system may skip displaying some frames so that it can maintain 30Hz telemetry output rate.
NOTE: Telemetry frames can still occasionally skip even with this feature enabled with high processor load.
NOTE: To get full rate telemetry with high processor load, the best practice is to increase display frame step in SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t until telemetry is full rate. This additionally provides evenly spaced output frames and consistent system timing.
NOTE: Not recommended for 3000 or 4000.
6Enable SLATrackingBoxPixelStats_t. Statistics area adjustable via SLASetTrackingParamters_t
7Enable SLAFocusStats_t
8Enable SLATrackingPositionsExtended_t NOTE: SLATrackingPositions_t must also be enabled
15Include auxiliary data, additional 12 bytes in telemetry packets comprised of:
  1. User managed frame index (does not automatically increment). See SLAFrameIndex_t.
  2. Frame time-stamp. Unsigned 64 bit value. System time at which this frame was captured, in micro-second resolution.

7cameraIndexCamera Index
Ignored on 1500, applies settings to all cameras. 255 = All Changed 3.0