SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.5
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SLACurrentBlendParameters_t Struct Reference


Current blend parameters – see SLASetBlendParameters_t.

typedef struct {
u8 absOffZoom;
u8 up;
u8 right;
u8 down;
u8 left;
u8 rotation;
u8 zoom;
u8 mode;
u8 amt;
u8 hue;
u8 flags;
u8 reserved;
u8 warpIndex;
u8 fixedIndex;
u8 usePresetAlign;
u8 presetAlignIndex;
u8 hzoom;
u8 hotStart;
u8 coldEnd;

Sent in response to SLAGetParameters_t().

Message ID 0x4D

Byte Offset Name Description
4absOffZoomBit 1: Zoom mode; 0 = (1..255) maps to (0.9..1.1), 1 = (1..255) maps to (0.004..0.996)
Bits 0 and 2-7 reserved
5upNumber of pixels warp image is shifted up
6rightNumber of pixels warp image is shifted right
7downNumber of pixels warp image is shifted down
8leftNumber of pixels warp image is shifted left
9rotationRotation of warp image (1..255) maps to (-5..5) degrees
10zoomScale factor applied to warp image (1..255) maps to (0.9..1.1) or to (0.004..0.996) depending on value of absOffZoom
11modeBlend mode (see SLASetBlendParameters_t)
12amtAmount of luminance information from the EO (visible) camera to include in the blended result.
Applies to: Frame Blend, Night Blend, Color Blend, Thermal Blend and Color IR Blend modes.
13hueAmount of yellow hue to apply from bright areas in the EO camera.
Applies to: FrameBlend and NightBlend modes
14flagsSee SLASetBlendParameters_t
16warpIndexImage from camera with this index into the space of the other camera through the calibration settings before blending
17fixedIndexImage from camera with this index is not warped before blending with warp image
18usePresetAlignImage alignment parameter index.
0 Use the alignment parameters in this message.
1 Use a preset alignment (defined by SLASetMultipleAlignment_t or SLAFourAlignPoints_t) and set index of preset alignment parameters to value of presetAlignIndex
19presetAlignIndexIndicate index of preset alignment parameters – ignored if usePresetAlign is 0.
Indexes 0..4 are used for alignment sets defined by SLASetMultipleAlignment_t.
Indexes 10..14 are used for alignment sets defined by SLAFourAlignPoints_t.
20hzoomHorizontal zoom scale applied to EO camera (1..255, 0=no change) on top of zoom. maps to (0.9..1.1)
Verical zoom = zoom
Horizontal zoom = hzoom * zoom
21hotStartApplies to: ThermalBlend, beginning value for hot palette.
22coldEndApplies to: ThermalBlend, ending value for cold palette.