SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.5
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SLACurrentNetworkParameters_t Struct Reference


Current network parameters – format identical to SLASetNetworkParameters_t.

typedef struct {
u8 mode;
u32be ipAddr;
u32be subnet;
u32be gateway;
u16be c2replyPort;
u16be telemetryReplyPort;
u8 modes;
u8 index;
u16be telemetryListenPort;
u16be telemetryListenPort2;
SVPLenString_t hostName;

Sent in response to SLAGetNetworkParameters_t.

Message ID 0x49

Byte Offset Name Description
4mode0 = Use DHCP, 1 = Use specified Static IP address
5-8ipAddrIP address, if mode is static; 0 = No change
9-12subnetSubnet mask, if mode is static, 0 = No change
13-16gatewayGateway, if mode is static, 0 = No change
17-18c2replyPortCommand and control reply port
23-24telemetryListenPortC2C command listen port, 0 indicates no change, default is 14001.
25-26telemetryListenPort2C2C command listen port2, 0 indicates no change, default is 14003.
27 hostName.len string length
28-...hostName.str Host Name returned by Discover protocol.