SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.5
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SLADoDetectSnapShot_t Struct Reference


Execute a track/detection snapshot to the MicroSD card or an external FTP server.

typedef struct {
u8 cameraIndex;
u8 mode;
u8 sizeType;
u16 snapSize;
u8 maxPerFrame;
u8 minFramesBetween;
u8 flags;
u8 reserved1;
SVPLenString_t baseName;

Use SLASetSnapShot_t first to specify the FTP server, login, and other relevant parameters.
See File Recording for additional details on file naming, etc.


  1. These small snapshots may also be referred to as chips.
  2. These source setting in SLASetSnapShot_t must be the source image.
  3. The downsample setting in SLASetSnapShot_t is not valid for detection snapshots.
  4. The chips must be at least 32x32 and the size must be a multiple of 16.
  5. Auto foldering as described in SLADoSnapShot_t will always be used in this mode since the number of snapshots can grow very quickly. The default max per folder is 2000 files.
  6. Files will be saved in the format <baseName>_NNNN_TRK.jpg (1500) where NNNN is the incrementing counter and TRK is the track index. Note that detection track index values start at 10 and go to 109. On the 3000 and 4000 the format include a camera index <baseName>_C_NNNN_TRK.jpg.
  7. Use the flags byte to insert an 8 byte utc timestamp instead of the NNNN number into the filename. This number corresponds to the timestamp accessible through telemetry and klv.
  8. Caution should be used when running with scaling as it can reduce frame rates as well as how many snapshots you can record per second. This is especially true on the 1500.
  9. Raw 16-bit snapshots are not available, any 16-bit input will have an AGC applied before output.
  10. The only valid settings for format in SLASetSnapShot_t is JPEG or PNG.
  11. This feature is not available in Demo Mode.

Message ID 0xAB

Byte Offset Name Description
4cameraIndexCamera Index

Detection SnapShot Mode

0SnapShot Detections - Includes Aerial MTI, Staring MTI, Anomaly, Maritime, Radiometric, and Blob detect modes.
1SnapShot Tracks - Includes all tracking modes as well as Vehicle and Drone detect modes.


Detection SnapShot Sizing

0Fixed Size - Square centered on detection of snapSize is used.
1Scaled - Detection is scaled to snapSize.
2Auto - snapSize is ignored and the detection size is used.

7-8snapSizeDetection snap shot size. See sizeType. Minimum and default size is 32. Maximum size is 512. Size must be a multiple of 16.
9maxPerFrameMaximum number of detections to snap per frame. Default value is 1, valid range is 1-10. Setting this number too high will result in lost snapshots.
10minFramesBetweenMinimum number of frames between when you snapshot a detection and when you snapshot it again. Default value is 1, valid range is 1-255.

Detection SnapShot Mode

0Use 8-byte UTC time instead of NNNN for the filename. Same timestamp that shows up in telemetry messages.

13 baseName.len string length
14-...baseName.str Base file name of saved files.
See File Recording for how this is used to construct file names.