SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLANoise3D_t Struct Reference


Statistics from 3D Noise calculation.

typedef struct {
u8 cameraIndex;
u16 SIG_t_8;
u16 SIG_v_8;
u16 SIG_h_8;
u16 SIG_vh_8;
u16 SIG_tv_8;
u16 SIG_th_8;
u16 SIG_tvh_8;
u16 Noise_temporal_8;

All values are scaled up by 256.0

Message ID 0xAF

Byte Offset Name Description
4cameraIndexCamera Index
5-6SIG_t_8Standard Deviation of frame averages
7-8SIG_v_8Standard Deviation of 2D row slices
9-10SIG_h_8Standard Deviation of 2D column slices
11-12SIG_vh_8Standard Deviation of all average pixel values over time
13-14SIG_tv_8Standard Deviation of all row averages
15-16SIG_th_8Standard Deviation of all column averages
17-18SIG_tvh_8Standard Deviation of all individual pixel values
19-20Noise_temporal_8Average Standard Deviation of pixel value over time