SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLASetADCParameters_t Struct Reference


Set parameters of the video analog-to-digital converter for analog inputs and color parameters for color digital cameras.

typedef struct {
u8 brightness;
u8 contrast;
u8 saturation;
u8 hue;
u8 luma1;
u8 luma2;
u8 luma3;
u8 chroma1;
u8 chroma2;
u8 mode;
u8 cameraIndex;
u16 exposure;

For the IMX412 sensor, a lower noise image is achieved by increasing exposure time first then increasing analog gain before increasing digital gain to make a bright enough image. Long exposures may result in frame blur for high speed camera or scene motion, so you may need to reduce the exposure in some cases.

See also
SLASetDigitalCameraParameters_t to set auto gain controls.

Message ID 0x18

Byte Offset Name Description
4brightness0 = dark, 128 = default, 255 = bright
Also used in enhancement modes, see SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t
5contrast0 = minimum contrast, 128 = default, 255 = maximum
Also used in enhancement modes, see SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t
6saturationSome Color Cameras: Color saturation. 0 = no color, 128 = default, 255= maximum
For High Bit Depth Cameras: Controls the mix between spread based and extreme based auto-gain.
  0 -> 100% spread based auto gain, controlled by brightness and contrast (high contrast image, may be saturated in some areas)
  255 -> 100% extreme (min/max) based auto-gain (shows detail for very bright or dark objects)
  128 -> Even mix of spread and extreme auto-gain methods (default)
Also used in enhancement modes, see SLASetVideoEnhancementParameters_t
7hueHDMI: Hue, 0 = default
Analog: Hue, 0 = default
8luma1AGS720P: Luma gain, 98 = default
IMX412: Analog gain, 200 = default
IMX219, OV5647: Analog gain, 64 =default
9luma2Red Gain
AGS720P: 32 = default
IMX412: 0 = default
IMX219: 64 = default
10luma3Green Gain
AGS720P: 24 = default
IMX412: 0 = default
11chroma1Blue Gain
AGS720P: 36 = default
IMX412: 0 = default
12chroma2Gain Offset
IMX412, IMX219: 0 = default
14cameraIndexCamera for settings (0 to 2). If not present, applies to SLACommandCamera_t.
15-16exposureExposure or integration time. 0 = minimum to 255 = maximum, default 128 New 3.4.6 (previously saturation)
  IMX412: Exposure in image lines = 8 + 16*saturation New 3.4.6 (previously 8 + 8*saturation)
  IMX219: Exposure in image lines = 8 + 6.5*saturation
  OV5647: Exposure time = 8 + 48*saturation