SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t Struct Reference


Configure output format of Ethernet Video.

typedef struct {
u8 protocol;
u32be ipAddr;
u16 port;
u16 displayId;
u16 maxPacket;

Sets the destination IP address and port number where the video will be sent.
See also SLAVideoDisplay_t to set the Display Destination mode.
Video quality settings can be set using SLASetEthernetVideoParameters_t and/or SLASetH264Parameters_t depending on which Video Mode is selected.

Message ID 0x29

Byte Offset Name Description
4protocolVideo encoding and transport
  • 0 = 1500 Only: RTP MJPEG – SD/HD video encoding
  • 1 = 3000/4000: MPEG2-TS H.264 Baseline/High/Main Profile SD/HD video encoding; 1500: Legacy MPEG2-TS H.264 Baseline Profile SD video encoding [NOTE:Use of 3 or 4 are recommended to reduce processor load and add HD capability]
  • 2 = Reserved
  • 3 = 1500 Only: MPEG2-TS H.264 Baseline Profile SD or HD video encoding
  • 4 = 1500 Only: MPEG2-TS MPEG4 SD/HD video encoding Lower processor load encoding with a small penalty in quality at the same bit rate as compared to MPEG2-TS H.264
  • 5 = RTP H.264 for use with RTSP
  • 6 = RTP MPEG2-TS H.264 for use with RTSP
  • 7 = 1500 Only: RTP MPEG2-TS MPEG4 for use with RTSP
  • 8 = 4000 Only: MPEG2-TS H.265
  • 9 = 4000 Only: RTP H.265 for use with RTSP
  • 10 = 4000 Only: RTP MPEG-TS H.265 for use with RTSP
  • 11 = MPEG2-TS KLV Only. Use this mode to stream an MPEG2-TS with only KLV data.
  • 12-14 = Reserved
  • 15 = None
60 = Standard encapsulation (default), 1= for MPEG2-TS types output only raw encoded video w/o encapsulation
70 = disable broadcast video (default), 1= enable broadcast video.
NOTE: Enabling broadcast video may interact strongly with other network traffic. Use with caution. Affects H.264 video ONLY
5-8ipAddrAny valid IPv4 address. If address is within the valid Multicast range the video will be sent as a multicast packet. For example: the address is in the Multicast range, and setting ipAddr to this address will cause multicast video to be sent. The Time To Live(TTL) for all Multicast packets is set to 64, so this will limit how many intermediate hops between the source(SLA Hardware) and the destination(the PC). If Broadcast Ethernet Video bit is set to 1, then you must set the IP address to
9-10portAny value > 0, port 5004 recommended for RTP MJPEG; port 15004 recommended for other protocols.
NOTE: Per RFC 3550 port number should be even for RTP protocols. Odd port will be rejected and system will generate a SLAUserWarningMessage_t.
11-12displayIdNetwork Display ID
3000 / 4000: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1, 0x0082 = both)
1500: Ignored or 0x0000
13-14maxPacketMaximum number of bytes transferred in each UDP packet (188..1472). Only valid when protocol is 1, 3, 4, 8, or 11.