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SLASetKlvData_t Struct Reference


The KLV blob data is constructed by user to be sent with MPEG2-TS stream (see SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t).

typedef struct {
u16 displayId;
SVPEndData_t klvData;

The KLV data will be sent along with the next H.264 frame. When using this feature, you should disable the transmission of the built-in KLV metadata by setting SLASetMetadataRate_t.frameStep to 0.

example: 51 ac <len> 61 00 82 <klv blob> <chk sum> len := 1 + 2 + <klvblob length> + 1

KLV data payload immediately follows Network Display ID.

Message ID 0x61

Byte Offset Name Description
4-5displayIdNetwork Display ID
4000/17XX: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1, 0x0082 = both)
6klvDataKLV payload data