SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.5
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SLASetMetadataFrameValues_t Struct Reference


Sets new KLV metadata frame data values.

typedef struct {
u16 validDataMask;
s32 frameCenterLat;
s32 frameCenterLon;
u16 frameCenterEl;
u16 frameWidth;
u32 slantRange;
u8 userSuppliedFlags;
s32 targetLat;
s32 targetLon;
u16 targetEl;
u8 targetTrackGateHeight;
u8 targetTrackGateWidth;
s16 offsetCornerLat1;
s16 offsetCornerLon1;
s16 offsetCornerLat2;
s16 offsetCornerLon2;
s16 offsetCornerLat3;
s16 offsetCornerLon3;
s16 offsetCornerLat4;
s16 offsetCornerLon4;
u16 displayId;

Value are output as MPEG2-TS (SLASetEthernetDisplayParameters_t) and as part of the EXIF header in SLASetSnapShot_t.

Set the rate at which these are transmitted using SLASetMetadataRate_t.

The source of several data elements may be either automatically generated from other KLV data elements, or supplied by the user. With the user-supplied metadata flags (userSuppliedFlags) set to 0, frameCenterLat, frameCenterLon, targetLat, targetLon, targetEl, targetTrackGateHeight, targetTrackGateWidth, and offset corners are calculated using a flat-earth model utilizing platform angles and position, sensor field of view, and pixel track positions (SLASetMetadataValues_t).

User-supplied metadata flags

  • 0 = calculate frame center lat/long from other metadata
  • 1 = user-supplied frame center lat/long
1-2Target location specification mode –
  • 0 = calculate target information from other metadata
  • 1 = user-supplied target metadata in MISB format
  • 2 = user-supplied target row, column, height, width; target metadata calculated using these values. This mode provides a mechanism so that an encode-only system may be informed about target location in pixel coordinates, while still calculating MISB fields.
  • 3 = Reserved
  • 0 = calculate 4-corner metadata values
  • 1 = user-supplied 4-corner metadata values
4-7Reserved , set to 0

Message ID 0x15

Byte Offset Name Description
4-5validDataMaskValid data bit mask (see column). Update corresponding data element when bit value = 1.
6-9frameCenterLatFrame center latitude (valid data bit = 0)
10-13frameCenterLonFrame center longitude (valid data bit = 1)
14-15frameCenterElFrame center elevation (valid data bit = 2)
16-17frameWidthTarget width (valid data bit = 3)
18-21slantRangeSlant range (valid data bit = 4)
22userSuppliedFlagsUser-supplied metadata flags
23-26targetLatTarget location specification mode
Mode Use
0 field ignored
1 Target location latitude signed 32-bit integer in MISB format
2 Target location row unsigned 32-bit integer
27-30targetLonTarget location specification mode
Mode Use
0 field ignored
1 Target location longitude signed 32-bit integer in MISB format
2 Target location column unsigned 32-bit integer
31-32targetElTarget location specification mode
Mode Use
0,2 field ignored
1 Target location elevation
33targetTrackGateHeightTarget track gate height
34targetTrackGateWidthTarget track gate width
35-36offsetCornerLat1Offset corner latitude point 1
37-38offsetCornerLon1Offset corner longitude point 1
39-40offsetCornerLat2Offset corner latitude point 2
41-42offsetCornerLon2Offset corner longitude point 2
43-44offsetCornerLat3Offset corner latitude point 3
45-46offsetCornerLon3Offset corner longitude point 3
47-48offsetCornerLat4Offset corner latitude point 4
49-50offsetCornerLon4Offset corner longitude point 4
51-52displayIdNetwork Display ID
3000 / 4000: (0x0002 = Net0, 0x0080 = Net1, 0x0082 = both)
1500: Ignored or 0x0000