SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.6
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SLASetOverlayMode_t Struct Reference


Control display of overlay graphics.

typedef struct {
u8 primaryReticle;
u8 secondaryReticle;
u16 graphics;
u8 mtiColor;
u8 mtiSelectableColor;
u8 cameraIndex;
u8 selectedReticle;
u8 personReticle;
u8 cursorReticle;
u8 lineThickness;
u8 fontScale;
u8 fontID;

Command is applied to the Command Camera, or to the camera specified by SLASetOverlayMode_t.cameraIndex.
NOTE: On 3000, when Display Image Mode is Multi and Display Modes is Picture In Picture, overlays specified by graphics are not drawn for the smaller image.
NOTE: On 3000, when Display Image Mode is Blend, overlays specified by graphics are only shown for the fixed camera index.
See Draw Order for additional drawing details.

Track Color Modes

Value Description
0 Off
1 White (default)
2 Black
3 Auto(white or black)
4 Rainbow
5 Red
6 Orange
7 Yellow
8 Green
9 Blue
10 Violet
11 Cyan
12 BlackWhite (Black + white for contrast)

Track Reticle Type

Value Description
0 Box corners (default)
1 Cross
2 Circle
3 Duplex cross-hair
4 Modern range
5 Target dot
6-15 Reserved

Note: Rotated reticles only apply to Box Corners (Default) overlay.

Graphic Overlays Selection

Enable and disable generation of specific overlay graphics.

Bit 0 = do not show, 1 = show as overlay
0..1 Reserved = 0
2 Overlay for SLATrackingBoxPixelStats_t
3 Histogram - Capture histogram green, Display histogram blue. Display histogram not supported on 17XX, 4000.
4 Track index
5 Track motion trails. NOTE: not available on 3000 with a single camera configured
6 Auto focus metric and ROI for SLASetLensParameters_t
7 Registration ignore edges for SLARegistrationParameters_t
8 MTI track index
9 Logo – Enabling this bit will insert an overlay on the video of a file that has been loaded by the user as 'userLogo.png'. To load, place the file in the user\AppData\Roaming\SightLineApplications directory, and use the firmware upgrade application to put the file on the SLA hardware. If it is not 640X150 it will not be downscaled by 2.
10 Overlay for SLALandingAid_t (turn landing aid overlays on/off)
11 Landing keep out
12 Overlay for SLADrawObject_t (turn user overlay objects on/off)
13 Draw track reticle dashed when coasting
14..15 Reserved

Message ID 0x06

Byte Offset Name Description
4primaryReticleColor and shape of primary track overlay.
Bits 0..3Primary track color mode
Bits 4..7Primary track reticle type
5secondaryReticleColor and shape of secondary track overlays.
Bits 0..3Secondary track color mode
Bits 4..7Secondary track reticle type
6-7graphicsGraphic overlays selection
8mtiColorColor for detected tracks.
Bits 0..3MTI track color mode, BlackWhite is not supported
Bits 4..7Reserved
9mtiSelectableColorColor for tracks which may be transitioned to primary tracks.
Bits 0..3MTI selectable track color mode, BlackWhite is not supported
Bits 4..7Reserved
10cameraIndexCamera Index
255 = all cameras. If not present, applies to all cameras.
11selectedReticleColor and shape of selected track overlay. If not present secondaryReticle will be used for selected tracks.
Bits 0..3Selected track color mode
Bits 4..7Selected track reticle type
12personReticleShape of track overlay when in person tracking mode. If not present default person reticle will be used
Bits 0..3Person mode primary track color mode, default is cyan
Bits 4..7Reserved - reticle used will match type set in Primary, Secondary, Selected
13cursorReticleColor of the cursor. If not present default cursor will be used
Bits 0..3Cursor color mode, default is white
Bits 4..7Reserved - shape is standard cross-hair cursor
14lineThicknessThickness of lines used for reticles, cursors, etc. Default = 1. Ignored by 1500/3000.
15fontScaleFont scaling is used for all internal text rendering, for example this applies to drawing track index, focus metrics, track pixel stats, etc. This does not apply to user overlays. Scaling is calculated as fontScale/32. 32 is 100% scale, 0 is also treated as 100%. Default = 32. Ignored by 1500/3000.
16fontIDFont ID for non-user objects, such as track ID etc. follows the same IDs as fonts used by the user for text strings.