SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLASetSDRecordingParameters_t Struct Reference


Modify settings for on board video recording.

typedef struct {
u8 recordMode;
u8 clearFlash;
u8 getStatus;
u8 getDirectory;
u16 videoLength;
u8 recordType;
u8 displayId;

Video can be recorded to FTP, microSD cards (all platforms) or USB drive (4000 only). For SnapShot recording see SLASetSnapShot_t.

See also
File Recording for additional details.

Message ID 0x1E

Byte Offset Name Description
4recordModeModify the recording state
Value Description
0 No change
1 Start recording
2 Stop recording
3 Enable network debug trace of commands and responses
4 Disable network debug trace of commands and responses
5 Enable network debug trace of telemetry
6 Disable network debug trace of telemetry
5clearFlashClear file(s) from flash
Value Description
0 Do not clear flash
1 Clear flash. If a recording is in progress, it will be stopped.
2 If a file name is specified, only that file will be deleted.
Value Description
0 Do not get status
1 Get the recording status, system will return SLACurrentSDCardRecordingStatus_t
7getDirectoryGet file directory information. For non zero values if the lbl is a path starting with "/", reply will be for that directory. Otherwise, the directory implied by the last SetSnapShot will be used. (/media/mmcblk0p1 for SD card, /media/sdg1 for USB)
Value Description
0 Do not get directory information
1 Get directory information. See SLACurrentSDCardDirectoryInfo_t.
2 Get directory statistics. See SLADirectoryStatisticsReply_t.
8-9videoLengthLength of video clip at which to start a new video file specified in either kb or number of frames (see recordType); 0 = use default 1,048,576 kb/150 frames
10recordTypeRecording type. NOTE: Specified as bits
Bit Description
0 H.264
1 - 5 Reserved
6 0 = video length in kbytes, 1 = video length in frames
7 When using file auto-numbering, begin file numbering after highest-numbered existing filename
11displayIdNetwork Display ID
(Does not follow normal displayID rules)
3000 / 4000: (0 = Net0, 1 = Net1)
1500: Ignored or 0
12 lbl.len string length
13-...lbl.str Filename or path name – when recording a video, file extension `.ts' is appended to the filename.