SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLAUserFont_t Struct Reference


Set user font filename.

typedef struct {
u8 userFontIndex;
SVPLenString_t fontFileName;

Select which user specified font to be displayed/drawn (ignored on 1500/3000) New 3.4
To display user font:

Message ID 0xAE

Byte Offset Name Description
4userFontIndexSpecifies which user font to set, 0..15 corresponds to UserFont0..UserFont15.
5 fontFileName.len string length
6-...fontFileName.str TrueType font filename. The font file should have *.ttf or *.otf extension, and needs to be placed in /home/slroot/sl/bin/fonts directory. Specify a null string to clear the selection.